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27 September 2004 @ 01:00 pm
Seriously Wrong: Tara/Angelus Part: 3  
Title: Seriously Wrong.... (This was actually a joking title but it fit...)
Pairing: Tara/Angelus
Part: 3
Setting: Uhhh season 5-6 of Buffy, Season 4 of Angel. Tara and Spike are together, Angelus comes to town.
Location: Angelus' apartment
Rating: NC-17
Other Notes: Previous parts can be found here: [1] [2]
Nothings hotter then seductive Angelus. Don't worry there isn't rape in here.

[Tara] I hate him, damnit I dispise that vampire. He ruined my night with Spike by taking my surprise, makes me tell him I want him then sends me home! I sighed when I realized where I was walking. "Oh gosh..." I looked up and found myself standing in front of his door. I bit my lip and tried to will myself to leave. But I had a problem, it wasn't thrall this time...

[Angelus] Sleep, always good when the sun is up. Not really sleeping though, just laying there, enjoying the silence. Girl tied up in the other room, bound and gagged, waiting for me to eat her. Fuck life's good, well... for me at least. I felt something somewhere close, I smirked. Tara. I lay there for a few minutes, waiting to see what would happen next.

[Tara] I took a few deep breaths and gave up trying to leave. He was right, I'd never admit it though, I was starting to want this. I lowered my head and knocked on the door and waited.

[Angelus] Ahhh, she knocks. I throw the covers off of me and slip on my black silk robe, strolling toward the door. I pull the door open slightly and look at her with a broody look. "What do you want witch?" I look her up and down and smirk. "What brings you here? Hmm... could it be me?"

[Tara] I shook my head at him and shivered when he looked me over. "I came to get what I left here the other night..." I looked up at him. "What you took from me."

[Angelus] I smirked and crossed my arms over my chest. "What you left here? That's interesting, cuz I remember I made you leave it here." I arched a brow. "I didn't take it... you left it willingly. What, you could have ... shot me with another pen, right?" I let out an exasperated sigh and move from the door to the kitchen, leaving it open, knowing she'd come in.

[Tara] Damn him. I followed him into the apartment, closing and locking the door behind me. "Either way, I didn't leave with it and I'd like to take it back..." I ran my hands through my hair and leaned on the counter as I watched him in the kitchen.

[Angelus] I stood at the counter, pouring a wine glass of blood as she entered. I looked up at her and raised the glass to my lips. She leans up on the counter and I take my first sip, my features vamping out. I watch her curiously as I finish, wiping my mouth on the back of my hand. "Well... do I look like someone who cares what you'd like to do or not? Think on that one before you answer..." I hold my finger up, smirking.

[Tara] I shook my head. "No, you don't care. The only thing you care about is that I came here." I sighed and put down my bag. "Will you give it back to me?" I held up my hand and closed my eyes before I looked over at him. "What are you going to make me do to get it back?"

[Angelus] I let out a laugh and toss the glass into the sink, watching it shatter. I move over to the counter, leaning back against it, arms crossed. "You think I care that you even came here? Little girl... I've had my share of little followers, you're nothing big." I look at her, her little face looks hurt. "Oh gee, did that hurt your feelings. Darn. And give it back to you? I dunno, should I? Give me one good reason..." I watch her amused.

[Tara] I let out an exhaspereated sigh and got up from leaning on the counter. "I don't know, I don't know what you want from me Angelus." I moved my hair off my shoulder, hissing slightly when it hit the bite mark. I looked back over at him. "I don't know what you want. If you don't want or care then why did you do what you did that night? And then make me follow you back here the other night just to send me home?" I looked down and shook my head. He's so getting off on this. Damnit, what does he want from me? I'm already doing everything against my better judgement.

[Angelus] I tap my chin and smirk as she starts her little bitch rant. Women never do know what they want, do they? Whine whine whine whine whine. I slam my palms down on the counter, leaning forward. "Shut up you whining fucking bitch. Want want want. Blah blah blah. I did what I did because I can Tara, that's it. I didn't pick you out of a crowd, you weren't my target. But now that you've got my mark... you're mine really. So, stop whining first off." I run my hands through my hair. "I fuckin' hate whining, reminds me that I want to kill Buffy so desperately. All this is over a piece of fabric? Right?"

