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05 September 2004 @ 04:27 am
Seriously Wrong [Tara/Angelus]  
Title: Seriously Wrong.... (This was actually a joking title but it fit...)
Pairing: Tara/Angelus
Setting: Uhhh season 5-6 of Buffy, Season 4 of Angel. Tara and Spike are together, Angelus comes to down.
Location: Cematary, Angelus'
Rating: NC-17
Other Notes: A random AIM RP Chat Maego and I started. dear lord it's hot. We are working on a sequal.
Nothings hotter then seductive Angelus. Don't worry there isn't rape in here.

[Tara] Ok I should so know better then to walk out here alone. *Looks around nervously and holds books closer to self*

[Angelus] *Sitting perched along a brick wall, just waiting for his next meal to wander by. His eyes catch someone.* Tara. *Whispered quietly and he dropped from the wall, just behind her.* My my, hasn't Buffy and all of them pounded the walking alone factor into your little witchy brain yet?

[Tara] *Turns startled* Angel.... *Tucks hair behind ear* Yes she has, I had a late class. I was heading over to see Spike. We have a bit of a...date...planned. *I pear at him closer, looking at his aura* Black.... *Backs away slightly* Angelus...

[Angelus]: *I smiled as I saw the realization on her face.* Awww what's the matter pretty baby? You can hang out with Spike, but not Daddy? *An evil little smile creeped up across my face.* You gonna run? I just love it when they run...

[Tara] *backs up till the back of my knees hit a headstone* Daddy? *swallows hard* Spike and I are together... *backs up against the stone more, looking around for a safe escape*

[Angelus]: *I laughed, tipping my head back uproariously.* You think I care about you and William the Bloody? That's rich, I'll give you credit for that. *I watched as she looked around, trying to escape.* Give it up blonde, you ain't getting away from me. Not this time. I thought maybe you'd like to try a different type of vampire. *I shrugged playfully.* One that isn't such a pansy in the bed...

[Tara] *I glare at him* I like my vampire just fine thank you *I arch my brow* 'pansy'' ? You wouldn't know....unless he's stooped to your level and you two have... *I reach into my pocket and look for a pouch*

[Angelus]: *I moved quickly, trapping her wrist in my hand.* I don't think so pretty little witch. *I jerked her towards me, running my hand up her back.* You're a saucy little thing, never knew why Willow let you slip away. *I shook my head and wrapped a handful of her hair in my fist, pulling her head back.* Now, play nice and I won't kill you. *I leaned in and licked her neck.*

[Tara] *I grunt and try to move away* Involviar *I watch as you go hurling back against another stone a few feet away.* Stay away *I turn and go to grab my things and run to Spikes*

[Angelus]: *I land on the ground, after slamming into a stone.* Ouch, okay... now you've pissed me off. *I get up and run, faster than her little legs can carry her.* Gotcha! *I wrap my arms around her and put my hand to her mouth.* Little witches can't send me flying when I cover their naughty little mouths, now can they? *I felt myself change and I dipped my head to her neck, nipping gently at the flesh.* We can do this my way or my other hard way, up to you dollbody.

[Tara] *I drop my bag and books and use my hands to try to pull him away. My eyes go wide when I feel his fangs at my neck.* NO! Nobody bites me...only Spike... *I shout in my head. I whimpered lowly and tried to kick at him. I move my leg and kick back between his legs. Sadly falling just shy of my goal*

[Angelus]: See now, I like feisty girls. Why do you think I was up Buffy's ass for all those years? *I smirked and licked at her neck again.* Spike is mine... so, what's his is mine essentially. Logical, isn't it? *I spun her around.* Use magic, and you will never see that Spike of yours again... are we clear? *I remained fanged out, just to scare her a bit more.*

[Tara] *I stare at him and try to move my face as far back as I can.* He's not yours... *I say lowly* He's not yours. I'm not yours either. Never will be. Not going to happen.

[Angelus]: Alright, I've had enough lip out of you for oh about another century. *I grabbed her, flipping her up and over my shoulder.* I like a girl with a bit of meat on her bones, you... *I snake my hand along her bare thigh, just under her long skirt edge.* got just the right amount of meat little girl. *I hoist her up a bit more, and start walking.* Remember... any more magical words and our night of discovery ends... with your death. Wouldn't that just make poor little Spikey all mad? You wanna be a good girl for him, don't you?

[Tara] *I whimper lowly when I feel his hand* Stop... *I start to beat his back with my fists as he continues to walk* Just. Let. Me. Go.

[Angelus]: That whimper is so endearing, promise me you'll do it later when I'm fucking you? *I add a smack to her ass and laugh as she pounds my back.* I'll let you go... when you'll behave and we're back at my place safe and sound. Until then, feel free to scream and wriggle. I like that.

[Tara] *I start pulling at his shirt and trying to reach back at him.* Angelus stop it. Please, just put me down! *I bite my lip, refusing to cry. I won't give him the pleasure of it.* Why are you doing this?

[Angelus]: Why am I doing this? Is that what you just asked me? *I smirked and hoisted her up again, repositioning her a bit as we neared my humble little dwelling.* Because I can Tara, plain and simple. And you, you can't do a thing about it. *I swung the door open and moved inside, bolting it shut. I more or less pushed her off of my shoulder onto the ground. Landing her on that pretty ass of hers.* Honey, we're home. *I held my hands out smiling.*

[Tara] *I cry out when I land on the ground* Please, just let me go back. I want to go back to Spike. *I start to franticly look around the room. I scramble to my feet and start looking for a way out*

[Angelus]: *I laughed when I saw her look about and I shrug my trench coat off.* Look all you want. No windows. One door. Oh yeah, and me to get by. *I moved toward the kitchen area.* Can I offer you something to drink? *I licked my lips thinking about what she tasted like, in more ways than one.* See, I'm being hospitable. Be nice.

[Tara] *I stop and try to calm down.* Alright I'll play his game *I think to myself.* Ok... *I walk over and study a painting on the wall, it's very old and obviously Greek*

[Angelus]: See, now isn't that easier than fighting and making all that noise. *I waved my hands about and poured a glass of wine for her. I walked over to where she was and handed it to her.* This painting is older than you and I combined. It was a gift, from a very old, old friend. *I reached over and brushed the hair off of her shoulders.* Do you like it? You could have it if you want it, if you're good. *I smiled.*

[Tara] *I took the glass from him and took a sip, had to give the vampire his due. He had taste.* 'If I'm good'? *I turned and looked at him* And what would you have planned Liam?

[Angelus]: *I looked at her with a smirk.* Oh, so you think that makes you wiser? Knowing my first name? *I laughed a bit and shook my head.* Call me what you will, but deep down I'm still a cold blooded killer. And yes... if you're good. *I grinned and rubbed my hands together in front of me.* Planned? Me, plan? *I gave her my best innocent look.*

[Tara] *I arch my brow at him and smirk* Suave and smooth you might do well and fool people. Innocent? You couldn't fool a blind woman with. *I take another sip of the wine before placing it on the table and cross my arms over my chest* What's your agenda? You have one. You always have one.

