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20 September 2004 @ 08:55 pm
Seriously Wrong Part 2  
Title: Seriously Wrong.... (This was actually a joking title but it fit...)
Pairing: Tara/Angelus
Part: 2
Setting: Uhhh season 5-6 of Buffy, Season 4 of Angel. Tara and Spike are together, Angelus comes to down.
Location: Cematary, Angelus'
Rating: PG-16/R (No actually sex but inuendo)
Other Notes: Sequal to Seriously Wrong Pt.1. Found [here]
Nothings hotter then seductive Angelus. Don't worry there isn't rape in here.

[Angelus] I paced the length of my place, in thought, half out of waiting for the sun to go down just a wee bit more. I needed to get out and kill something, anything, hell... I don't care what it is, it just needs to die. I move into my office area, plopping down into my chair, putting my hands together and tapping my chin. "One thousand one.... one thousand two..." I let out an exasperated sigh. Fucking daylight.

[Tara] I finished my study session with Willow early and I decided to treat myself to an iced coffee before heading over to see Spike. I couldn't help but smile when I thought about the new outfit I bought and wanted to wear for only him. I walked up to the cashier "Can I have a medium ice coffee, milk and three sugars please." I reached down and went into my purse to pull out my wallet. Hopefully this will be a nice quiet night.

[Angelus] Finally nightfall! I head out of the apartment, shucking on my leather jacket, licking my lips at some of the passer by’s. Tonight was going to be good. I headed downtown, always seem to be lots of pretties out down there. What with all the shopping, movies, coffee houses... they are just flocking, waiting... for me. I stand under a street lap, watching, when I see something familiar come strolling out of the nearest coffee joint. Nicely done Angelus! You weren't even looking for her, this ought to be interesting. I stood there, concentrating deeply on her. Let's see if that bite did anything...

[Tara] I turned out of the Expresso Pump and turned towards Spike's. I felt a tingle in my neck and I brought my hand up to it. It was covered by a scarf and my hair, It was so hard to hide it from Spike. I stopped walking a few feet before the street lamp. He's around here. I can feel him. I swallowed hard and looked around, hoping I didn't see him. Damnit, he was there. I saw him leaning against the lamppost. I took a few reluctant and unwanted steps towards him. "Angelus..."

[Angelus] Works like a charm, I smile smugly as she drags herself toward me. It's not really a choice, more like my choice. I look at her, my lips curling into a smile as she says Angelus in the sweetest tone. "Tara, lovely to see you again." I smirk slightly and look at the scarf tied about her neck. "Little warm for scarves, isn't it?" I reach out and slip my fingers into the softly tied knot, watching as the scarf slides in between my fingertips. I pull it to my nose and smell it. Ahhh, so fresh, so sweet... so unbelievably innocent. "Hiding something from someone?"

[Tara] He's so damn smug. I hate it. I think that's what I hate about this thing even more then anything is that he's gloating at this. I swallow and look down as he pulls away the silk scarf around my neck. I should be slightly thankful, he could have just as easily strangled me with it. I licked my lips and looked up towards him but not at him. "It's better to hide it then to lie when asked how."

[Angelus] I look at her curiously as she explains how it's better to hide it then to lie about it. I tip my head and tuck the scarf into my inside jacket pocket, little reminder for me later. "Lie?" I ask quite interested. "Now, why would you go and do something like lie, sweet, sweet Tara." I run my fingertips along the edge of her jaw line, giving her a wink before letting them slip gently down her chest, back to my side.

[Tara] It takes all my willpower not to move away and flinch when he touches me. I looked up at him. "Because it's less heartache to lie. You and I both know if I told him what happened that he would fly off the handle. At both of us." I sighed and looked away. "Regardless of what the outcome is he would be very destructive." I shifted my bag on my shoulder and looked up at him. "Goodnight Angelus." I started to walk past him, wanting to get to the crypt before all the vampires came out and so I could just go and enjoy the night. Maybe this encounter tonight with Angelus wasn't going to deter my plans from the night I had planned with Spike. After all I did still have my little surprise in my bag.

