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02 October 2004 @ 02:18 am
Title: The Girl's All Grown Up
Pairing: Xander/Dawn
Setting: Dawn is 17
Location: Sunnydale
Rating: NC-17

Dawn: I showed up at the bronze in an outfit that I had just bought today. I think that Buffy would freak if she saw me in it, but she wasn't going to, so I didn't have anything to worry about. I wish that she didn't worry so much anyways, I'm seventeen. I've only had sex with one boy, last year. His name was Mike, and he was my boyfriend. We'd been dating for eight months before I finally gave it up to him. I didn't see what all the big deal was. I think what made me turned on by Mike was that he looked a lot like Xander, but after we had sex, I pretty much lost all interest in him.                            I wore tight black vynal pants, a red halter, and a pair of Buffy's black boots. In no time I was getting offers from guys to buy me drinks. I took a few of them up on their offer. Finally, I went out onto the dance floor. There was a pretty cute guy that I started to dance with. He was getting a little grabby with his hands. It's not like he is going to get anywhere with me, but it was fun to make him think that he was going to.

Xander: After getting off the phone with Buffy I'd agree to go check the Bronze and a few other places downtown for the Dawnster.  Buffy planned to check Spike's crypt and a few other places.  Not going to Spike's?  Worked for me.  Even if I did have to pay a five dollar cover to get into the Bronze.  Walking in I bumped my way through the crowd, offering a few "I'm sorrys" to people I was knocked into.  Stopping in an open area I noticed this girl on the dance floor, two guys around her dancing close....way close.  "What happened to the bubble?  In my day there was a personal bubble..." Watching, the girl turned and holy love of all thats hellmouthy... Walking over without a second thought I grabbed Dawn by the arm and dragged her off the dance floor.

Dawn: I was dancing with a few guys then all of a sudden I was grabbed and taken off the dance floor. I smirked to myself when I saw that it was Xander. I wished that it was out of jealousy that he had grabbed me, but I figured it was probably Buffy that called him to go look for me. "What? Xander, what?" When he turned to look at me I gave him my best glare. Then I saw the two guys that I was dancing with walk up. "Hey man, we were dancing with her. Get your own girl." One of the guys said.

Xander: "First of all....what aren't you wearing?  And second..." I was interrupted by the two kids walking up to us.  These two were skinnier then Spike after missing a few meals of blood.  "Hey yourself.  I'm talking to her so make like a fly and buzz."  Turning my back to them so I could tell Dawn it was time to go I felt a tingle and ducked, the first punch sailing past my ear.  "So I guess you aren't into talking?"  Two high school punks versus the construction worker?  Please.  Shoving one into his pal they both hit the floor and glared at me before running off.  "So we're going.  Got it?"  Pulling Dawn toward the door I didn't want to stick around here.

Dawn: I dug my heels into the floor. "Xander, I'm not going. I know you've come here to get me because Buffy asked you to. You can just go and tell her that you didn't find me. I'll be home later tonight, then Buffy can get her bitch fest on." I looked up pleadingly into his dark eyes. I wish that he was trying to get me out of here for a whole 'nother reason, but I had practically given up on the idea that Xander Harris would ever find me attractive. To him, I would always just be Buffy's little sister, no more no less.

Xander: "Whoa.  Even if Buffy hadn't of asked me I'd still be pulling you out of here.  I found a whole lot more of you then I was looking for."  Giving her outfit the once over I tried to look stern like Giles but I ended up looking for longer then I'd planned.  She'd really filled....no!  Not looking!  Avoiding her eyes and a few other parts I picked her up and carred her out over my shoulders.  She could kick and scream all she wanted but I wasn't leaving her here for those boys to drool on.  I knew what they were thinking of when they looked at her and I didn't like it at all.

