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31 October 2004 @ 07:05 pm
Title: Drawing Board
Pairing: Spike/Cordy
Setting: Post 'You're Welcome'
Location: LA.
Rating: PG 13

Cordy: I really had nowhere else to go. I can't believe I was going to Spike of all people, well vampires for a place to stay. I no longer had an apartment, and since I was no longer in a coma I couldn't exactly stay in the hospital. There was no way that I was going to be staying at that eviler then evil law firm anymore. I couldn't believe that Angel erased the whole gangs memories. They had no idea who Connor was or what we all went through. It was a little less embarassing for me, but I was taken over so hello... not my fault. Plus, the last time I was awake and with it, Wolfram and Hart were our enemies, we weren't part of them. Anyways, I walked up to where I had heard Spike was living and I knocked on the door.

Spike: Drunkenly slamming buttons on my video game thingamajig I watched Crash crash again. "Crash crashed...go figure on that." Taking another swig off my bottle I heard the knock, cussing under my breath. Swear if it was another Mormon I was going to bite him, soul or not. "Don't need any damn girl scout cookies dammit." Tearing the door open I leaned on it drunkenly my eyes popping when I saw who it was.

Cordy: "Spike, hi." I said as I walked into his place. I walked into his place... it wasn't the Ritz but really beggars couldn't be choosers. I can't believe I just thought that. I wasn't really a beggar. Just no place to stay... and no money... I shook my head at the thought. "Spike, I need a place to stay, and this is where I am going to have to stay." I smiled. "And before you say no, you owe me. You tried to bite me yesterday."

Spike: Didn't even have time to react as she brushed me aside, strutting her way into the living room. "Right then, come on in." Rolling my eyes as she gave the place a once over I shut the door. Didn't think it would be anywhere near the cheerleaders standards. "You still pissed about that whole biting you thing? 'Cause to be fair I thought you were evil and all." At least she hadn't come with butt face or the blues brothers.

Cordy: "You think I wouldn't be mad about the biting thing? Because, come on, I really don't need any scars especially on my neck of all places." The place reeked of booze. This was really the champion vampire with a soul now? "Plus, according to the Powers, I'm supposed to help the vampire with a soul, the champion." I also was going to have to use him to get Angel and the rest of them away from that damn law firm.

Spike: "King Angel lives across town. You might have noticed the ivory tower last time you were there pet." Flopped back down on my couch, unpausing my video game as she stood there staring. "Look, the bite was a mistake. 'Sides I barely punctured ya."

Cordy: "Exactly my point, he's a sellout. I never thought that he was into the whole king and tower thing." I sat down on the couch. "Doesn't mean you get off so easy Spike. I have visions, and you're gonna have to be the one now that helps me with them." I stated to him matter-of-factly. The sooner he accepted it the sooner we could be on our way of helping people. Hopefully this whole Spike having a soul thing wasn't really a trick and he wasn't really going to bite me any second. I really didn't think he was smart enough to pull something like that off though.

Spike: "Damn right he's a sellout. Bloody ponce with his do as I say not as I do holier than thou load of crap." Feeling something poking my back I reached into the couch cushions and found my bottle of whiskey. Been looking for that. "Pop a squat princess." If she thought I was falling for the whole vision gag again she must think I was dumber than I was...looked. "Look your boy Lindsay already played this game wit me."

Cordy: I wrinkled my nose. "Lindsey? He is so not my boy. He was a fake, he even had the gall to go by Doyle's name. I am the real deal Spike, the sooner you accept it the sooner we can get down to buisness." I nodded for emphasis. "That's when I get my next vision of course."

Spike: Raised an eyebrow at that. She wanted to get down to business did she? "So your the read Doyle then? That's bloody lovely but I have some important stuff to do if you don't mind. Taking a swig from the bottle I turned my attention back to the game.

Cordy: "Yeah, real important I see." I looked at the tv and saw some kind of video game that he was playing. Some sort of rat was running around on the screen. "Actually, Doyle died, and passed his visions on to me."

Spike: "Shitty deal for him then. Here's to the real Doyle." Saluting the bottle towards the ceiling I took another swig as the car on the screeen smacked into a wall. "Sod." Frowning I tossed her the controller. "You try it luv."

Cordy: "Me? Play video games? I so do not think so. The last video game was at the movie theatre in Sunnydale when I was like thirteen, and that was Ms. Pacman." I put the controller on the couch cushion next to him.

Spike: "Plannin on standin there like a priss with a stick up her arse all night then?" Put the controller in her hands again and fixed her with a look. If she thought I was puttin up with her marchin in her and givin me the grand destiny spiel she had another thought coming. "What the sod is a Pacman?"

Cordy: I glared at him and then my mouth dropped open. "You have never played Pacman?" I stood up and said, "Come on, let's go. Get your famous dead animal coat and let's go." He just stared at me from the couch. "To an arcade. They all usually still have an old Pacman game in them."

Spike: "No. And since when do cheerleaders go to arcades?" Smirking I took another swig feeling the burn all the way down. Did she have any idea how good and toasted I was? I had an evening full of fun passing out planned and all.

Cordy: I took the bottle out of his hand and set it down on the coffee table and grabbed his hand and started to try and pull him up. "Come on, I've spent the last several months laying on my back. I really don't want to spend more time sitting on my ass. Let's go out."