[Angelus] I smirk as she goes through her little run down, she goes to move past me and I slip my arm under her arm, effectively stopping her. I bring my mouth close to her ear and whisper gently. "What's to say he doesn't already know my little angel?" I smirk and nip her earlobe gently. "After all, he is my boy. Why wouldn't I tell him I was dipping into his honey pot?" I look at her face, her eyes wide in shock, this is the part I just fucking adore. It makes me all giddy and hot. "What?" I say innocently, raising my brows.

[Tara] My face changes from shock to anger. "You didn't tell him, he doesn't know." He would have been too hurt to keep silent. I know him. "You'd both be bruised and bloodied and I wouldn't be heading over there now." I swallowed hard and jerked my arm from his grip, dropping my iced coffee onto the ground, I watched as the cup exploded and splashed both of us. "Damnit." I sighed and bent to wipe what I could off of my skirt. "Why won't you just go away." I stated and not asked as I stood up. He glared at me and I could feel my neck wound pulse. What the hell was going on?

[Angelus] I just had to continue smirking and standing there with an amused look on my face. Doesn't she realize that when she gets all worked up her blood smells so yummy? My nostrils flare as I take in her scent. Intoxicating. "What makes you think we'd be bloodied and bruised? What isn't to say William the Bloody just might get off on me toying with his girl, hmmm? What makes you think... he won't join us?" I lean in and take some of her hair between my fingers, smelling it softly. I grinned evilly as she told me to leave her alone, my eyes roaming to her neck... watching that glorious pulse point.

[Tara] I swallowed hard, closed my eyes and clenched my jaw when he leans in close to me. I couldn't help but whimper lowly in spite myself when he mentioned Spike joining Angelus and I....woah. Wait. Hold up. I go to move back but I'm stopped short as he tightens his grip on my hair. "Saying he would join us is implying that there is a we and more appallingly that there will be a next time."

[Angelus] I grip her hair between my fingers, pulling her adorable little face to mine. Lips just centimeters apart, I lick my lip and give her a smug look. "There will be a next time, and I'm going to guess it'll be... hmm... soon." I pull her to my mouth and kiss her roughly, my hand locking behind her head. I hear her moan into my mouth, oh yeah, poor baby just hates it. I can tell. I pull back and look at her, eyes closed. "You act like it's such a bad thing... but look at you, already a whore in my hands."

[Tara] My eyes pop open, I didn't even realized I closed them. I brought my hand up to my mouth to wipe it but he stopped me with his other hand. "Let me go. I'm not a whore and I'm certainly not your whore." I swallow hard as his hand runs down my face to his bite. I shudder and bite my lip as his finger runs over the sensitive spot. "S-stop..." I said one thing, I meant it too. But part of me wanted it. I don't know what's going on. Thrall...that's it, that's what is going on. I must talk to Will and see if she can help me. He can't keep doing this to me, I can't keep wanting it. I love Spike, I want to be with nobody but him.

[Angelus] I let out a cynical laugh as she says she's not anyone's whore. Oh, baby, please. Running between two vampires, not one, but two... you most certainly are somebody’s whore. She lets out a sweet stutter, trying to get me to stop. "N-no... I don't want to." I smile and run my fingers lightly over my bite, watching as her body wains and waxes to my touch. Such a good little witch. Wonder if she realizes what I'm doing, certainly she must.. she's a bright...tasty.. girl. "I love the fight you're putting up here Ms. McLay, very strong defense." I lean down and gently run my tongue over the two puncture wounds I place there.

[Tara] Strong? Maybe but I didn't know for how long... I swallowed hard and dug my nails into his arm as he tongued my neck. I whimpered lowly and tried to move away. "Angelus...please..." Please stop, please don't stop, please just let me go, please don't stop, please just....