[Angelus]: *I tapped my fingers together, she couldn't be fooled, which was good. Meant there wouldn't be any reason to be anything other than up front.* Of course I do, my reputation expects me to. *I step closer to her, sniffing at the air. Fear and something else. I smirk at her.* Innocent? Not a word in your vocabulary either. You act all sweet and lovey with Spikeypoo, but you want it. You want someone to take advantage of you, tell you how it's gonna be. I can do that for you, and plan on it. *I gripped her arms, and pulled her against me.* Gonna show you what it's like to have to beg to cum little witch. And oh, I think you'll love it. *My lips crushed down on hers, demanding entrance to her mouth.*

[Tara] *Before I can react his lips are pressed firmly against mine. He holds them there, him not needing to breathe. I on the other hand need to. I use my hands and push my face away from him* Get off me. I don't know what you are talking about. *I wipe my mouth on the back of my arm* Don't touch me. Oh, and that sniffing thing? Very wiggy.

[Angelus]: See now... behaving, doesn't involve any of that. *I grab her once again and push her up against the wall.* As far as the sniffing thing goes, baby I'm gonna be sniffing you in places you'd probably love in a bit. *I pressed myself fully against her, already somewhat hard, I grip her ass.*

[Tara] *I try to push him off, my earlier hard attitude quickly leaving and being replaced by fear...and something else* Get your hands off of me. *I move my hands to his wrists and try to push him off of me.*

[Angelus]: My hands... belong on you. *I whisper in her ear.* I can smell you... you can't fool me. You're gettin' off on this. You like a lil rough and tumble. *I let my hands wander up her sides, to her full breasts, gripping them gently then a bit harder.* So, I'll take my hands off you when I'm god damned good and ready missy. *I spun her around and pinned her hands above her head, pushing my knee between her skirted legs.*

[Tara] *I feel his hands wonder over me. I know I should feel violated...but I don't.* Stop... *I say lowly as I try to push my face off of the wall, his weight fully on me*

[Angelus]: Oh that sounded so convincing Ms. McLay. *I smirk and lean in sucking the flesh at her neck.* Wanna try that one again? Once more with feeling? *I let my hand wander down to her top, slowly edging it up, then just jerking the buttons straight off. They spill to the floor.* Oops. *I smile and move my hand to her breast, gripping against the fabric blocking my way. One swift tug and it busts open, spilling out delicious breasts.* Mmmm... you certainly come well equipped. *My fingers grab a nipple and roll it roughly between thumb and forefingers.*

[Tara] *I grit my teeth and look at him* Stop. Get off of me. I want to go h-home... *I reach my hands up to bat his way from my breasts. I hiss lowly at his pinching fingers*

[Angelus]: H-home, now ain't that just sweet. *I sneer and continue to manhandle her breasts, giving equal attention to both.* Baby, as far as your concerned, for the time being... you are home. *I pulled her from the wall and tossed her to the floor again.* Take your clothes off. Now. * The last word hissed dangerously out of my mouth.* I wanna see what's underneath those frumpy clothes.

[Tara] *I scoot back against the far wall using my hands and feet to push me back.* I won't get undressed for you. Ever *I grab the edges of my shirt and my bare chest with it and my hands.* This isn't home. You aren't my home...He is....

[Angelus]: *I smirked as she scooted back.* Oh you will get undressed for me, with or without my help. *I moved over toward her and grabbed her ankles, pulling her back to the center of the room.* Now, since you've given me no choice. * I reached down and jerked her up, shoving her top and remains of her bra off.* I'll be a gentleman and help you out. *I once again whirled her into the wall, my hands moving to her skirt quickly, unbuttoning and tugging it off along with her underwear.* See now, much easier my way huh? *Man she's got a nice body.* Why do you hide under those clothes? *I ask and run my hands up the back of her thighs, up over her ass and up her back, pressing myself to her.*

[Tara] *I push my hands against his chest* Get off me. I want to put my cloths back on... *I bit my lip and closed my eyes when I felt him pressing against me. I swallowed hard and opened my eyes to glare at him* 'gentleman'? You are the furthest thing from gentle or a man Angelus. *I pressed my palms against his chest and pushed* Now. get. off. of. me.

[Angelus]: Now now, don't be lippy. I don't want to have to smack you around. *I tapped my chin and moved back from her slightly, kicking her clothes aside.* No, no clothes. What I have in mind, doesn't really require clothes. *I pulled my shirt off and tossed it aside.* Let's just play nice and have a little fun, shall we? *I rushed her, grabbing her up over my shoulder.* To the bedroom! *I announced like Napoleon heading to invade some country. I tossed her onto the bed and looked down at her.* Tell me something Tara... is that you that smells so fucking wet? Or is it just me? *I licked my lips and my eyes wandered over her delicious flesh.*

[Tara] *I stare up at him with wide eyes. Rough is one thing but rough with him...rough with someone other then Spike. That was wrong* You're twisted. *I scooted back on the bed and grabbed the silk sheets and wrapped them around me, trying to cling to any form of modesty I had.* I want out. Now.

[Angelus]: *I walked to the end of the bed, and tugged the sheet from her grip, tossing it behind me.* Why, thank you. I'll take that as compliment. *I removed my pants, my boxers, and stood there naked. I licked my lips yet again and started to crawl up the bed toward her. I grabbed onto one of her ankles and pulled her down the bed a bit.* Now then... you'll get out, that I promise. Only if you're good. *I pulled her flat and pressed myself on top of her.*

[Tara] *I started to claw at him and push him off of me* Get off of me; please. Angelus stop. *I start to raise my voice and scream for help*

[Angelus]: *I reach down and cover her mouth with my hand.* No screaming, at least... not yet. *I push her legs apart with my hands and nestle between her thighs, letting her feel just how hard she's making me with all the protesting.* I'll be nice... I'll make you feel so good. *I look at her and slowly start sliding down her body, stopping to suck at her nipples and rub her inner thigh gently.*

[Tara] *I stop struggling and close my eyes. I won't give in. I'm not letting him get the best of me. I try and squirm away from his lips and hands. Not happening. Not letting it. I won't let him win. I won't let him....*

[Angelus]: *I continue lowering myself down her body until I am nestled between her legs. I curl my hands around her outer thighs and pull her toward me.* You smell... so good. *I slowly lower my mouth between her legs and lick her from top to bottom, stopping my attention on her clit. Giving it a nice flick before I pull it into my mouth, sucking.* Mmmmm. *I hum against it.*

[Tara] *I bite my lip hard and unwillingly arch my back* damn you! Stop it. *Ok if that didn't sound pathetic. I shook my head and gripped the sheets, my knuckles white* Stop...don't...I-I'm his...Spike's...n-not....