[Tara] I looked up at him, anger rising in spite of me trying to keep it at bay. "No it's not. It's the fact that you knew that I got that for Spike and I and you took it so I would wear it for you first." I stalked over to him, feeling quite bold. Trying to ignore the voice in my head that says he could snap my neck. "You want me to wear it so you can do what you did that first night to me and then send me back to him knowing you saw and took me in it first." I clenched my jaw. "That's what this is about. You're sick and twisted."

[Angelus] Fiesty one. I stood there as she advanced, rolling my fingers as if to motion her to hurry the fuck up with her little display. "Done now?" I reach out and grab a hold of her neck, vamping out. I shove her back against the wall and let out a growl. "Don't you ever talk to me like that again, understood?" I wait for her to nod her dumb little head. "As far as me wanting to see you in that first, no... not so much. That's not my style. I prefer my girls, well, plain old naked. Call me old fashioned."

[Tara] "Then w-why did you take it?" I swallowed hard and looked at him with wide eyes. He had his hand too tight around my throat that I couldn't chant. I nodded and stared at him, tears coming to my eyes as he held my throat, until he finally let go just slightly. "Benivica" I murmured and that sent him half way across the room and nearly on his ass. Well crap. I didn't think it would be that strong...I just wanted him off my neck.

[Angelus] I had her by the throat one minute, and then I'm flying backwards through the kitchen. I land on my ass, smacking my head into the cabinet. I look up at her and growl. Magic. I can't fucking stand magic. I stand up and storm over to her. "Now... I'm thinking you aren't that bright, am I correct? Course you're not after what you just did." I reach out and smack her across the face, sending her sprawling to the floor. "Apologize."

[Tara] I press myself against the wall as he charges towards me. "I-" He slaps me and I land face down on the floor. I whimpered and brought my hand to my face, damnit. He busted my lip open. I took a deep breath and looked up at him, my hand over my lip. "I-I'm sorry...I really didn't mean for it to go that far..." I murmured lowly and looked away.

[Angelus] I looked down at her and grumbled. Reaching down I grabbed her arm and jerked her to her feet. "Don't let it happen again, or it will be your last time. We clear on that one dumplin'?" I let go of her arm and move into the living room, sitting down in an armchair. "So... you want your pretty little whore outfit for William, yes?"

[Tara] "Y-yes Angelus..." I swallowed hard and waited for his next move. I sighed slightly and watched as he walked into the other room. I followed him. "Yes I would." I let his little whore comment slide. I knew it was better for me and my health.

[Angelus] I smirked and watched as she walked in the room. Her little determined look on her face. This is amusing, god I love it. I don't even have to do anything and I get a rise out of this one. "Well, isn't that nice? You'll get it when I say you can. Sit down." I point to the floor beside me and prop my feet up on the table.

[Tara] He's getting sick and twisted pleasure out of this. Then again I'm still here, I walked here on my own so I'm not better then he is. I close my eyes and sighed before I slowly walked over to him and knelt next to him, my head down hoping that he would....ohhh hell. I don't even know anymore.

[Angelus] I glance at her after she kneels down, man Spikey's got her trained well I see. Head bowed. Nice. "We're gonna play a little game Tara, it's called pick your poison." I sat forward, hands clasped, looking at her. "You want that thing, tell me what you're gonna do for it." I smirk.

[Tara] Lovely. There's no winning out of this one. No possible way. I swallowed hard and looked up at him, his face inches from mine. Ok why the hell did he have to smell good? This is all sorts of wrong. I swallowed again and bit my lip, wincing in pain because I forgot that it was the sore side. "Anything you want. I'd like to have it back, you don't care about that part. You care about your pleasure and your pleasure alone." I licked my lips and looked up into his eyes. "What would your pleasure be...Sir?" Ok maybe if I played this game with him things would go....better. But then again how much of this is really a game?

