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28 October 2004 @ 08:35 pm
Title: Broken
Pairing: Faith/Connor
Setting: During 'A New World'
Location: abandoned warehouse in L.A.
Rating: NC-17
A/N: This was written for ashlyn26's birthday. She wanted to see some Fonnor, so Ally and I wrote some =)

Faith: Boots clicked on the pavement, as I walked through the seedy part of L.A. at night. I stopped, and looked around for a second, tryin' to catch sight of the kid. Angel busted me out, who'd have thought it? On top of all that he just had to bust me to stop his psychopath kid who was apparently in a hell dimension. Gotta hand it to Broody Boy, he must really love the little punk if he's busting me out of jail to go talk the kid down. Usually Angel's all big sweeping coat of doom hero type, and here I am doin' the good deeds. World's a crazy place. Angel set me up on the trail of Connor, and warned me all about how strong and fast he is. "Yeah yeah, I get it Angel. He's your kid so he's a friggin superhero." I had rolled my eyes right before walking away from him. I could totally handle this. Besides I'd do just about anything for Angel. Finally spotted the kid again, near some warehouses. It's easy to track someone when they don't know your tracking them. Or maybe he did know and just wasn't letting on yet. Following him down an alleyway I heard a low growl from behind. Vamps. Great. Now I had a choice. Could go chase the kid or stake some vamps. Suddenly an idea came to me, at about the same time the fist from the vampire caught me in the jaw. Why not kill two birds with one stone?

Connor: It's different here. Everything has so many colors. It's weird looking at. Nothing really makes sense in this place. There are people who freely walk through dark places. They're nearly inviting the vampires to kill them. No one seems to think anything wrong can happen. Till it does happen. Like now. There's a woman who's attacked by vampire. I'm there to help her, even if it is her fault if she gets bitten. Raped. Killed. Turned. People are weird in this place. They seem to think that nothing bad can happen to them. Everyone thinks they're heroes. This place is pathetic. I dust the vampire easily and look around for it's 'friends'. There's none. Loyalty never has been a thing one can associate with blood sucking fiends.

Faith: Man, that was hard. Been locked up in the clink for a long time, and I had to actually cool my jets and play the damsel in distress act that gets Soul Boy all hot and bothered. Like father like son, I'm bettin'. Still pissed that I didn't get to fight. "Gee, thanks." I said with as much sincerity as I could muster. So what? I'm a slayer, not the helpless little girl. This was hard. "That guy was gonna kill me!" I put in for extra measure. I studied the kid in front of me, first time I got a really good look at him. Cute and broody, yep definitely Angel's kid. Strong too, vamp was just a wimpy type vamp but Connor kicked his ass the good old fashioned way.

Connor: Thanks. She's thanking me. That's new. "You're... welcome." It's weird. Everything here is weird. "You shouldn't be out after the dark." I say before turning away. It's not really my problem. Can't say I care. I'm here for one reason and that's killing the vampire.

Faith: So much for that idea. Connor's already walking away, probably off to brood or something. Maybe he really was a souled vampire. "Wait!" I yelled, catching up to him quickly. He gave me an unsettled look and for the first time I was caught off guard by something in his eyes. "You shouldn't be out after dark? That's it? That's all?" I asked, raising an eyebrow. "Polite people usually say hi I'm...." I shook my head at him. Oh who the fuck was I kidding? When had I ever been polite? Had to do this for Angel though, had to find some way to get the kid to chill for a minute. "I'm Faith." I offered quickly.

Connor: She runs after me and stops me. Looks in my eyes. She has beautiful eyes. But that is not the point now. There is only one point at the moment. My mission here. "You really shouldn't be out after the dark." I repeat watching her. Isn't that enough? She tells me her name. Faith. That's a really nice name. Suits her good. She looks like someone who could wear a name like that. "I'm..." Why am I saying this? "Stephen." That's who I am.