[Angelus]: *I heard the wavering in her voice, and I continued my assault on her clit. Sucking it roughly into my mouth, applying just the right amount of pressure. My finger slowly trailed up her thigh, in between silken folds, pushing inside quicker than she was probably expecting.*

[Tara] *I cry out when I feel his fingers push roughly into me* No...Stop. Not there... *I swallow hard, my own body betraying me and moving against his hand.* S-stop... *I bite my lip hard, keeping me from saying words that are best left unsaid...especially to him*

[Angelus]: *I pull my mouth from her and look up at her as she whimpers. I mock her.* No... stop... not there. *I smirk and curl my finger up deep inside her, hitting a spot I'm sure that will curl her toes.* Don't bite your lip pretty girl, it's okay if you like it. Not that I care if you do or not, but it's better if we both enjoy, right? *I lean down and nip at her clit with my teeth gently.*

[Tara] *I arch up and press my heals against the matters cursing my body for reacting this way* Angelus please...s-stop. *I finally grate out the last word. Forcing my mouth to speak what it had to...not what it wanted too.* Stop...please...I'm not enjo-- *I close my eyes tightly as I feel his fingers push deeper and harder against that spot* Just please stop *I speak in a small voice, knowing it didn't convince him because it didn't convince me*

[Angelus]: *I smile against her flesh, my mouth dipping down to taste her sweetness.* You don't sound so convincing there Tara. You gotta make it better than that, I can tell you're enjoying yourself. The way your hips and cute little ass are moving around. *I let out a little laugh and flip her over, pulling her up onto her hands and knees, pushing two fingers back inside her sex.* Tell me again... sweet angel baby... c'mon

[Tara] *I lower my head onto the pillows. I try to lower off my knees but his hand and fingers keep me from doing so* Don't call me that...h-he does. *I close my eyes tight as I feel his tongue and fingers. My mind screaming for him to stop. But a little part of me....*

[Angelus]: Your mouth lies to me, but see... in here *I thrust into her* tells me the truth. You're a dirty little girl, and you like this. You want this... even though you cry out 'Oh Spike he's my man.' *I laughed a bit and moved up behind her closer, letting my cock touch her inner thigh.* See, I'm not lying. My mouth and my body, so getting off here.

[Tara] *I shake my head and pull away from him* No; please just stop now please. *I swallow hard hoping he can't read my thoughts or deepest secret desire* I want to go home...

[Angelus]: *She tries to pull from me, I let her, and I look at her as she slumps down into the bed, her face in the pillow.* Tara... sit up. *I grab her arm and sit her up.* Don't tell me that you ain't getting off on this. *I pull her onto my lap, my hardness pressing against her.* I know you want this.. I can see it... in your eyes. You want me to take you, to fuck you, to make you beg...and you will.

[Tara] *My breath shallow I look up at him.* I won't beg. Never beg to you *I swallow hard and look away* No...

[Angelus]: Oh, you will, and I'm counting on it. *She looks away and I put my finger under her chin, turning her face toward me.* I am not here to care if you cum or not, beg or not. I'm here to fuck you, show you how you really need it. I know you do. *I turn her around, so her back is to me. I whisper softly into her ear.* I know you need it Tara... c'mon... I wanna be inside you, help me out with that. *I gently kneaded the flesh of her ass, lifting her slightly, wanting her to put my cock inside her.* I'll make it good.... promise.

[Tara] *I swallow hard starting to feel him break in, break past what I've been hiding* No... *I speak lowly* If I don't give in then it's ok...It's not wrong... *I close my eyes and moan lowly as I lick my lips.* I'm not supposed to want what I want...

[Angelus]: *I gently stroke her back.* Baby, you can have whatever you want. I'd give you whatever you want. Life's too short to not get what you want. C'mon.... take what you want. *I gently played with her breasts in my palms.* Show daddy what kinda naughty girl you can be...

[Tara] I can't be your naughty girl.... *I let out a low whimper. It's hard and ragged and sounds like a sob. I lower my head, I want to close my eyes but I can't help but stare at his hands on my breasts. My own voice betrays me* Harder...

[Angelus]: *A wicked grin spreads across my face.* That's right naughty girl... *I squeeze her breasts harder in my palms, flicking her nipples with my fingertips.* You like that, hmmm? *I pull her back to me, and press the flesh hard in my hands.* You feel so amazing... so fucking... amazing.

[Tara] *My breath is heavy and my lips parted has he starts mauling at my breasts* I-i can't...I shouldn't want...want *I whimper*

[Angelus]: Shhhh shhh you can want whatever you want. You've paid your dues, done your time... tell me. Show me. *My hands slowly roam down her belly, over her thighs, back up, brushing against her center.* Tell me... c'mon.... you deserve whatever it is you want.

[Tara] *I bite my lip and shake my head defiantly* It's wrong...Your not him...I'm not yours. *I refuse to tell him. I won't tell him I want it. I want it harder. I want him to make me his sl... I let a small gasp escape my lips when I feel his fingers push into me*

[Angelus]: *I hear her gasp as my fingers push into her, teasing her, not going in too far.* I'm not him. You're not mine. It's not about that Tara. It's about carnal needs. I know you have them. *I moved my fingers gently just inside her, my palm brushing against her clit. I pulled back, removing my fingers, dragging my fingertips across her lips.* See how good you taste? How can I not want that... how can you not want me to make you feel good? *I slipped my finger into her mouth gently.*

[Tara] *I run my tongue across his finger tasting myself on him. I whimper unwillingly. I close my eyes and swallow hard as he trails his finger down my neck* But it's wrong....I-I'm not su-supposed to want t-this...not supposed to want what I want....

[Angelus]: That whimper, doesn't sound so convincing little girl. And who told you you're not supposed to want? There is nothing wrong with wanting... I want to help you get what you need. What you want, let me do that. *I playfully pinch at her nipples, pushing up against her.* I know what I want... can't you feel what I want... feel my need?

[Tara] *I shake my head slightly* But what I want is so wrong... *my breath catches when he pushes against me and pinches my nipples* Oh gosh... *I lick my lips* What I want isn't just simple pleasures...it's not... *I lower my head and bite my lip*

[Angelus]: Tell me. Anything you want. I'll give it to you, no questions asked. *I smiled against her back as I kissed her shoulder, pinching her nipples just a bit harder.* Tell me... I'll make it all better baby girl. *I nip gently at the flesh on her shoulder.*

[Tara] *I moan when he pinches my nipples harder* Yes.... *I swallow hard and speak very low* Harder, rougher. *my breath becomes shallow and hard* I want... *I swallow again and close my eyes.* Need it harder, rougher. I want to be...

[Angelus]: *I grin wickedly and do as she asks, what I'm getting off on it too!* That's it... tell me, tell daddy what you want... anything... anything at all. *I smile against her flesh, manipulation at it's finest.* Harder... rougher... what do you want to be angel? Tell me... *I pinch her nipples harder, gripping the flesh and pulling her to me.*

[Tara] *I tilt my head back and let a low moan escape my lips* Oh goddess... *I swallow hard, I know in the back of my head that I'm playing into his game but he want's to play.* Angelus... *I arch my back against him as I feel him pinch harder, using them to keep me pressed against him* daddy....please...I want to be your dirty girl... *I swallow hard and speak in a hushed voice* I want to be your slut....make me into...

[Angelus]: *I barely contain the groan in my throat as she arches back against me, calling me daddy.* There's my dirty little whore... see I knew she was in there somewhere. *I arch my brow.* My dirty slut.... I think we can manage that one. *I push her back up off of me, and lay her back on the bed on her back. Laying beside her, running lazy circles across her belly.* Touch yourself... for daddy...