[Angelus] I reached over and gripped her hair in my fist. "Let's get one thing straight. You're right, it is about my pleasure, but that wasn't the name of the game. Playing your little Sir game will get you nowhere. You tell me what you're going to do to get that raggedy old piece of fabric back to your precious, loving Spikey." I let go of her hair and pulled out a smoke, lighting up and leaning back and taking a drag.

[Tara] I cried out when he grabbed my hair. Damnit. Yes, no winning with him. None. I did this and now I'd have to suffer. I swallowed a few times and sighed slightly when he let my hair go. I brought my hand up and rubbed my head. "It's not raggedy..." I said barely above a whisper. I watched as he smoked and I spoke lowly. "I-I'll..." I looked away as I spoke, still unable to believe that I was going to say what I was going to say. "I'll let you fuck my throat...." I blushed at my own words.

[Angelus] I sat back up at her words. Now, that's what I'm talking about. "See, not so hard was it... you got a dirty little mouth there witch. Suits you. You use that mouth with Spikey?" I let a smile play on my lips as I took a final drag from my smoke, crushing it out. "Get me blood. Clothes off." I crossed my arms behind my head.

[Tara] I shook my head. "You know I don't cuss." I think I've said all of about six in my life. Now I knew here, with him, was just going to add to the pile. I seethed when he called Spike that. He hated it, I hated it but Angelus called him that. I sighed and stood. I hesitated for a moment, still uncomfortable being naked, period. But also he wanted blood. Knowing him I'll get from the fridge and he'd say he wanted my neck. I slowly took my skirt and hooded shirt off, leaving just my bra and panties on. I turned and headed into the kitchen and poured the blood for him. It didn't phase me, I did it for Spike a lot. I did what I always did and warmed it, hoping it got me a point or two on his good side. I walked back into the den and handed it to him. "Here you go..."

[Angelus] I reached up and took the glass from her, warm, nice touch. I took a sip and vamped, licking my lips. I'm too lazy to warm it most of the time, Spike's got it good with this little one. "I do believe I said clothes off, didn't I? Sure I didn't st-st-stutter." I look at her wickedly and take another sip. "Snap snap... time is ... well... time. The longer you take, the longer you stay here."

[Tara] I wanted to take that glass and smash it against his head when he looked at me like that, more so when he spoke. He got under my skin and on my last nerve. Then again I think part of me let him. I reached around and unhooked my bra, letting it fall to the floor before I bent over and took my underwear off. I swallowed hard and looked away from him, I hated being naked, more so in front of him.

[Angelus] I looked at her oddly. Girl like her, why is she so uncomfy with a body like hers. Bet she has some horrid childhood story about Daddy. I usually am all about that kinda evil, but not in this case. Girl's got it bad enough. "Don't do that." I say quietly, pulling her toward me. "You've got no reason to hang your head." My finger rolled over her wrist, warm and blood pulsing just below the surface. I brought her wrist to my mouth kissing softly, nipping gently before letting go. I tugged her to her knees. "Let's get on with the arrangement..."

[Tara] Ok he was being nice to me. That worried me but oddly put me at ease...for the moment. I couldn't help but whimper when he nipped my wrist. I licked my lips as I knelt before him, I reached up and nervously undid his belt and then his zipper. He moved so his pants came down, freeing him to my gaze. I tucked my hair behind my ears and grasped him in my hand before I leaned forward and ran my tongue over the underside of his cock. I looked up at him as I took part of him into my mouth.

[Angelus] I watched as she carefully pulled me out, nervous, ain't that sweet? Her sweet little tongue runs up my cock and I close my eyes, inhaling sharply. I open my eyes as she stops, I look down at her and she slips my head into her mouth. My hand goes up into my hair and I let out a low growl. "That's right little girl..." My hand slips into her hair, taking her by the back of the neck, encouraging her on. "Show me how good that mouth of yours really is."