[Angelus] I grinned wickedly against her soft skin as she whimpered. "Yano, I just love it when you make that sound Tara. It makes me all
warm and fuzzy, or as Faith would say... that low down tingle." I pulled back from her and looked at her eyes. Fully dilated and glossed over. "Oh yeah, I see this is just so hard on you." I reached down and rubbed my hand over myself, emphasizing the hard aspect. Smirking at her.

[Tara] My breathing was becoming hard. "Like most men I think floor tile would make it hard." I licked my lips and stepped back, my bag falling to the ground in front of him. Damnit. I reached down to pick up the things that spilled and I quickly pushed in the bag with my surprise for Spike back into my bag, hoping he didn't see it or ask questions. Knowing him he would, he is Angelus and a prick for that matter. I stood back up and looked at him. "I think you've toyed with me enough for one night thank you. I am leaving now." Legs, this is your owner speaking. Move. Legs? I meant now...

[Angelus] I nodded my head and acted as if I were actually listening to her little rant. I watch as she drops her little bag of goodies, lowering herself down, picking up the items. I watch as she shoves them into the bag, what? Am I supposed to not notice? I look back up at her, and her very determined look. Leaving. Yes, go on. Leave. I smirk at her as she struggles, not being able to really go anywhere. "Gee Tara, thought you were gonna leave and all? Change of plans?" I reach over and jerk the bag from her grip, pulling out the item of clothing I'd only glimpsed momentarily. "Awww ain't this sweet, what this for Spikey?" I rub the satin like material against my cheek and grin at her.

[Tara] I gasped when he grabbed the bag from me. Damnit to hell. I fix my jaw and snatch the corset from him. "Yes." I hissed. "And none of your business." I jerk it away when he tried to grab it again. "Leave me alone. Why won't you go away?" Why the hell won't you let me go? Why aren't my legs moving. "So, what? You're going to make me stand here all night?"

[Angelus] Oh, amusing, she's upset, isn't that just... precious. None of my business, did this little muffin just not get it? I've bitten her, she will answer to me when I say, not when Spike says. "Leave me alone, why won't you go away." I mock her, throwing my hands about from side to side. "Tara, that sounds nearly convincing, which you aren't so good at if I remember correctly." I look around, people are shuffling about, the crowd's starting to thin out. "I can make you do anything I want really, and you have no say about it. I could walk down this street right now... and you'd be able to do nothing but follow behind me." I grin and she looks at me disbelievingly. "Oh, don't buy it... shall we test it out?" I go to take a step.

[Tara] I swallow hard as he steps towards his apartment. Damnit, now the legs want to move. It was like a dream as I could do nothing but walk behind him. No, it was a nightmare. I heard him laugh as he heard my footsteps behind him. "You are cruel." I muttered and tried to think of some spell to make all this stop. I licked my lips and gasped lowly when I remembered what happened last time I did a spell before I left. I nearly staked him. I knew I pierced his skin. "Oh goddess..." I'm in such deep crap...

[Angelus] I turn my head and look at her over my shoulder. "What are you mumbling your oh goddess' for back there?" I smirk, maybe she's realized that whole pen incident could very well come back to haunt her. "Somethin' scaring you dear, sweet Tara?" I stop and push my hands into my pockets, watching as her body comes to a halt, like mine. "Cruel? No... cruel is using magic on me... nearly staking me with a pencil. Oh, do you remember that my little witch?"

[Tara] I swallow hard and look down when he calls me witch. "Y-yes..." Sir. "I-I'm sorry..." I was...but I wasn't...The darker part of me wanted him to do something because I did that. I think that's why I did it in the first place. Yes, I'll admit it, to myself only, but I enjoyed the hell out of last time. I loved how he pulled me down just a notch or two and made me want it. I clenched my fists at my side and let out a frustrated sigh as we walk up the stairs to the door of his place. "I'd like to go home now...." Sir. "...Angelus..."