Faith: I smiled at him as he repeated his stupid don't be out after dark spiel. Could kick his and every vamp's ass all over town if I wanted to in a second flat. "See, Stephen. Now we're friends." okay it was official. I really really fucking sucked at this. Knockin' the kid out and dragging him back to Soul Boy seemed like a better idea at this point. At least he's paying attention now instead of walking away and who could blame the guy? "Where ya going?" I asked curiously.

Connor: Friends. We're friends. I don't think I have had friends. Friends sounds interesting, but I don't think I need a friend. "I doubt that." I comment on the being friends part. I don't have time for friends. And I have no wish to have friends. Where am I going, she asks... Do I know? I don't think I do. I don't know this place. It's shiny. Weird. There is no sun or fire but it's shiny. How come? "I'm not really sure." I respond and look around. I would go back to finish what I had to do, but I don't think it's time yet. I need to be prepared.

Faith: Wow. Connor was wrapped tighter then...well Angel. Maybe even Cordy and Angel at the same time. Both of 'em were wound pretty tight. They really should learn how to relax... Guess that's my job here, to be the chill one. I nodded as he said he wasn't sure where he was going. Wanted to say 'no shit' but I thought that might give the game away a little too soon. For now I'd play nice, later....we'll see. "Well you can't just wander around all night saving chicks who are gettin' attacked. You need a place to go to, right? Place to relax, sleep? Home?" I pressed him further. Kid wasn't exactly rockin' the social skills, but what do ya expect.

Connor: Chicks? Where does she see any birds? I look around confused. And why would I want to save birds? "Why would I want to save birds?" I ask looking at her warily. What is she playing at? Home. She mentions home. Home is nowhere close to here. This place has nothing of home. "I'm far from home." I say quietly. Sleep. Yes, sleep would be nice. So I can preper myself for tomorrow. For finishing my mission. For ending the nightmare Father's life has been thanks to Angelus. "Sleep." I whisper and look around again. I need a place where to sleep.

Faith: "Birds?" I asked him confused. Oh right, chicks. Were gonna have to have him brush up on the lingo around here when he stops bein' all doom and gloom psycho stalker of the night. Damn, I really am just startin' to see more and more of Angel in here. Connor would probably freak if I said that outloud. Nodding once as he said sleep. "Come on, I got a place not far from here." Fucking hell, I didn't have a place near here, unless you counted the hotel. Probably wasn't the best bet. But the warehouse I'd made my home during my last trip to Hell A was just a few blocks away, bettin' it was still pretty much in one piece. I started walking towards it before turning back to Connor. "You comin'?"

Connor: I'm not. Coming. I just stand there and look at her. Why would she offer me a place to stay? She has no reason. Faith doesn't even know me. That's not safe. Especially here. Everything here reeks of evil and death. All the city does. It's built on it. Evil and death and pain. People still likes here. I don't understand it. "Yes." I nod and start to walk after her. I don't know why I'm fallowing her to her place, but I just can't seem to help it.

Faith: Punk finally catches up with me, probably thinks he's doing something big and heroic right now. Desperately tryin' to keep the usual smirk off my face, the two of us walk in silence until we get to the warehouse. Knew it'd be empty still. Pushing the door open, I walk into the dark warehouse quietly, followed by Connor. "It ain't much, but it's home." I said looking between the tattered furniture to the black paint on the windows to block out the ceiling. Least it's warm.

Connor: Her home is very messy, but it's warm here and I have spent my nights in worst places. It doesn't matter how it looks as long as it's warm during the night and no one can attack you in your sleep. I've learned that. "As long as it's home..." I whisper looking around. Her place still is nicer than most of the places I've been. But it doesn't fit in the colorfulness of this city. But neither do I, so it doesn't matter. "Why are you offering me a place to stay?" She shouldn't. I know, I wouldn't. But she's different from me, it 's not hard to tell that.