[Tara] *I gasp as he pushes me off of him; leaving me laying on my back staring up at him* Bu- *I bite my lip when he gives me a look. I lick my lips and hide a smirk at his reaction to me calling him 'daddy'* Yes....daddy. *I slowly run my hand between my legs, rubbing my thigh before ghosting my hand over my wetness* Do I please you... am I your dirty little whore? *I whisper and moan lowly*

[Angelus]: *I smirk and pet her belly softly.* Oh yes, you do please me you dirty little whore. Now... touch yourself for me. *I watch as she teases her hand over her wetness, and I let out a low growl.* Don't tease daddy... show me, show me you're my dirty little whore. *I reach up and pinch her nipple with a grin.*

[Tara] *I close my eyes and bite back a moan as he pinches my nipple. I swallow and look at him.* No. *Oh god, this is so wrong...Why am I doing this...Why am I letting him?*

[Angelus]: No? *I arch a brow and take my hands from her, looking at her with a narrowed glare.* I'm sorry, did you just say no to me? *I grip her hair in my hands and pull her head back, moving my mouth to her throat, vamping. I gently nick at her neck, lapping the small blood dots appearing.* Don't tell daddy no again princess... or I'll have to do very bad things to you. *My grip increased in her hair and I pulled back, looking at her.* Touch yourself... now.

[Tara] *My breathing becomes more shallow and labored. Oh goddess yes. Harder.* Ohh. *I close my eyes for a moment before opening them and looking up at him.* What if I want to know...

[Angelus]: *I quirked my brow and looked at her.* What if you want to know .... what? *I'm curious now, she's got my attention. I gently stroke her breasts, cupping one with my hand and bringing my mouth to it. I suck gently, nipping her lightly.*

[Tara] *I grip the sheets keeping my hands from gripping onto him. I won't give him the satisfaction of that* What if I want to know the bad things you will do to me... *I speak in a hushed voice. I bite my lip and moan lowly*

[Angelus]: *I lift my head and look at her smiling.* See... you will know those things, if you listen and be a good girl. Daddy will hurt you, do bad things to you... make you scream and cry out, beg for more. *I leaned down and whispered into her ear.* Make you beg to cum just one more time.... *I licked the back of her earlobe and sucked it into my mouth.* Would you like that... hmm?

[Tara] *I let out a low moan* Yes... But I don't want to be daddy's good girl...*I swallow hard and finally decide to let lose* Yes, please. I want you to make me scream. Make me beg. I want to be your slut. Daddy's naughty little slut. *I whimper lowly* I want you to do things that nobody's done before...make me like them...make me scream and cry out for more...just a little more.

[Angelus]: That's my good girl... *I coo softly into her ear and sit up, my hand moving up and down her thigh. I reach up and take her hand, placing it between her legs.* Touch yourself... then daddy will make all those naughty little dreams of yours, come true. *I leaned down and kissed her hard, wrapping my hand behind her neck, pulling her mouth harder into mine.*

[Tara] *I whimper softly against his lips as I start touching myself. Running my fingers from my clit to my opening. I pull away from his lips and gasp for breath. I think he forgets i need to breathe sometimes. I moan lowly as I push two fingers into me* Ohhh please daddy. I want to please you. *Why...I shouldn't be letting him do this...it's so wrong....I should be doing this with Spike...he should be the only one...*

[Angelus]: *I smile and watch her touching herself, pushing fingers inside herself. I grin wickedly and look up at her as she whines.* Oh baby, you are pleasing me... trust me. *I reach down and put my hand over hers, feeling her stroke in and out of herself. God I'm so hard watching this.* Enough... *I pull her hands from her and pull her up to me, facing me. I pull her so she is straddling my lap and I slowly, carefully, torturously slide her down on my cock.* Oh god baby, yes... you please daddy.

[Tara] *I whimper as he slowly impales me onto his cock* Daddy...ohhh *I bite my lip and whimper lowly* Hurts...so...big *I put my hands on his shoulders and tried to push me off a bit, he wouldn't let me and kept from moving up. I closed my eyes as I felt him push me more down onto him*

[Angelus]: *I hold her in place until I am all the way inside her, then I slowly let go of her shoulders.* You'll get used to it... it's supposed to be big and hurt... makes little whores cum so much more pretty. *I move my hands to her hips, encouraging her to move.*

[Tara] It's so big.. ohh Daddy... *I bite my lip and close my eyes as I start to rock my hips against him, feeling him push deeper into me* S-so deep... oh goddess... *I swallowed hard and started to move my hips harder against him in spite of myself. I shouldn't want this. This shouldn't feel so good.* Hurts...ohhh *I reach my hands up and cover my breasts*

[Angelus]: That's right little whore, move those hips. *I reached around and grabbed her ass, watching as she cupped her breasts.* Oh fuck yeah... that's such a good girl. *My eyes rolled back in my head, god she was so tight.* So tight and naughty for your daddy... ohhh. *My hands gripped her ass, spreading her cheeks, driving her harder down onto me.* Oh the things I'm gonna do to you... just you wait....

[Tara] *I shudder at the vulgarity of his words. Shocked that I start saying them myself* Ohhh I love being naughty for you daddy. I love being your naughty little slut. *I continue to grind my hips against him, feeling him stretch me. Feeling him so deep.* Ohh what are you going to do? I'm such a greedy whore. I don't want to wait.

[Angelus]: *I grinned wickedly.* Such a greedy girl.. what if I don't want to tell you? What if I make you wait? *I pull her to me and stop our movements, thrusting every so often with just my hips. I look at her and smirk, lifting her up and off of me.* Stay... *I wander out of the bedroom, leaving her on the bed, wondering....*

[Tara] *I mumble lowly as I watch him walk out* Bastard. *I know he wants me to beg. He wants me to plead with him. I won't. I won't...not yet. I sighed and looked around the room. I reached down and picked up the satin sheet from next to the bed and wrapped myself in it and wait.*

[Angelus]: *Strolls back into the room, looks up at Tara, wrapped in the sheet.* Did I say you could cover up? Did I not say to you stay? *I arched my brow at her and snapped my fingers, pointing to the floor.* Here, now, lose the sheet... hands and knees. MOVE.

[Tara] *I swallow hard and stare at him, my lips parted* Bu... *I jump at his tone and do as he instructed. I didn't want too but I did. I couldn't help it. I knelt next to him and stayed with my head lowered* Yes Sir.

[Angelus]: *I watched her move with a smirk on my face. I looked down at her and watched her kneel there, head lowered.* Good girl, now... how am I to punish you... *I tapped my chin in thought and moved to a drawer by the bed, pulling it open noisily, watching to see if she'd look.* Ah ah ah! Turn your head right back around. *I hissed when she looked. Paddle. Yes. I grabbed it and headed back over to her, standing beside her tapping the paddle against my leg.*

[Tara] *I swallowed hard and kept my head lowered. I could hear him tapping the paddle against his leg* I'm s-sorry sir...I'm sorry you need to punish me...

[Angelus]: *I bend down and run my hand over her spine.* Daddy's not sorry, you deserve a punishment for taking liberties not given. *I stand back up.* Stand up. *I bark and wait for her to rise, she does.* Move, to the dresser, lean over it... ass out.. now . *I smack her ass with my hand.*

[Tara] *I swallow hard and place my hands on the dresser and lean over, arching my ass in the air* I'-I'm sorry daddy... *I swallowed hard* I'll take any punishment you see fit *I lower my head and prepare for his next move...knowing him it could be anything*

[Angelus]: *I grinned as she assumed the position, gotta love a girl that listens.* Now, you be good and just shut your pretty little mouth like daddy says. *I come around behind her, looking at her in the mirror, head bent down, breasts dangling.* God you got nice tits little girl. *I growl and reach up, grabbing them, and at the same time bringing down the paddle hard on her ass.* That would be... one, Daddy...