Spike: "Neat. I spent the last several months being dead." Did she want to compare? What the sod was she doing here anyway? Thought she was ol' Angel's piece of ass anyhow. "Fine, needed to get another bottle anyway." Let her pull me up, checking my pockets for keys as we headed back toward the door.

Cordy: "I thought that you've been dead for years?" We walked out of his apartment and started walking down the sidewalk. No car?

Spike: "Different kinda dead. This was more the burnt to a crisp whilst shutting down Sunny'd for good kind of a dead." Of course my car and my crypt had also gotten sucked into the crater. Who's dumbass idea had that been anyhow? Oh yeah, blondies.

Cordy: "What do you mean shutting down Sunnydale? What happened to it?" What was he talking about? If he died why was he alive again? I was so confused. Everything had changed while I was in a coma. Maybe if I was put in a coma again and came back out of it everything would be back to normal. Who am I kidding? Normal has never really been in my lifes vocabulary.

Spike: "Oh you know, big evil git showed up. We ended up tossin the town into a big giant crater to beat it. No more Dale." Didn't really feel like going into the ghostly side story, that was just a different deal. "Why the sod were you in a coma anyhow?"

Cordy: "Bummer. How about Buffy and the gang? Did they all live?" I'm sure if Buffy had died Angel would have told me about it. "A supernatural being took over my body to birth itself into the world. After it was birthed into a coma I went." Didn't feel like bringing up the whole Connor thing, that was basically a need to know thing.

Spike: "Happily ever after." At least from what I heard. Then again I'd heard of from senor broodypants. "Sounds like that woulda hurt. Then again I never had to give birth to any sort of demonspawn." Spotted an arcade and pulled open the door, watching as she strutted in before me.

Cordy: Sunnydale gone, huh? I wondered if my parents made it out. They never really kept in touch with me after I left there. Spike held open the door for me and I walked inside. I looked around for any sort of Pacman game I could find. "There! Close to the back. There is a Pacman and a Ms. Pacman. Take your pick." I grinned at him. Too bad I didn't have any quarters, or any other kind of money...

Spike: "Never could pass up a chance to push a girl's buttons." Fished in my pocket and came up with a pair of quarters, dropping them into the machine. Bloody thing started beeping and playing some gawd awful music. "Funny, avoiding the lil ghosties so I can try to eat all the soddin dots." Funny, since I was the damn ghost up till recently. "You playin luv?"

Cordy: "It's not the most complicated game, but it's fun." I watched him dodge the ghosts and then one of them got him. "Watch out for the ghosts." I smiled a little. "I clocked all those hours in a coma and they didn't even pay me for it, so no I'm not playing."

Spike: "Angel always was a bloody tightwad. He used to bitch and moan about Darla orderin dessert. Not like he was payin anyway what with his 'slaughter everyone in the restaurant' method of payment." Managed to get a little farther in the game before dying again. "Sure you don't want to go a few rounds with the ghosties? Think I can cover a quarter for ya princess."

Cordy: "Why would she need dessert? Vampires don't eat." There was that one time that Angel took us to that fancy restaurant and he just sat there. "Sure, I'll play, if you don't mind?" He moved to the side and I started to play, it was years since I played a video game.

Spike: "Can't drink blood all the time. Gets old, tiresome even. Kinda like eatin an apple everyday. Eventually you'd go start raving at the sight of one." Good thing we had that whole bloodlust deal working for us. "You got a cherry." Watched her play and wondered what the sod fruit had to do with ghosts and the Pac-man-woman.

Cordy: "You can eat food?" I asked him as my Ms. Pacman gobbled up a cherry. It's been a while since I had one of those. I coughed a little to cover up my laugh. "Yeah I did, my pacman is now fed."

Spike: "Better bloody believe it woman. Nothin better then one of them onion blossom deals. Things are just marvelous and they really help cut off a hangover too." Considerin she'd been in a coma for the better part of a year I had to give credit on the hand eye coordination. She was whippin up on the ghosties that was for sure. "Either that or she's preggers."

Cordy: "Those onion things are good! I heard that like one of them has like three thousand calories and like a hundred and fifty grams of fat. Not something you should eat every day." I had like three pebbles left when a ghost got me. "Damn." I moved over to the side so he could play again.

Spike: Took the controls and smirked as the ghosties started beeping. "Watch out you lil buggers, big bad back behind the wheel." Moved the pac-girl after em, eatin the jolly dots on my way. "Pretty sure you can afford to eat a calorie here and there. And fightin big nasties is a good way to burn it off besides."

Cordy: "I think it's gonna be a long time before I can have some onion blossom, gotta work off the coma weight I put on." I patted my belly. I raised an eyebrow at him. "I think it might be a while before I can do any sword work. I really don't have my hand-eye coordination back one hundred percent yet."
queen_mecha on October 31st, 2004 09:26 pm (UTC)
Yay Spordy!
The Kkkk_d on November 1st, 2004 02:01 am (UTC)
Lovely, thank you for this! an absolute joy to read...
*bounces happily* tankies!
Sars: xander (nefithilwen)atter on November 1st, 2004 12:39 pm (UTC)
There's more to come. That was just the first part. :)
Sanvean0digitrix on November 5th, 2004 03:59 pm (UTC)
Loveee Cordy/Spike there can never be enough of them.
Please keep writing !!