Faith: I shrugged and popped down on the couch, looking up at this angry lookin' guy standing in front of me. Kid needed to relax. "Why not?" I asked with a shrug. "Not like I got anything else going on." Read: I have no friends either, join the club. Maybe he thought I brought him back here to relieve some of all that pent up frustration and a wicked smirk came over my face. "People aren't nice where you come from?" People usually weren't nice wherever you came from, but for some reason I thought it was even worse for Connor. Probably had something to do with that hell dimension Angel and gang mentioned.

Connor: "People where I come from doesn't do anything for anyone but themselves." And that's how it should be. You and only you should be what you care about. That's how it should be. Caring for others can only make you hurt. It's easier that way. "People here are different. I don't understand them." She sits there and watches me. I walk around making sure no one can get in through the windows. Even if they're locked, this place doesn't seem safe. But for one night it might do.

Faith: "It's really not so different here." I said honestly. "Everybody's always out to protect their own ass, kinda like human nature." He was human right? I was startin' to have my doubts after watchin' him pound on that vampire. He was almost like a slayer, a guy slayer, and that's just so very wrong my brain shouldn't go there. I watched him with a raised eyebrow as he starts pacing around, all nervous like. Getting up I went to put my hands on his shoulders to stop his pacing when he immediately backed away and gave me a defensive look. "Come on, Stephen. I'm not gonna hurt you." I said, tilting my head to the side and giving him my best innocent look.

Connor: She says people here are a lot like in Quortoth. I don't think she's right. They can't be the same here. No one there risked with their lives like people here. But no one there was nice either. Faith walks up to me and puts her hands on my shoulder but I jump away. Why is she doing this? I don't understand it. She says she won't hurt me. She doesn't look like she could, but I've learned to expect unexpected. Though, somehow I don't think she will hurt me. I just have a feeling like that, I can't explain it.

Faith: Connor was...broken, it was a look I recognized just a little bit too well. Sorta reminding me of the last time I stayed in this warehouse. Except then it was me who was broken and this kid's dad was the one to save me. Now all Connor could do was shrink away from any human contact? What the hell kind've hell dimension did he grow up in anyway? "You can sit." I said, finally letting my hand gently encircle his elbow. Leading him to the couch, I set him down and then sat beside him myself. Too bad we didn't have any T.V. I bet there was a T.V. at the hotel. Maybe that was the key to gettin' Connor to go back? Promise him television? Somehow I didn't think that was gonna fly. "Relax. We're safe as kittens in here." Wondered if there was any food somewhere around here. Maybe he was hungry. God knows I was always hungry.

Connor: We sit down. Her hand still is on my hand. It feels weird but nice in the same time. I can't say why or how, but it does. Then she calls us kittens. Interesting choice of words. I had a kitten once. Or something that might have been a kitten if it wouldn't be a spawn of two demons. It looked like a kitten. "I had a kitten once." Father killed it. Said I shouldn't get attached to anything. Said it will only make it harder when it dies. It was hard when it died. But Father was right, I shouldn't get attached to things. It only will hurt when they die. I look at her as her stomach makes noise. "Hungry?"

Faith: "Yeah, you know...hungry?" Okay, was he soft in the head or just from a hell dimension? "Food?" Shaking my head, slightly irritated I stood up and walked into the kitchen. Or what I used to call the kitchen but was really just a room full of flies, and black paint. Other homeless kids had probably come in and out since I'd used it last, but maybe they left some snacks. Rooting through the cabinets I finally found a bag of doritos. With a smirk I opened the bag and took one out, chomping down on it. Satisfied I walked back to the couch and sat beside Connor. "Our lucky day, they're not even stale." I said as I offered the bag to Connor.

Connor: I watch her as she stands up and walks to another room. I hear some noises before she comes back with some pack in her hands. It seems that she has some kind of food in it. Or at least she is eating something from the pack. I take one of the things out and taste it. Tastes weird, but it positively is not the worst thing I ever have eaten. "What is that?" I ask as I reach for another of those things. I haven't eaten for a while. Still, I have no wish to be poisoned.