[Tara] *I gasp when he grabs my breasts. Wanting him to pinch harder. I partly wonder if he has.... I cry out when the paddle lands on my ass. I take a deep breath* One, daddy. *again* two daddy... th-three daddy...four daddy. *I bite my lip and whimper as I push my ass back towards him*

[Angelus]: *I can't help but smirk as she whimpers like it's killin her then the next thing I know the girl is pushing back into it.* Oh, daddy's girl likes the paddle? Doesn't she? *I rub the soft wood against the welts now forming on her tender little ass.* Who'd have thought. *I smirked and brought it down again hard, loving the sound of her flesh being marked.* That's... how many?

[Tara] F-five... *I swallow as he rubs the wood against my ass harder. I don't want the paddle. I want him...* Six Daddy... *Oh goddess...I can't believe I just thought about that...that's so wrong...so dirty*

[Angelus]: That's my girl... but... after five, you didn't say daddy... so guess what that means? *I smirk at her.* We gotta start all over now.... sorry princess. *I bring the paddle down once.* That would be...

[Tara] *I lower my head and lean against the dresser on my elbows and whimper lowly* One daddy....ohhh....two daddy.....t-three daddy....ohhh *I swallow hard as the paddle lands harder.* f-four daddy...

[Angelus]: *I stop, setting the paddle aside, my hands moving to her bright red little ass. Caressing softly.* You're such a goooood girl. *I coo into her ear, leaning over her.* Now... you should get a reward. *I slide my hand between her legs, she's soaked. I grin and slide my fingers up her fold to her clit, rubbing gently.* Such a good girl, are you daddy's good little bitch?

[Tara] y-yesss *I swallow hard as I feel his fingers push slowly into me.* Ohhh yes, I'm daddy's little whore... *I lower my head and blush slightly, still unable to comprehend that I'm saying and doing these things.* Ohhhh *I gasp and involuntarily push back as I feel him push a third finger into me* Ohhh please don't daddy...it hurts...

[Angelus]: *I smirk a smug smirk.* Hurts? Telling daddy to stop, okay. *I removed my fingers from her and leisurely wandered over to the bed, sitting down, propping my arms up behind my head. I flicked on the television and pretended to be very interested.*

[Tara] *I whimper. I didn't say stop...* Angelus... *I get up and walk over to him. Part of my mind is telling me to crawl to him. But I won't. He won't get that from me.* I didn't say stop.... *I said lowly as I knelt next to the bed. I looked up at him* I'm sorry... Please daddy. Do what you wish to your naughty little bitch. *I lick my lips and give him a little more rope to hang me with* I want you to hurt me. I don't know why but I do. I want you to pinch and spank me hard. *I speak in a hushed voice. *I want clamps on my nipples, making me beg you to make me hurt a bit more... I want you to make me sit on your lap and put your... *I bite my lip, unable to say the words. That would be too much. He would use and abuse that knowledge...*

[Angelus]: *Turns the volume down, listening slightly. Nodding his head.* See you say you want all of those things, then you go and say things like you did. Good girls don't do that... *I sat up a bit and grabbed her by the hair, pulling her toward me.* Put my what.... Finish your sentence.

[Tara] *I bite my lip* I'll stay quiet like a good slut Daddy...I promise. *I gasp when he grabs my hair, his un-needed breath on my face. I swallow hard and look down, unable to meet his gaze* I want your cock in me...in my ass. *I speak barely above a whisper, but his vampire hearing I know he heard me*

[Angelus]: *I grin, from ear to ear.* Of course you do goldilocks, why wouldn't you? *I run my fingers through her hair, loving the feel.* Up on the bed pretty girl... let's see if daddy can give you what you need...

[Tara] *I moan lowly and stare up at him. Oh god, he's really going too* But daddy... *I speak softly, looking down* I-I've never...he's never...and *I can't help but look down at his throbbing cock* it's so big... *I swallow hard and look up at him* I've never but I want too...It seems so wrong and...just so dirty...I don't know why I want it.

[Angelus]: You want it... because no one else can give it to you but me. *I smirk and grip her under her arms, tugging her up to the bed, onto her hands and knees.* Daddy will do it right, just right... you'll see. *My hands knead at the flesh around her ass, still slightly red from the paddle.* You'll like it... all dirty girls do...

[Tara] *I lower my head into the mattress as I feel him behind me. Oh god, this is so wrong. All of this is, him doing things to me. Me letting him. me on my hands and knees basically begging him to fuck me in the ass.* I know all dirty girls do...I want to be a dirty girl. I don't know why but I do. I want to be someone’s slut. *I close my eyes tight as he continues to palm my behind*

[Angelus]: *I reach over her, grabbing the lube from the nightstand, lubing myself up, as well as her. I look down at her, face in the pillow, basically wanting it so bad it confuses her.* You are someone's slut... you're mine. *I say in a low dangerous tone. I move myself to her, slowly and carefully working the head of my cock slowly into her ass. Taking my time, letting her adjust.* How is that dirty girl... you doin' alright? *I gently stroke her back, taking my time, edging in slowly, working my fingers around her opening slowly as I push in.*

[Tara] *I shake my head* No I'm not. I'm not yours... *Oh god...maybe I am...I won't admit it. Never. I love my Spike...He'll never know about this...* ohh daddy. it hurts, your so big... *why am I talking about this to myself like this is going to be a more then one time thing...it's not. i don't know what this is. I'm not his slut. I'm not his* Ohhh I feel it... *I grip onto the sheets tighter, the pain becoming more clear*

[Angelus]: *I grin and continue working in her slowly, despite her protests.* It'll go away... just relax, breath and relax... *I gently rub her back as I continue, watching as she grips onto the sheets. I slip my hand around and gently stroke her clit, adding a bit of pleasure to this seemingly painful first process.*

[Tara] *I moan into the pillows. Damn him. Damn him to hell.* Ohh oh goddess... it feels so...ohhhh *I moan again as I feel him push in deeper as he pinched my clit hard* Ohhhh... it feels.. uhhh.

[Angelus]: That's right baby... you just wait, you'll have a mind blowing orgasm once everything's done. *I slowly worked more into her, nearly half of me buried deep inside her, my fingers manipulating her clit.* Such a good girl for daddy. *My finger slip down slowly, pushing inside her just slightly, stroking along where my cock is filling her from behind, adding stimulation.*

[Tara] *I cry out against the pillow, saying obscenities I dare not say otherwise* Ohhh goddess. *I moan and push back against him. Needing more.* Am I your dirty whore daddy? Your dirty whore that loves where your cock is now... *I shuddered as he thrusted more into me. This is so wrong...Why do I like this? Why do I like him overpowering me? Why do I like where his cock is now?*

[Angelus]: *I close my eyes as my whole cock is now buried deep within her ass. I rub her back and slowly slip my fingers a bit deeper inside her.* Oh you are my dirty little whore. Do you like where my cock is you dirty little bitch? *I slowly stroke my fingers in and out of her, adding a bit of motion to my cock, slowly and steady.* How does it feel to be so full you dirty girl?