Dawn: I started to kick and hit him with my hands. "Xander! Let me go!" The bouncer at the door stopped him. Xander just said something about me being his little sister and our parents were looking for me. I strained my neck, seeing the bouncer nod and let him by. I stopped flailing, knowing that I wasn't hurting him at all. I was just making a scene and I did want to be able to show my face in the bronze again. When we got to his car he put me down. "Xander, don't take me home yet, please?" I was drunk and I already knew that Buffy was going to kill me for being out anyways.

Xander: Watching her sway on her feet I steadied her until she held onto the car for support.  Was she drunk?  Great, no way was I taking her back to Buffy drunk.  Why couldn't Summers girls handle a few drinks?  "How much did you drink Dawnster?  Cause last time I checked you weren't even close to drinking age."  Or voting age.  At least she was driving age....and....again with the parts I shouldn't be looking at.  "If you want I can take you to my place for the night."  At least she wasn't turning into cave-Dawn....which would be really hot.  Shaking my head I opened the car door, holding her hand as she sat in the seat.

Dawn: Take me to his place? I doubt that there was any way that I would be able to stay in his place without jumping him. I knew that he would be totally grossed out by that and I'd feel dumb forever about it. He helped me in the car and then got in. Before he started the car I put my hand on his leg. "Xander, you know that I've had a crush on you, for like ever. I don't think it'd be a good idea for me to spend the night at your place. Because I'd probably end up raping you, and I know that you'd turn me down. And then I'd feel stupid for the rest of my life." I sighed. I can't believe I just babbled on like that. "You could take me to Spike's."

Xander: Nervously laughing I put my hand over hers on my leg.  Ok.....what do I do here?  Let's start with NOT taking her to Spike's.  "Funny Dawn.  By crush you mean big brotherly type affection right?  Besides I don't think you'd be able to rape me.....you might be drunk but your kind of lacking the equipement for the job."

Dawn: I moved my hand up his leg to the crotch of his jeans. "No, Xander. I want you. When I masterbate I think about you. I think all the time about what it would be like if we were to have sex. Remember Mike? My boyfriend last year? Well I had sex with him once and he's the only one I ever had sex with. I went out with him because he kind of looked like you, but I broke up with him because I knew that he'd never be anything like you." I could tell that I was freaking him out.

Xander: "Funny...funny drunken Dawn."  Ok, when did I take a turn down TMI drive?  Cause this was way way more then I'd bargained for from her, drunk or not.  "Dawn....your....special to me."  Ok, now would be a good time to take her hand and put it back in her lap.  Why was it my hands seemed frozen to the steering wheel?  Was this some new sort of demonic plot?  Make hot girls hit on me?  Last time I'd had to invoke dark magic to make that happen.  We all knew how that had worked out.  "Bad....very...bad."  I let her hand remain where it was as I drove.
Dawn: "I know... I'm special in a little-sis-like-i've-never-had kinda way. Can't we just have one night? Please?" He looked sideways at me, but didn't say anything. I reached for his beltbuckle. I quickly had it unfastened and unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. I reached inside and found what I was looking for. I smirk came across my face when I realised that he was already amazingly hard... and huge. I ran my fingers gently and teasingly over his penis. "Please Xander?" I took off my seatbelt and got a little closer to him. I started to kiss his neck.

Xander: "Dawn..." Ok talking, driving and having her do....that was too much.  Something had to go.  Looked like talking was going to be the thing that went.  Since making her stop?  Not what I wanted.  "I'm.....driving?"  Yeah, I was driving.  Which required concentration and....oh...feeling her lips at my neck I lost control for a moment, yanking on the wheel to stay in the right lane.  "You don't really want me."  Nobody wanted me, not Buffy or Cor or Anya.....or even Giles.

Dawn: Pretty soon we were parked in his apartment complex parking lot. I yanked on his pants and pulled them down a little so I had better access. "I do want you." I said right before my mouth came down on his cock. I started to suck. He was so much bigger then Mike was. I wondered if he would fit. I moaned at the thought of it. He had his hand on my head and then all of a sudden he pushed me gently away and started to put his pants back on. "Xander... I know you want me." I said to him huskily looking at him deep in the eyes. He didn't say anything... just got out of the car and came around to my side of the car and opened the door for me. I got out by taking his hand.