Faith: "They're doritios." I said stupidly. "A major part of the four food groups, or maybe that's five. Fuck, I never can remember." Watching him carefully as he ate, I was struck by something about him again suddenly for some reason. Like he was just this guy burstin' at the seams to set the world on fire even if it means he has to burn with it. Can respect a goal like that. "So what are you doin' in L.A.?" I asked, wondering how long I'd be able to keep up the dumb girl routine.

Connor: Doritios. Sounds poisoning. But it tastes good. And she ate it too. She wouldn't have if it could kill her or make her sick. Food groups. What's four groups? I look at her as she says 'fuck'. People here seems to use the word a lot. As a curse word. I don't comment. L.A.? That was the name of this place. I remember. Father taught me that. "I'm here because I need to be." It's all she should know. All I can explain. I don't think she would understand. But I do need to be here, so I am.

Faith: "You sure don't say much, do ya?" I asked as he gave me his usual one line responses to whatever it was I was asking him. Probably worried that I was here to double cross him, in a I only watch my own ass kinda way. He's half right, I sorta am here to double cross him, play the devil's advocate...whatever. But I'm not lookin' out for my own ass, I'm lookin' out for Angel's. My hand lightly strays from his arm down to his knee, lightly, tentatively, waiting for him to push me away. The only way I was gonna get through to this kid was if he relaxed. And I only got one way to relax people...

Connor: I don't comment on her question. I don't say much, she's right, but why should I? I have nothing more to say than what I do say. It's waste of time if I talk to much. I used to when I was little, but I have long over that. Talking distracts. Distracting isn't good for the mission. I watch her hand as it moves over my arm down to my knee. I don't pull away. I don't want to. I should. But I don't want to. I place my hand on her one but light enough not to stop it. I look up at her. She's beautiful.

Faith: He didn't pull away when I rested my hand on his knee, instead he looked straight up into my eyes. At least we were playing nice now. Had to be careful how I played my cards though, no big showing of slayer strength and stamina....well, maybe a little. I mean how can you have sex when you're slayer and not show off those fanfuckingtastic slayer muscles just a little bit. Reaching up one hand I brushed a piece of hair out of his eyes, before putting my hand behind his head and pressing my lips to his, soft at first. Didn't wanna scare him off. Then slightly increasing in intensity as my tongue parted his lips.

Connor: She brushes her fingers against my face. They're warm. It's nice to feel warm. Then she slides her hand behind my head and leans closer. In an eye blink, her lips are pressed against mine. Softly at first. Gently. It's new. Never been gently. But then the kiss becomes a little more aggressive. I understand that better. I reach out and put my hand around her waist. I pull her on top of me, never breaking the kiss. Her lips taste sweet against mine. Bit salty too. It's a bittersweet mix. I leave my hand around her waist while with the other slowly making circles on her back.

Faith: Fast and strong, it was gettin' me all juiced in a serious way. Hadn't fucked anyone with superpowers since B back in the Dale. That was a long time ago. His arm was around my waist, his lips still pressed to mine and I was fighting the urge to just tear off his pants, maybe with my teeth, and take him right there. Instead I tried to slow down the hormones on parade for a minute, and let him him rub my back while our tongues fought for control. Finally I couldn't hold back anymore, and my hand slid between our bodies, I pressed it against the bulge in his pants. Looked like growing up in a hell dimension hadn't stunted his growth at all.

Connor: Gentle is nice. But this is better. Fast. Hard. Powerful. This is better. She's amazing. And strong. I would wonder why she's so strong, but at the moment I couldn't care less. It's wrong, I should care, but she makes me forget everything Father has taught me. And I'm not sorry about it. Even if I should. Her hand slips between us and I let out a moan. I break the kiss to look in her eyes. They're dark with lust, the same as mine, I'm sure. Our eyes are locked for what seems hours, but then I pull her shirt off and again push my lips against her ones. I feel her rubbing me. It feels amazing. She feels amazing. But it still doesn't feel enough. I can tell both of us needs more.