[Tara] *I bury my head into the pillow* Yes.. yes I do. your dirty little bitch likes where your cock is. so much... *I whimper lowly and start to rock my hips back against his cock and fingers. I hated myself that I liked this. That I asked for it. That I was enjoying it more then I wanted too.* Ohhh daddy.... so full... ohhh.....you’re so deep...

[Angelus]: *I grin as she rocks back against me and stroke my free hand up and down her back, manipulating the ones inside her pussy to push fully in.* That's a girl... take what daddy has to give you. Such a nasty little whore... you're loving this. *I push into her a bit more, pull out a bit, push in, listening to her whimper. I swear to god it's driving me insane.* Tell me dirty girl, tell me why you're enjoying this so much? Is it because Spike is tender with you? Gentle with you... *I emphasize my words and push into her a bit rougher than I had been doing.*

[Tara] *I start to moan and whimper more as he fills me harder. I hate that I like this more then I should. I should hate and loath it. I should have used a spell on him and gotten myself the hell out of here...but I didn't.* I like it...ohhh *I turn my head and glare at him.* Don't say his name. You have no right.

[Angelus]: *I look at her as she turns and glares at me. Yeah, I said it to get that reaction, I like my girl's spicy.* Oh poor baby, I've every right. I created him. He was mine long before he was yours. *I reach out and push her head back toward the pillow, pushing into her with my fingers, stroking inside her along my cock.* So just be a good girl, and don't tell me what I can and can't say... we've been through that already. Unless. *I arch my brow and push my cock into her harder, deeper.* You want the paddle again, either way... makes no difference to me.

[Tara] *I swallow and lower my head back into the pillows.* Dru created him. Not you. He might have been yours then but he's mine now. *I cry out into the pillow when he pushes in. Damn him. damn him for doing this to me. Damn him for making me like it. Damn him for using his name.* Bastard *I mumbled into the pillow as I felt him push his fingers in deeper.*

[Angelus]: You're lucky Tara, I like my girl's lippy. Otherwise, I'd have killed you by now. *I hear her moans and curses, only spurs me on. After all, I'm evil, right?* Bastard... that right? I'm such a bastard that I'm going to give you the best orgasm of your life, yet you still insult me. *I tap my fingers along her spine and pick up my assault on her ass and pussy. Fingers twisting deeply, my cock pushing in and out at nearly full lengths now.* Let's see... I guess bastard isn't such a bad thing when you make all those pretty sounds. *I smirk and grip onto her hip, pulling her back to me as I thrust forward.*

[Tara] *I bite my lip and grip the sheets harder* Oh god...ohh goddess... *I swallow hard as I feel him start pushing harder into me.* Angelus...it hurts... *I grit my teeth and try to pull away but his grip is tight on my hip. I swallowed hard* Ugh....you like this you sick bastard. You like having me on my hands and knees with your cock in me.... you are truly twisted. *I'm even more twisted...damnit; I like this. damnit to haties I like him overpowering me*

[Angelus]: That's right Tara, tell yourself I'm the sick and twisted one. But you, you're the one here, with me, on your hands and knees. Loving the way...*I punctuate with thrusts, my fingers hitting juuuust the right spot inside her sweet little cunt.* I'm fucking you... making you feel. *I lean over her slightly, whispering.* Oh, make sure to beg when you're about to cum. *My fingers push up against that spot, and I thrust my cock slowly and lazily against her.*

[Tara] *I pushed back against him, hating how slow he went.* You're convenient. * I knew my words didn't hold as much conviction as I wanted them too. I lowered myself further onto the bed, getting off my hands and my face in the pillow and pushing my ass up higher.* I won't beg you to cum. I won't. *I start pushing back harder against him, rolling my hips and grinding my clit against his hand.*

[Angelus]: *I smirk and watch her rearrange her body, wanting more.* Greedy little pig, aren't you? *I give her a bit more pressure, a bit more speed, but just not.. quite... enough.* Then I can keep you here all night, right at this spot... where you want to cum so badly it starts to hurt. I can go for a long time Tara, picked up a few tricks in the hundred or so years I've been in this hellhole. *My fingers continue their gently probing inside her slick, wet walls.* Convenient... didn't seem so convenient when I had to drag your ass here. You like it... you know you do. *I smile.* After all... daddy's little dirty whore, right? *My thrusts increase a bit more, still refusing to let her get off without the beg.*

[Tara] *I grit my teeth against the pillow* I didn't come here willingly you fuck wad. *I knew I was on edge, I don't curse unless pushed. He was pushing. He was pushing hard, he knew it. I liked it. I wanted more.* Go ahead, go all night. I'm going to cum and I'm not begging you. *I reach my hand down between my legs and reach for my clit while my other hand starts roughly pinching my nipples* I won't beg. I won't beg you. *I might like 'daddy's' cock in my ass but I'm not giving you the satisfaction of hearing me say it. I start pushing my ass back harder against him. Loving and hating the pain that shot through me as he stretched me*

[Angelus]: *I heard her words and just smirked, then she had to go and involve her little hands.* Oh no you don't. *I reach down and pull her hands from her body.* I didn't say you had permission to do that, now did I? You going to be a bad girl again? *My hand roamed over her back, and I brought it down in hard slaps between her shoulder blades. My teeth gritted.* You will beg, or I will kill you, you little bitch... you will do as daddy says, and when daddy says. Are we clear? *I reach up and pull her hair back violently, tipping her head back almost to the point her vision is at the ceiling.*

[Tara] You know I like being a bad girl. I'm here aren't I? *I gritted my teeth at my words* Let. Me. Cum. *I cried out when he gripped my hair and pulled my head hard* Damnit let go! *I reach my arms back and try to pull his hand out of my hair.* Daddy please, please stop, it hurts. *I close my eyes as I feel my back being forcibly arched, my breasts pointing out. The way he had me and was pulling my hair pushed his cock so far into me. Every inch was in. I wanted more but I refuse to give him the satisfaction.*

[Angelus]: *I can't help but laugh a bit as she struggles to try to get me to let go of her hair, but I also see it's turning her on. Burying my cock even deeper inside her, pushing my fingers in just a bit more on that sweet spot.* Now see, if I let go of your pretty hair... I won't be deep inside you like you like, like I know you're fucking loving right now. *I grip her hair harder.* Don't even try to fucking lie to me and say you aren't wishing I was inside you just a little bit more. I can feel you wrapping around my fingers... around my cock, so tight.