Xander: "I won't lie to you."  Walking to my building and up a flight of steps I tried to find the right key for the door.  "Dawn...you deserve better then me.  Some guy that is going somewhere, not the guy that follows your sister around like an idiot."  Ok, pants on....where were my damn keys?

Dawn: I pushed him hard against the door of his apartment. "Xander, I'm not even going to go into how great I think you are." I stood up on tiptoe and leaned into him. I took one of his hands and stuck it inside my top, glad that I was braless for the night. I put my lips against his and kissed him deep, plunging my tongue into his mouth. I moaned softly when I felt him start to respond and start to play with one of my nipples.

Xander: Ok, my ability to think?  Kind of being impaired by having my hand on her chest.    She responded to my touch, pushing against me even harder.  Really not what I had bargained for when I'd gone out tonight.  Dawn was grown up, I was grown up....what was I fighting?  Kissing her back I turned, pinning her against my door.  It wasn't until after she had her legs wrapped around me that I realized they were there.  "Are you sure this is what you want?"  Pulling my lips away from hers wasn't something I wanted.  But I had to know.

Dawn: I nodded at him, realising that he had already taken off my halter and I hadn't even noticed. "Yes, I am sure." My heart was thumping wildly in my chest. I expected any minute to wake up and have this all be a dream. I put my lips against his again. I heard some noise coming from somewhere. It was a ringing sound and it was coming from Xander's apartment. I pulled back and said, "Keys, Xander, find your keys." He put me down and as he turned around, I was taking off my pants. It was late, and it wasn't exactly the type of building that people walked around in at this hour. I didn't care if someone saw me anyway. When he turned back around, I almost lost it seeing the glassy passion in his eyes. I took off my thong right there and stuck it in the pocket of his jacket. I smirked as I went for his belt again. I had his pants off in no time. "Find those keys yet?" I heard his phone ringing again. "Your phone is ringing." I didn't think that he was thinking about either as he picked me up and set me down on his cock. A squeel turned into a loud moan as he buried himself in me.

Xander: "What phone?"  Feeling her slide against me I inhaled sharply.  "Keys?"  Trying to think of a complete sentence wasn't going to happen.  She was the only key I was thinking about. Bitinh my bottom lip as I pushed my hard cock into her I was afraid of hurting her.  Afraid Buffy might come down the hallway as I pushed her against the wall and thrust into her.  "Dawnie..." Pulling at her bottom lip with my teeth I kissed her lips and neck as I felt every inch of her.

Dawn: He started to move within me. I put my hands on his shoulders and moved with him. I heard a sound of keys falling on the floor. They must've been in his jeans pocket. I quickly lost that train of thought with my back slamming against the door. I heard voices of some people coming up the stairs. "Xander!" I hissed trying to get his attention. "Someone is coming!"

Xander: "Besides me?"  I didn't want to stop grinding against her for even a second as we screwed against the door.  The panic in her eyes made me stop and grab the keys.  Holding her against me I turned the lock both of us falling inside as I kicked the door shut behind us with a foot.  Whoever was coming wasn't going to see the show.  "So.....hi?"  I'd landed on top of her and looking down into her eyes....wow I needed a drink.

Dawn: "Oooof." I said as I fell on the floor. It didn't matter to me that we came really close to being discovered. I still wanted to finish what we started. I wiggled underneath him until I found what I wanted. I wrapped my legs around his waist and took him inside me again. "Don't stop Xander." I grabbed his ass and pulled him deeper inside of me.

Xander: There wasn't any real way to stop now.  Not with he nails scratching into my butt and tearing lines up my back.  Sure if she told me to stop it would be possible...but I didn't want to.  She actually wanted me and that meant a lot.  More then she knew I'd bed.  "Your amazing Dawnie."  Biting at her neck gently she squealed, squirming against me even more.