[Tara] I open my mouth further, taking him deeper into my mouth as I ran my tongue over him, pressing it on the sensative underside. I felt his hand in my hair, pushing me further down onto him, I relaxed and took him further into my mouth, moving my mouth over him, going lower and lower each time. stopping just short of my gag reflex. I knew I said he could fuck my throat but I still wasn't sure about that...

[Angelus] I feel her hesitating as my cock reaches the back of her throat, my hand pushing her down just a bit more. "C'mon now, don't back out on your promised bargain...." I push my hips up a little bit, relaxing into the couch. "You've got a nice little mouth there... a fella can really enjoy that."

[Tara] I swallowed against his cock and took it just a bit deeper as I relaxed my throat more. I moved my free hand and ran my warm fingers over his balls as I pulled him back out of my throat before I gagged. I looked up at him and slightly shook my head as I continued to move my mouth over him, sucking and licking him, hoping that he wouldn't make me do more. But knowing him he would.

[Angelus] I saw her hesitation again and I just let her take her time, she'd get me there. If she didn't, well, no little package to be sent off with. "Take your time... it will cost you if you don't get me off... but I have a feeling you will." I smirk and put my hands behind my head, watching her.

[Tara] I continued to work on him, moving my mouth over him and taking him in deep, letting the tip of his cock past the back of my throat a few times as I swallowed. Squeezing his cock with my throat. I kept my eyes on him the entire time. I was beginning to like this little sick 'game' of ours more then I'd like to admid. I cleared my mind of all thoughts again as I relaxed all the way and took him in deep, swallowing a few times, squeezing his cock with my throat.

[Angelus] Now she was getting a rhythm down, relaxing. I closed my eyes and slid my hands gently into her hair, letting it fall in and out of my fingertips. She was gonna make me cum, then I was going to fuck her. Yep. Sure was, she didn't need to know. The look in her eyes told me she was enjoying this anyway.

[Tara] I don't know what it was about the look on his face but it made me move faster over his cock. I take him out of my mouth and start kissing and and licking the underside of his cock, my eyes on his. I swallowed a few times before I took him back into my mouth, this time not stopping till he was all the way down my throat. I gaged around his cock but didn't move back. I waited for it to subside a bit before I pressed my lips against his crotch. I opened my mouth a bit more and reached my tongue out over his balls, knowing he was going to cum soon.

[Angelus] That was all it took, a few swirls of her tongue, and I was cumming, right down her throat. I gripped tighter to her hair, holding her there. I let go and pulled her up on my lap, my cock between her legs, still throbbing. "That... was perfect..." I smirk and push her down onto my cock, feeling her hot and wet walls lock around me. "Someone liked our game."

[Tara] He gripped my hair, keeping me from moving off of him as he came down my throat. I gagged a bit and swallowed quickly as he filled my mouth and throat. I gasp and choke for air when he pulls me up and then down onto his cock. I bit my lip to keep from swearing. I shuddered and looked away when he spoke. Yes, I'm starting to like the game but it's not right. I'm with Spike. I love Spike...but I love the wicked things Angelus does to me...

[Angelus] She turns her head from me as I grab onto her hips, forcing her to move against me. My cock pulling in and out of her, again and again, rhythm increasing slowly. I reach a hand down between our bodies and my fingertips manipulate her clit. "I'm sorry... I didn't hear your answer."

[Tara] He forces me to move on him and I start to willingly. I close my eyes and arch up when I feel his fingers on my clit. "Ohhh damn..." I whimpered lowly and bit my lip. I looked at him for a moment before looking away. "Yes...damnit I do..."

[Angelus] I felt her body start to move with mine, her back arch. Yeah, she's right there with me. My other hand runs up and cups a handful of her breast, pinching the nipple between my thumb and forefinger. I leaned in and replaced my fingers with my mouth, biting down gently on her nipple. I looked up at her. "See, I know everything..."

[Tara] I whimpered and arched against him as he started to bite on my nipple. "Ohhh ahhh." I moved my hips against him almost giving into him but not compleatly. I lowered my head and gripped onto his shoulders as I rode him. "Wrong...so wrong...not supposed to..."