Faith: He moaned and pulled back, looking up into my shining eyes curiously. My hand continued to rub against him and his hips inadvertently raised up, grinding his body more into me and my hand. What can I say? Groping is the universal language. Someone really should make an after school special about it or something. With deft fingers I unzipped his pants and pulled him out of his pants. Where the hell'd he get these from anyway? Hell dimension. His hands are on my breasts as I sit up and unzip my own pants. Standing up I slowly slid them off and gave him a teasing wink.

Connor: She's beautiful. I can't tear my eyes off of her body. I've seen beautiful girls before, but Faith's differential. She's glowing. I watch as she takes off my pants and then her pants. Her skin is perfect. It has scars on it, yes, but they only seem to make her more beautiful. It's amazing. I reach out to touch her. I slip my hand over her breasts. Her nipples are hard. My hand slips lower to her tummy and I again wrap my hands around her waist and pull her back to me. Skin to skin as I pull off my shirt. There's nothing between us now. She's so warm. I brush my lips against her neck, inhaling the aroma. There's so much of everything. Sweetness. Roughness.

Faith: Damn. Boy is wicked strong. He put his arms around my waist and pulled me back down on top of him. Guess he liked chicks bein' on top too, good. Least we had one thing in common, well probably a lot of things. But none of them matter right now. His lips brushed against my neck and I tilted my head slightly to the right, loving the feel of warm skin on warm skin. Hey, I been in prison a long time! Girl's got needs. Trying not to give anything away, I slowly lowered myself onto him and smirked down at him as I started rocking back and forth slightly. Getting used to the feeling of him inside me, of anything inside me except fingers and tongues. Yeah, prison. Bending down, I raked my fingernails lightly over his chest before looking into his face. He was gonna be seriously relaxed in no time at all.

Connor: Faith's moving. Slowly at first, but then the thrusts becomes faster and faster. Our breaths are turning into gasps, moans and groans and it's hard to tell which of us owns them. I move back to her lips and press my lips against them. Hard. I let my tongue play in her mouth and my hands rub her breasts. She breaks the kiss and looks in my eyes, before her fingernails lightly scratch my chest. I go back to her lips and let my teeth bite her lower lip lightly. My hands never leaving her body.

Faith: I totally forgot about not givin' myself away too soon because damn! Yeah, this boy was definitely rockin' the superpowers and it was so good I just let myself get lost in the frenzied fucking. My body automatically responding to his powerful thrusts with slayer clenching all of my own. Hey, I never had to work so hard to keep up with anyone, not even Buffy was like this. I felt his hands exploring my body as I rocked up and down on him furiously. His tongue probing my mouth as I clenched down and rocketed towards my climax.

Connor: There's so much power between us. So much energy. So much everything. She's strong. It's amazing how that lets us blend perfectly. Lets us fit. She's close to fulfilment and so am I. Our moans grown even louder and the thrusts becomes even stronger. It's like out bodies would try to prove who's stronger. I've never felt like this. So amazed. She starts to shake and I can tell we both are close to the end.

Faith: I felt that tingling at my toes that began to move up in one awesome wave up the length of my body and settling in a nice fog over my head. "Connor." I moaned his name into his mouth as both of us hit our orgasm. Shit. Shit. Shit. I hadn't meant to call him that, he gave me a desperate look before the expression of his own pleasure took over his face. We both rode it out together, and then finally I stopped and collapsed against his chest. I could hear his heart beating wildly underneath the skin. No vampire here.

Connor: Her expression is amazing as she comes. It's all I can think about before she calls me 'Connor'. Then it all crushes over me. She knows. I should have figured it. Angelus probably sent her after me. Sent her to kill me. Make me relax and then attack. Playing sick games. I come while still looking in her eyes. I can't help it. I would if I could, though. She collapses against me. Her head on my shoulder. Her body hot and steamy against my one that probably is the same. "Get off of me." I say calmly. I could push her away but all I do is tell her to get off. I can't think at the moment. Now it's even more confusing.