[Tara] *I swallowed hard and closed my eyes* Yes... *I hissed.* I like it, damnit I like it. I like it deep in me. *I whimpered and rolled my hips against his cock and fingers.* Bastard, you damn bastard. *I reach my hands up and cover my breasts, keeping them from moving with his thrusts.* Ahhhh *I gasp out when I feel him push another finger into me.* S-stop...please...Hurts... It hurts *I whimpered lowly*

[Angelus]: *As I push another finger inside her she starts that lovely whimpering. Stop please, hurts.* Now now, just relax... stop clenching your god damn muscles so tightly. *I slap her ass, forcing her to relax, and continue pushing up inside her with my fingers, stroking gently as she relaxes, making more room for me.* That's a girl... see, was that so hard. *I push her hands away from her breasts.* I like to watch them bounce around while I fuck you, hands down little girl. *I push into her a bit more, carefully, but adding more friction.* Roll your hips like a good girl for daddy, I like that. *I increase slightly, giving her a bit more now that she's relaxed. She's going to cum... screaming my name. I can smell it, she's so close and tight around me.*

[Tara] *I whimper and place my hands on the headboard, giving me some leverage. In spite myself I start rolling my hips against him and speak* I like pleasing daddy...Ohhh daddy please....it's so big, it hurts...ohhh. *I bite my lip and lower my head as I start pushing back harder against him.* Please daddy...please....harder. Make it hurt a little. *I closed my eyes tight, unable to believe that I actually spoke the words out loud. My breathing becomes harder and I arch up against him as I feel his fingers press hard against that spot. Damnit, he's going to make me cum...*

[Angelus]: *The sweet little bitch grabs onto the headboard and starts rolling those delicious hips of hers.* You are such a dirty fucking bitch, I love it. *I move a bit harder against her, not as hard as I want, but it'll do.* You like it to hurt don't you. *I reach around and grip one of her breasts viciously, squeezing the flesh in my hand. My fingers inside her curl up and start pounding away at the spot that is now spasming against them.* Oh fuck, you're so fucking hot.... *I gasp out as my cock slams into her.* You're going to cum for me pretty baby, but you will ask... you understand. *I push into her almost violently from both sides, loving the scream I get.* Good... sounds like we're understood then.

[Tara] *I scream hard as he goes harder* Ohhh yes, harder... yes.. harder please. *I reach my hand to my other breast and pinch my nipple hard* ohhh daddy, your little whore's going to cum... ohhh yes... I can feel it.... *I bite my lip, refusing to beg him. I start moaning and pushing harder against him.* Ohh god... it's so big...so hard in me... ohh daddy...daddy you like taking my ass don't you...you like being the only one to bend me over and spread me open wide... *I gasp and arch my back as his fingers push hard against that spot, urging my orgasm harder*

[Angelus]: *Her screams drive me insane, and I drive into her. I watch as her hands go to her breasts, pinching I'm assuming.* You're going to cum? You can feel it... wouldn't it be a shame if right now... I stopped fucking you. Made all this go away? *I smirked, I'd win, she'd give in.* You better believe I love being buried in your ass, my fingers stroking your pussy. You have a delicious pussy, has anyone ever told you that? Oh yes, you do. *I feel her push harder against my fingers, digging them into her spot, I pull back slightly.* All I need Tara... five little words... and you have the best fucking orgasm. C'mon... lemme hear them. Daddy. Please. Let. Me. Cum. So easy, so simple...* I stroke her, urging her on.*

[Tara] *I shake my head violently* No. I won't beg you. I won't beg. *I can feel every muscle in my body tense and I can feel my legs start to shake. I won't give him the satisfaction of begging him. I won't even ask him. No. No; I won't...* Ohhh I know Daddy likes being all the way in my never broken in ass. You like it. You like violating your little dirty girl, I know you do. I can feel it throbbing deep inside. *I grind my hips more onto his cock; still glad that nobody can hear me and hear the words that are coming out of my mouth. I don't say these things. I don't get tempted by evil vampires. I don't swear and beg for a little hurt. I'm a good girl... This isn't happening... I'm not begging him* Come on daddy, please, harder, deeper, make me scream, make me hurt just a little bit. You know you like it. You know you like feeling my clench against your fingers because of what your cock is doing to me in my ass. *I grin slightly, knowing I'm goading him on, I want too. If he just goes and takes it I didn't give in. It's better that way*

[Angelus]: *I smile, she's trying to get me to give in. Yeah, like that'll happen.* Think of it as... asking me... not begging. *I can feel her body start to shake, her muscles gripping around me and I tip my head back in pleasure.* Oh fuck, c'mon... you're daddy's little whore...be a good whore and tell daddy what you want. What you need. You need to cum. *I whisper.* I can feel it... just like you can feel my cock and fingers inside you throbbing... you need this. *I pushed against the spot inside her clenching pussy, pushing her just a bit more, making her shake just a little bit more... wanting her to say those words. I'd deny her them in a heartbeat though.* Beg. *The words came out of my mouth like a threat.*

[Tara] Yes...*I hiss* I'm daddy's whore, I like being daddy's little whore. ohhh *damnit.. I need to...I can't....* No... I won't *I can't...I arch up against him; feeling him fully impale into me. I cry out.* Daddy please, please fuck me... harder... ohh please... *I turn back and look at him* Please fill my ass.... *NO, I won't beg...I won't beg...I can't beg...Can't let him win...*

[Angelus]: *I can barely contain my own orgasm as she cries out, telling me she is daddy's whore. To fuck her harder. She turns back and looks at me and I grin wickedly at her.* I am not going to do anything, until you beg. *I don't let up, I continue right where we are, keeping her there gripping at the edge, needing release so badly.* I'll fuck you harder... I'll fill your ass... when you say the five little words. *I am getting impatient, she isn’t running this fucking show. I reach up and grab a hold of her hair again, pulling back hard.* I SAID BEG.

[Tara] *I whimper and grip onto his wrist between my legs* Please, daddy... *I whimper and close my eyes. I swallow hard* Please, let me cum... *I speak lowly. damn him. He knows he's won. Damn bastard. I start to push back against him harder* Please daddy. daddy make me cum... please... fill me... come on daddy's little whore needs it... she needs her ass filled with your cum... *I cry out and move my hips harder against his hips*

[Angelus]: *There it was, he'd broken her. Now he knew she'd be back,oh yes, she would.* That's my girl... my hot fuckin' baby girl. *She starts pushing harder against me, and I match her stroke for stroke, pounding into her harder. My fingers viciously probing along her insides, feeling them shake and quiver.* Since you asked so nicely baby, you can cum... right along with daddy as he fills your sweet ass with cum... oh yeah. *I grunted loudly as I pushed into her, watching her push back against me and arch that sweet little ass into the air. Her cries edging me further, pushing her further until I feel her entire being start to tremble, low and deliciously.* That's it... let go, cum for your daddy... cum pretty baby.

[Tara] *I start pushing back hard against him. feeling his cock start to throb in my ass* Ohh yes daddy, I'm cumming... ohhh goddess *I scream out and arch up. I feel him grab my hips with both hands, holding me tight against this hips.* Ohhh please daddy... *I whimper lowly* Fill me...i want to feel your cum in my ass.... *I look down and close my eyes. Unable to believe that I was letting him do this. That I was acting like this. I couldn't believe that I just let Angelus do this to me... I let him take me there and I begged him to let me cum... ohh god. I cried out again, my muscles in my legs shaking* Ohhh goddess.... ohhh daddy....

[Angelus]: *I feel her body start to release and I groan. I'm going to cum, right along with her, just listening to her dirty fucking mouth.* Oh I will, trust me dirty fucking girl... I'll fill you, you'll spill over. *I grip her hips and pound into her, driving her over the edge with screams. I dont know if they are screams of pain or delight, but they sure do sound good to my ears.* I love the way you're shaking... oh yeah... you're gonna cum for daddy, so pretty..