[Angelus] She was such a little noise maker, with her little whines and grunts, her back arching and her lips smacking. "Wrong? Yeah... how come your insides aren't tellin' me that right now." I gripped her hips tightly and increased the thrusts, watching her skin redden under my grip. "Go on... lemme hear you beg me little girl..."

[Tara] I gasped when he grabbed me tighter. "Ohhh goddess..." I closed my eyes and bit my lip as he tightened his grip on me more. "I won't beg you..." Damn, he called me little girll. There's just something about him saying that that does something...

[Angelus] I gripped her flesh tighter as she told me she wouldn't beg. "Well then, you won't mind when I cum before you and leave you hanging then, will you?" I smirk and move my mouth to her ear, whispering softly. "You will beg little girl, that's final." The smell of her blood, so close to my senses... god I wanted to rip her throat out.

[Tara] I cried out and arched against him. I bit my lip and shook my head. "No please...please Angelus..." My breathing was hard, I was close but I couldn't cum like this with him. I just couldn't. I knew what and how I wanted...but then that would make me totally give into him...

[Angelus] "Okay then, I'll cum without you. Easy trick, all guys know it." I sped up my thrusts, but they were shallow and quick, providing me with the friction I needed, but her with nothing. I started grunting, I was so close to cumming and I knew she was struggling. "What... you need something?"

[Tara] I bit my lip and whimpered as he thrusted in a way that gave me no pleasure. I started to move my hand down but he grabbed my hand away. I lowered my head against his shoulder and whimpered lowly. "Please...I need to cum from you in my ass..."

[Angelus] I flashed my eyes open as she said what she had. She asked, sorta like begging only ...not. "Oh you do? Poor baby, I'm about to get off here..." I groaned and the edge was near, I felt myself about to orgasm. My eyes rolled back in my head and I gripped her hips. "If I hear a beg... sure."

[Tara] I swore in my head at his tone. So fucking smug. But he knows I'll give in. I whimpered lowly against his neck. "Please...." I started to nip and suck at his neck as I rolled my hips on him. I didn't care about anything now but cumming, that's how far gone I was. "Please Angelus...please fuck your slut's ass...please...you made me want it, now I need it..." I roughly bit down on his neck where his pulse point would be.

[Angelus] I pulled her mouth back from me as she bit down, I pushed her back and forced her hands onto the coffee table. She was bent over, hands flat on the wood when I slammed my cock into her ass. Not taking any time, not caring if I was too rough or too anything. Bitch wanted it in the ass, she was gonna get it.

[Tara] He quickly flipped me over and I pressed my hands onto the coffee table, I screamed when without warning he pushed into my ass and started to roughly fuck my ass. "Ohhh damnit..." I bit my lip as I gripped the edge of the coffee table, giving him access to my ass. "Ohhh Angelus please...ohhh it hurts..." But i'll be damned if it wasn't a good hurt. I don't know what he did to me with that bite but he turned me into someone that wanted something I never would have thought about.

[Angelus] Hurts. Hurts. Little girl wants wants wants, then when she gets it, she don't want it. "Too late for that now... besides, I hear you moaning, I know you like it." My hands dug into the flesh of her ass as I pounded inside her.

[Tara] I lowered my head. "Yes, damnit I like it...ohhh damn." I whimpered and moaned as he gripped me tighter. "Angelus ohhh harder, yes...hurt me..." I lowered my head, unable to believe I admitted it to him.

[Angelus] I did as she asked, cuz she was tellin me to hurt her and go harder. What idiot in there right mind isn't gonna follow that command? Hot chick, screamin harder and hurt me, yeah.. I'm all over that. I continue slamming against her, on the verge of cumming myself, I feel her start to tremble. "That's it... c'mon... cum pretty for Daddy."