[Angelus] I listen to her say sorry, it really doesn't count. I watch the emotions wash over her, her little fists clenched and a sigh. I unlock the door as she tells me she'd like to go home. "Home?" I turn my head and look at her. "Don't you mean Spikes?" I grin and push the door open, leaning against the frame, watching her. I could let her go, I really just wanted to fuck with her, show her who is in control. I'm hungry, and I can't kill her. Well, okay I could, but... she's more fun to keep around. Got no soul, so hey.. may as well live it up. "If you ask me nicely, I just might consider."

[Tara] I swallowed hard. "Please, Angelus. I'd like to go home...to Spike." I knew that wasn't going to cut it. I bit my lip and looked up at him. "What can I do that will let you let me go back home?" Stupid words. Very stupid words. Knowing him he'd make me wear my present for Spike for him. No, I wasn't going to do that. I bought that for Spike and me. Not for this twisted farce that Angelus liked to play. I took a step towards him, trying to manipulate him slightly, I ran my hand over his chest and smiled up at him. I felt the small mark under his shirt where my pencil hit him. I bent down and kissed the spot over his shirt. "I'm sorry Angelus." I looked up at him. "Please, I'd like to go home now..."

[Angelus] I listen to her little pleas of wanting to go home, then her hand runs up my chest, her mouth kisses the spot where she'd damn near staked me. I smile and wrapped my fingers into her hair, pulling her toward me and kissing her roughly. "Sorry ain't gonna cut it, but... I'm feeling generous tonight Tara. I'll let you go home, on one condition..." I raise my brow and look at her.

[Tara] I gasped lowly when he pulled my hair slightly. Damn him, I like that but I hate him...arg! "O-one condition?" I search his face looking for any implication of what it could be. "W-what is it Angelus?" I nervously bit my lip and held back a whimper as he pressed my body fully against his.

[Angelus] I smirked at her submissive little display, man I got this bitch on speed dial. I reach down and tug the bag out of her hand, reaching into it and pulling out the corset and skirt. "This... stays here. I get to see it first, next time you come here." I look at her and raise my brow as she goes to protest. "Ah ah ah... it's that, or nothing."

[Tara] Damnit, damnit, damnit straight to hell! I whimpered as he eyed the corset and looked at me learingly. "No. I-it's not for you...it's for him..." I swallow hard. "Next time? No...no more. T-this is it..." I knew it. He wasn't going to let me leave and he wasn't going to let me leave here tonight without me wearing that....

[Angelus] I smile as she tries to tell me there will not be a next time, that this is it. I nod and grip my hand up into her hair, pulling her face to mine. "Listen little girl, I don't know if you just haven't figured this out yet, or you're stupid, but I'm in charge here. Not you." I release her hair and toss the bag into my place, out of her reach out of her control. "It stays here, you... go to Spike, maybe he likes to hear you whine." I push her back from me and cross my arms over my chest.

[Tara] "I can't leave without that..." I don't want to leave...without it... I swallowed hard and lean against the wall, my hand goes up to the mark on my neck, I can feel it throbbing with his stare. I swallow hard and look down, not wanting to admit what I knew deep down.

[Angelus] "Well that's too bad, it stays. End of story." I reply, still leaning against the wall. I watch as she puts her hand to my mark, I smirk. That's right baby, I own you, slightly. "Go home Tara. You're not going to get your way tonight, and well... that's just the way it is sometimes."

[Tara] I could feel my heart pounding as he stared at me, the pull from the bite going against everything I wanted to say. But it agreed with everything that I felt. I swallowed hard and looked down, feeling defeated. I looked up at him. "You could have told me that before you made me follow you home..." I murmured lowly. Making me follow you like some dog... I turn and walk out, taking my books with me and giving the corset a longing look. I sighed and headed home. I hated myself for wanting this...for needing it...Him...
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