[Tara] Ohhh do I cum pretty daddy? ohhh *I arch against him and close my eyes tight* ohhh goddess... I'm cumming daddy... ohhh *I lean forward and grip the headboard again, giving him full access to my ass. Which I might add is quite sore.* Ohhh yes Daddy... ohhhh *I cried out and gripped the headboard tight as I could feel him throbbing and cumming in my ass* Ohh god... I've never.... ohhh *I close my eyes tighter, trying to block him out. It's not him. It's not supposed to be him. I won't submit to him....I want to submit...i want to submit to him....*

[Angelus]: *I smirk, damn right you've never. Spike is a pansy ass fuck, he'd never fuck you like this.* Oh, you've never... but you will... give it to me... all of it. It's mine. *I growl slightly and feel myself vamp from pure adrenaline as I pound into her, releasing all my seed into her with a groan. Gripping her hips hard, listening to her cry out.* Give it up... let daddy have it all... you're mine here... mine.

[Tara] *I whimper and feel my eyes well up* Yes...I am... I give it to you... *I whisper lowly* I submit... I submit here to you... *You evil bastard. you damn bastard...*

[Angelus]: *Hands that were gripping hips tightly, released and ran up and down her back gently.* Such a good girl... daddy's good little whore. *I finish my release and remain inside her, petting her and giving her a brief moment of tenderness.* Sucha good little naughty thing. *I slowly pull out of her, grabbing a towel, cleaning us both briefly before I jerk her into my arms on the bed. Holding her to me so tightly she can barely breathe, she'd be so pretty if she didnt' breathe. Vampire. I smile against her shoulder and feel the temptation to bite her.* That wasn't so horrible, now was it? *I ask wickedly as I tug her hips toward me.*

[Tara] *I feel to broken to fight him as he holds me tightly, it almost hurts to breathe.* yes... it was. *damnit. We both very well know that I liked it. damn him to hell. damn him for making me want this. making me need this. I swallow hard and gasp lowly when I feel his fangs against shoulder.* No, please don't. Don't bite me.

[Angelus]: *I smiled against her flesh and nipped gently.* Awww you think I'm gonna go all grrr on you now? Drain you? Kill you? *I increased my grip on her and pulled her closer.* What... you scared? Scared of lil old me?

[Tara] There isn't anything lil old about you. You're far from a puppy Angelus. *I swallow hard and try to move away at his teeth nipping my neck.* Stop. I know how you work. I know you will the first chance you get...

[Angelus]: *I hold her tighter to me as she tries to get away.* Now you know when you struggle like that, it gets me all worked up. *I lick her flesh where I've nipped, tasting her blood lightly.* Mmm... You’re full of Wiccan goodness, just a lil taste, c'mon... why not... *I gently rubbed her ass and thigh, coaxing her.*

[Tara] *my breathing becomes harder. I'm so tempted. But this, all this here, tonight with him, is so dark... it's so wrong. I shouldn't* I can't trust you...I can't trust you not to kill me...

[Angelus]: Now, now Tara... lover.. have I killed you yet? If I was gonna kill you, I'd have done it long time back. I wouldn't have bothered fucking you... *I gently nip at her again, moving my mouth up to the bend of her neck and shoulder, kissing softly.* I promise, no killing. *I say sweetly against her flesh, licking and closing my eyes, feeling the rhythm of her blood flow against my mouth.* You know you want it dirty girl.

[Tara] Lyer. I know how you work. You love the fact that I begged you to fuck me. You loved it even more because I'm Spikes. *I gasp lowly when I feel him press onto my neck.* I can't trust you. Then again I can't stop you. *I turn a bit and glare at him.* don't call me lover. I'm not your lover.

[Angelus]: *I grin wickedly.* Oh but you will be, you'll be back... I know it. *I gently bite at the space between her neck and shoulder, small bite, enough to allow a small puncture, as I do, my fingers connect with her clit.* You can trust me... *I say licking her neck, loving the way her blood tastes, my fingers moving slowly.*

[Tara] No I won't *I know I will be....I'll fight as hard as I can...I don't want to want to be back here...Why do I feel I need too? I gasp as I feel him move my legs, opening them to him.* Oh goddess *I yelp lowly when he bites down. I feel his tongue on me, moving in tune with his fingers* I. Can't. Trust. You. *I whimper when I feel him press his cock against me* I. Don't. Trust. You. *I arch up when he sucks at the wounds on my neck hard*

[Angelus]: Do you think I care if you trust me? *I laughed and lapped at the blood, toying with her clit, feeling myself harden again.* I don't care about anything... really, to be honest. *I licked her neck one more time before biting down lightly, suctioning my mouth to her flesh, sucking in her warm rich blood. My fingers slipped gently inside her stroking, pulling her thighs open wider as I did. I moaned against her flesh and drank.*

[Tara] *I'm gasp and arch against him when he bites me again.* No you lie. You do care about one thing. Conquest. You care about getting back at Spike...you like this...way too much. *I moaned involuntarily, as I felt him suck harder on my neck, I felt him maneuver himself between my legs again. I closed my eyes tight as I felt his cock start rubbing against me.* Please...no more... *I start to feel light headed. Oh goddess...he's not going to stop...*

[Angelus]: *I pull back slightly as I feel her weaken, licking the wounds and pushing her onto her back, petting her.* See... I tell the truth... I didn't kill you. *I smile and push her hair from her face, leaning down and kissing both of her breasts.* I'm not a monster, only Buffy made me out to be.

[Tara] *I lay on my back and keep my eyes closed as he kisses my chest* Buffy only told the truth. You are a monster. Only monsters get pleasure out of things like this. *I lick my lips and look around the room for whatever is left of my cloths.* I have to go

[Angelus]: *I let her sit up and look around, then she gets up and starts dressing.* Then guess what Ms. McLay? You're a monster. *I smirked* Don't tell me you didn’t enjoy that, you did... and all you just said... makes you one.

[Tara] *I spun around and looked at him as I pulled my skirt on* I am not a monster. You are the monster for getting pleasure out of this. You get pleasure out of breaking me. You get even more pleasure out of it because you know I'm going to leave here, never coming back, but you get off knowing that after all this that it's his bed that I'll be in...

[Angelus]: *I smirk at her and put my hands behind my head.* OH, you'll be back... you won't be able to resist me.. so talk all you want, it is not the truth. You'll find out soon enough cupcake.

[Tara] *I glared at him* Don't call me that. *I gritted my teeth* I could kill you before you blinked. Nobody realizes how much power I have. I hold it back. Don't force me. You stay away from me.

[Angelus]: *I licked my lips and smacked them noisily.* OH I know how much power you have... I've tasted it. Tasted you, that's why you'll be back.. you won't hurt me. *I sat forward sneering.* But you.. will come back for me to hurt you.. and I'll be here... waiting.

[Tara] *I growl lowly and pick up my bag. Reaching in I grab a silver pen from my art class. I place it in the palm of my hand* Insoliar *I watch as it shoots forward and just barely punctures his skin over his heart* Try me. *I spun on my heal and headed downstairs and out the door. Hating what happened. Despising him...despising him more because he was right....*

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