[Tara] The last words he says to me push me over the edge. No, they didn't push me. They stood me at the edge and kicked me hard. I started whimpering and moaning. "Ohhh yes...ohhh Daddy I'm going to cum...ohhh" I felt myself shudder and squeeze his cock as I started to cum. "Please...ohh please Daddy..." I turned and looked at him. "Please fill my ass with your cum...ohhh make it sore...make me remember it was you in my ass...." I wasn't saying these things. No, nope I wasn't.

[Angelus] Well, if I had a tape recorder. Damn, no one would ever believe that this sweet little farm girl would have said the things she just did. It spurs me on and I push into her fiercely, feeling myself start to cum. It was building for so long it felt as if I were going to implode. I let out a groan and came in her ass, gripping her hard to me as I feel her orgasm tear through her body.

[Tara] I scream with every thrust until I feel him push all the way into me as he came, causing me to cum with him. "Ohhh Daddy....ohh" I shuddered under him as I felt my ass being filled with his cum. "Mmm am I your good girl Daddy?" I moan lowly, totally without care of 'right' and 'propper'. "Do I please you Daddy with how well I take your cum in my ass?" I moaned lowly and pushed back against him as my orgasm subsided.

[Angelus] I waited until she was finished with her little orgasm and I pulled from her, pushing her back on the couch and heading toward the bathroom. I cleaned up and came strolling back in, a pair of silk boxers on. "Yeah sure, you please Daddy. I came, you came... it was a happy moment wasn't it?" I look at her amused. Did she expect me to be loving and kind with her, tell her what she wants to hear? Please. I'm too old for that shit. "I guess you can take your fabric with you... you did uphold your deal."

[Tara] I sat back on the couch for a moment before I got my cloths and started to dress. I don't know what I was expecting. I think I was expecting for him to make me stay or try to convince me to be his. I squished the small bit of disapointment I felt that he didn't. I adjusted my shirt and looked over at him. "Thank you." I looked around. "Umm. Where is it?"

[Angelus] I looked around for a moment. "Where did I put that thing? I hope the housekeeper didn't toss it. Gee, that'd be a shame." I smirked and walked into the kitchen, opening the pantry, pulling out the bag. I walk back into the living room and look at her standing there, her head down. I hold the bag out on two fingers. "Come get it."

[Tara] I walked over towards him and took the bag from him. "Thanks..." I looked up at him for a moment, so damn confused and conflicted. ARG. I licked my lips and tucked my hair behind my ear. "Is there anything else needed of me?"

[Angelus] Is there anything else needed of me? I looked at her as she licked her lips and took the bag. She's such a little whore. I grabbed her and brought my mouth to her neck. "One more small thing... really." I said as I vamped and bit down on her neck, craddling her to me as I drank. Not a lot, just enough to wet the whistle, remind her what's mine. You understand.

[Tara] Before I could blink he grabbed me and bit down. "Ohhh goddess." I gasped and unconciously put one hand in his hair, pulling him closer, partly welcoming the feeling. I whimpered lowly as he pressed my body closer to his, his fangs still deep in my neck.

[Angelus] I felt her hold me to her and I pulled my fangs from her neck. Letting her slip from my arms, struggling a bit. "See you 'round Tara." I pulled open the door and picked up her bag again. "Here's your trophy."

[Tara] I blinked a few times trying to get my balance and rational thought again. I walked over and picked up my bag and the bag with the corset and I headed to the door. "Yea...see you..." I stood there and looked at him, unable to move and walk out of the door.

[Angelus] I watched her standing there, not moving. "What, do you need an invitation out?" I say pushing her out the door a little bit. "Go on, run home to Spikey, try on your little outfit." I smirked and leand in the door frame.

[Tara] I looked up at him and just shook my head. "I so don't understand you Angelus. I really don't." I turned to head down the stairs.

[Angelus] I watch her walk down the steps. "Didn't ask you to understand me. Not meant to be." I wait for her to disappear and I close the door. Now, to that girl in the other room.

[Tara] I heard him close the door and I cursed. No I never will understand him. I had to worry about breaking this...habit...urge...need... I had for him. I sighed and headed towards the crypt, towards the normal part of my life. Spike.
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