Faith: I propped myself up carefully on one arm and looked down into his face only slightly startled. Never had that particular request before, that was for damn sure. Wasn't entirely unexpected though, I'd accidentally called him Connor. Hoped he wouldn't notice, damn was that vampire hearing hereditary or what? Smirking lazily I pulled away from him slightly and gently traced two fingertips down his chest before coyly looking into his eyes again. "Was it really that bad, babe?" I asked, not making a move to get off of him.

Connor: I look in her eyes as she doesn't make any effort to get off of me. She asks me if she was bad, instead. She wasn't bad. She was amazing. And I can tell she knows that well. So why asking? "No." I say and put my hands on her hips. "You were precious." I reply before throwing her off of me and standing up. "Very nice." I comment as I pick up my pants and slip them on. "Very useful." I get my shirt and pull it on. "Thanks." I get my shoes who I don't even remember taking off and slip them on too. Ready to leave. Before she decides to finish the game Angelus has sent her here to play with me. Not that I would let her. I already let her enough.

Faith: I suddenly found myself hurtling across the room as he throws me off of him like swatting a fly. Stupid little fuck! Doesn't he know how bad I could hurt him? Tryin' to repress my ego for a couple minutes I didn't bother finding any of my clothes. Instead I made a bee line for the kid. "You hit me, I hit back." I warned him before punching him in the jaw and sending him staggering back. Okay, so maybe i was a little pissed off about bein' treated like the whore for the billionth time in my life. Whatever. Not that I blamed the kid, I did kinda lie to him for a little bit. "Connor," I sighed. "Stephen," I quickly corrected myself before walking back to him. "I'm sorry- haven't been completely honest with you. Not like you haven't guessed that one. But my name really is Faith and I really do wanna help you." Told Soul Boy I wasn't cut out for this.

Connor: She hits me. Strong. Now when I'm more or less over the lusting I can think more straight. Faith's strong. Really strong. Why? I don't ask, I just stare at her. She calls me 'Connor' again but correct herself quickly. It's not like I would care now. It doesn't matter. I shouldn't have let her this close to me in the first place. Father would turn away in disgust if he knew how easily I have let an enemy close to me. She's sorry. That could even be funny. I don't believe her. I don't have any reason to. Faith. She wants to help. Help with what? "You've helped enough." I say and stand up from the floor, where she has sent me with her punch. I never take my eyes off of her as I move to the exit. "And I already thanked. I don't need anything else from you."

Faith: Rolling my eyes I grabbed him by the shoulder and threw him onto the couch again. Something almost tempting about jumping on him now and having my way with him again. Instead I just let him stew, shoulders dropped low and muscles tense for a throw down this time. "I really don't think I have." I said shaking my head. "Where the hell you think you're gonna go anyway? No offense, sweetie, but your social skills? Need some work and that's coming from me so you know you're fucked." I crossed my arms, wishing Angel was here to deal with his little delinquint instead of me. "My name is Faith. I'm a vampire slayer. I'm here to help you figure your shit out. I slay vampires, I'm one of the good guys." I almost snorted. One of the good guys? That was a laugh and a half.

Connor: I don't do anything as she throws me back on the couch. At some point I think I even wish we would just go back to where we were instead of having is conversation. I shouldn't think so, but I can't help it. She's still naked. "I'm not here to be social." I comment. Why would I need social skills? What are social skills? "Besides, they seem to have worked on you good anyway." A vampire slayer. Father told me stories about them. At first, I was sure they were heroes. But then the story changed and I found out one of them had helped Angelus. And now this one. What does he have that they turn to him? I shake my head but don't say anything. I stand back up, but do not try to walk out again.