Dawn: I knew that it was going to be soon. I couldn't hold it off much longer. "Xander!" I shouted and he was moving faster. "Xan... I'm going to come, I can't hold it any longer." My muscles started to spasm around him. I screamed out my release. I still rocked my hips against his, wanting him to come, wanting him to come for me.

Xander: I couldn't not inside her....feeling her heat  rise around me I looked away.  Had to think about anything but filling her with my seed.  Baseball?  Angel?  Not having sex with Dawn.  Pulling out of her it was too late and I came all over her, leaving her stomach and chest covered in...my.  "Oh god.. I'm so sorry Dawn.  It was just you....wow."  Kissing her chest and neck I worked my way up to her ear.  "You always make me hard."

Dawn: He came all over me. I didn't really mind, but he didn't have to. "You don't have to be sorry, you could've come in me though. I'm on the pill." I asked Buffy last year and I got on the pill a few months before I had sex with Mike and just stayed on it. He took off his shirt and started to wipe me off. I found it cute how he felt so bad about it. I curled up in his arms. I was so happy right now. I knew it wasn't going to last soon. I knew the guilt was going to eat at him like cancer or something. I turned my head and kissed his lips.

Xander: Letting my balled up, sticky shirt fall to the side I kissed her back.  I'd just had sex...with Dawn.  Well, I had to make sure it was really her right?  Not some sort of robot or a clone right?  "Well...better safe then sorry?"  If Buffy found out....I was dead.  Actually we would both be dead.  Or Buffy would just go into a coma.  Somehow all of that seemed distant now, with Dawn feeling so warm against my arms.  She seemed so happy, smiling at me.  I couldn't help but smile back.  We'd both been the normal ones for a long time, no special powers, just the regular uncool kids at the table.  "Hi?  Can I say hi?  Because I'm struggling for non pornstar words here."

Dawn: I giggled. He could always make me smile. I knew I loved him and had loved him forever, but tonight just made it real. I wasn't going to tell him that because that would just freak him out even more. "Hey. Pornstar words would be okay if we can go again." I grinned at him and stretched in his arms. I wanted to move to his bed. His floor was kinda hard.

Xander: "Again?"  Grinning I let my eyes get wide.  "I'm not a machine you know!"  Mock sobbing I started kissing her again.  She really was..."Hey, so as nice as the hard...cold tile floor is we could always switch to the bed?  You know where the soft warm...." Stopping to kiss her chest I licked over her nipple as I sucked.  "pillows are."

Dawn: "You read my mind." He helped me up. I was sore in places that I never have been sore before but I really didn't mind. We walked to his room and I hopped on his bed, kneeling on it, waiting for him. I crooked my finger at him as he stood at the doorway. "Not afraid of lil ol me, are you?"

Xander: Ok, this was the second time she had made me swallow hard tonight.  "Me? Afraid?  After all the demons and whatnot I've seen over the years?"  Ok, I was paralyzed from the knees down.  The way she was looking at me right now I felt like a cheap steak at walmart on double food stamp day.  She looked hungry and the only thing on the menu was Xander.  Shish-ka-bob-Xander.  "Are you sure you don't want to talk Dawn?  Why....why were you drinking at the Bronze?  I was worried...we...we were all worried."

Dawn: I sighed. "If you want to talk we can talk. I can think of better things to do though." I had to use this whole 'being drunk' thing to my advantage. The alcohol had worn off a long time ago, but he didn't need to know that. "I just wanted to get out of the house." I shrugged. "I wanted to see if guys still found me attractive since the guy that I am attracted to really isn't." I knew that it'd been a long time since he had had sex. I knew that guys went all wonky and did things they wouldn't normally do when they are sex deprived. That's how I lucked out tonight. I just wanted the night to last as long as possible. I guess there wasn't going to be any more luck for me.

To be continued...
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fanfic_lover01fanfic_lover01 on May 27th, 2008 02:44 am (UTC)
great story
hey awesome story oh and question have you continued it yet and if you have can u tell me where's it at cause i'm dying to read it!