Faith: "What are you here to do?" I asked, crossing my arms over my bare chest. Yeah I was still naked, once I wrestled awhole gang of vampires in the freezing cold Boston winter naked. 'Sides I wasn't gonna drop my guard with him for a second. Not that he knew who I was now. "Here to take out dear old Dad?" I asked with a raised eyebrow. No way in hell I'd ever let him hurt Angel. Besides Angel was already hurting enough cause of this little punk. I smirked when he made his little remark about them working good on me. "Didn't hear you complainin' a minute ago." I said coyly.

Connor: I watch her crossing her arms over her chest. That's a sight. She doesn't seem one bit bothered about the fact she's still naked. I don't see why should she either. She asks me if I'm here to take out Dad. Take out? I look at her confused but don't question. "I'm here to kill Angelus, if that is what you're asking." I think she knows it even with out asking, so why hide it? I'm not ashamed of why I'm here. I'm here to make this world safer. "I didn't complain. Still don't." I say not taking my eyes off of her. Why should I complain? "What do you want from me?" I ask warily. I'm sure she will attack sooner or later. Make me kill her. I don't want that. Even if she did lie to me, I still don't want to kill her. You shouldn't get attached, because it hurts when the object of your attachment dies. But I can't change that.

Faith: "I want you to chill. Thought I had a handle on that but your wound tighter than your old man." I saw that angry look flash in his eyes and decided that daddy dearest wasn't the best subject to bring up ever. I stood on guard, waiting for an attack, anything. Hopefully the kid was smarter than that, after all I didn't wanna hurt him. Man, I really needed a smoke right about now. "I can't let you kill him, Co...Stephen. It's this thing I got. You want Angel, you gotta go through me." And your ass will be grass, punk. No doubt about it.

Connor: She compares me to him. That's an insult. But all I do is shoot her an angry look. I don't do anything about it. What's wrong with me? She stands there as if expecting me to attack. And I'm standing here expecting her to attack. When she says that only way I will get to Angelus is through her I should just kill her, deal with it if that really is what she wants, but all I can do is look at her sadly, and ask. "Why?"

Faith: "Let's just say I owe him one." I said with a nod, not dropping my stance for a second. That was putting it pretty fucking mildly. I owed Angel like a million by now, and I was sure I'd never be done paying for it. "He saved me...when things were lookin' kinda hazy, feelin' kinda lost. Ya know? So now if anyone wants to take out Angel, they have to go through me. So can we just chill for a little while?" Why did the kid want Angel dead so bad anyway? I wanted to ask, but wasn't sure that I should. It was a standoff, both of us standing across each other waiting for the other one to make the first move. I already knew who'd make the last one.

Connor: I don't understand. He's evil. And she doesn't seem to be. But looks can lie, obviously. If she cares so much about him, she must be evil too. But evil can care, can it? I feel lost. This doesn't make any sense. I don't want to kill her. I don't. But if she's evil I have to. She says he has saved her. Saved her when she was feeling lost. I'm feeling lost now. But I know he could or would never help me. How can she trust him? "He's evil." I whisper looking down and for the first time taking my eyes off of her. He is evil. I know it. Then how come she doesn't? He's a vampire. All vampires are evil.

Faith: "No, kid." I said, taking a step forward and dropping my guard a little bit. It looked like he had dropped his a little bit. "He's really not." Wondered if anyone had explained to him about souls, and vampires and Angel especially. But I'm thinkin' not, I"m also thinkin' Wes or someone's better for explaining these things than me. Wes ain't here though, and I am. "Look, I'm a vampire slayer! It's my job to dust vamps. Don't you think I woulda killed him already if he was evil?" I brushed a dark piece of hair out of my face, before crossing my arms again. "He's not."

Connor: He's not. I wonder if she thinks it's really that easy. She tells me it's ok and I believe her. She tells me she knows and I believe her. She tells me that vampire who brutally killed for centuries are good and I believe her. Not likely to happen. I don't care what she says. I know she's wrong. He can't be good. Father told me everything and I know Angelus is nothing but evil. And if she tells me her job is killing vampires and she still doesn't kill him? She's evil too. "You're like him." I say looking up. She is like him. In so many ways. That's why she's defending him. I'm sure.

Faith: "Sorry, guess again." I said shaking my head. Shoulda known this wasn't gonna be easy. Damn, now I definitely wasn't gonna get my post fucking cigarette. "You got up close and personal with me, do I seem like a vampire to you?:" I narrowed my eyes at him. "Breathing, beating heart....get on the ball." Fuck, this was frustrating. Least he seemed to be calm for a minute, or maybe he was just cocky and thought he could take me down easy. "Fine. Whatever." I said suddenly, realizing I was pushing my luck. "You don't wanna talk about Angel, we can talk about someone else." Just as long as it kept him from heading towards the door.

Connor: I shake my head at her. "I didn't mean you're a vampire. I can tell the difference between vampire and human." Who do she thinks I am? I'm not stupid. "What I meant was that you're evil. You don't need to be a vampire to be evil." I feel silly telling her that when we both know that. Talk about someone else? "No." I respond and look at the door. I'm leaving. She likes it or not.

Faith: "Hey, I"m not evil." I said defensively "...anymore." I added that part in quietly. Because me? I'm thinkin' that ain't exactly the best way to bring junior here back over to his dad's side of the force. I followed his look to the door, and then glared back at him daring him to do with a look. Go on, see how fast you'll be on your ass again kid. For some reason I was thinkin' violence is the only thing Connor understood, I get that.

Connor: ...anymore. Evil is evil. You can't change that. You can't stop being evil just because. It's not how it happens. But I don't say anything. I don't want to. It just proves I'm right. She looks at the door as well and then at me, daring me to go. I don't understand why wouldn't she want me to go if she doesn't want to kill me. "Why do you want me here?"

Faith: "I don't." I said with a shrug. "Want you here that is. Although..." My lips curved up into a lazy smirk. "That whole having you here wasn't so bad." I licked my lips lightly before focusing again. Right, I didn't want Connor here. "I'd rather take you back to the hotel where Angel is. Something tells me you're notup for that though." Truth was, Angel was more worried about Connor then he was sad about Connor hating him. The kid didn't understand this world, and fuck neither did I. Weren't we a pair.

Connor: She wants to take me to Angelus. For what? So he can kill me? Not that I would let him to, but I don't see any other reason. But she's right, I'm not ready yet. This isn't helping either. She isn't helping. She's only making it more complicated with her lip licking and smirking. And still being naked. But I'm not going to let that puzzle me again. Not going to happen. And I'm not going back to Angelus. At least not now. I will later, even if she thinks she can stop me. She can't.

Faith: When I said the kid didn't say much, that was the biggest understatement ever. In fact, I was gettin' sorta freaked out by all this father and son resemblance. "You really don't say much." I reiterated as I still kept my distance from him. Waiting for something...anything out of him. Slowly I inched towards him. "What's it gonna be?"

Connor: She again mentions me not talking much. Doesn't bother me. I don't talk much and that's it. I obviously don't have anything to say if I don't talk. What's it gonna be? That's an easy and hard question at the same time. At the moment, yes, I do know what's it 'gonna be', but after that? I haven't really got a clue. But she doesn't need to know that. "I'm leaving." I say watching her walking closer. I don't move.

Faith: "Okay." I said evenly, almost smirking at the look of surprise that goes fleetingly across his face. He thought I was just gonna let him waltz right outta here into a world he didn't know how to deal with. I don't think so, Soul Boy would kill me. "But I'm goin' with you." I said, walking toward my clothes that were still on a pile on the floor right near Connor's feet.

Connor: Coming with me. That's new. I don't think I want her coming with me. Spying on me so she can tell him everything afterwards. That wouldn't do. But at the same time some part of me wants her to come with me. And I think that part is winning. "Okay." I repeat what she has said. Means I'm letting her come with me. Why am I letting to come with me? I shouldn't. But I still do. She must have magic on me. I'm just not sure if that's a bad thing.