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05 November 2004 @ 01:01 am
Title: Give In To Me
Pairing: Angelus/Faith
Setting: 'Angel' busts Faith out of the clink.
Location: Somewhere snowy with no escape.
Rating: NC 17

DUH! Lemme give credit where it is SO due.
Faith portrayed by the fantabulous Jenna, and me I play Angelus.

Angelus: It's cold and dark. Well, those are the two things that she
will first realize when she wakes up. It will be followed by an array
of emotions when she realizes she can't move, not even if she tried.
There is just something about being deprived of movement, but movement
wasn't the only thing I planned on depriving her of. Before her time
here was up she'd know exactly what it felt like to lose all of her
senses one by one, slowly or quickly, painfully or... well no just
painfully. I looked over her body laying there at the bottom of the
basement steps. So cold when she exhaled I could see the cold steam
rise up around her face, her body trembling from the icy cold floor. I
headed down the steps and bent down looking her over. There's
something to be said about industrial saran wrap, which she was
wrapped in from neck to toe. So tightly wrapped I'm sure it felt like
a full body corset, barely enough room to breathe. Ropes bound her
hands behind her back, ankles as well. She'd been screaming
obscenities so loudly I had to gag her, she looked so pretty with it I
just left it. I hoisted her body up and climbed up the stairs, I
didn't need her to freeze to death, even though her lips were a
beautiful shade of blue.

Faith: I tried to kick out at him as he lifted me up and started
carrying me up the stairs. But I knew even if I could get out of his
grip, the only thing waiting for me was the cold hard steps.
Motherfucker! Couldn't believe I'd been this dumb. So I'm sittin'
pretty behind bars and suddenly Soul Boy shows up tellin' me he needs
me and I have to bust out. So I do. Next thing I know I'm in his car
and there's a rag over my mouth and nose and I'm bein' knocked out and
duped...again. Turns out Soul Boy wasn't exactly Soul Boy- what with
bein' Angelus and everything. Once I came to I started spitting and
swearing up a storm but he just shoved an old rag in my mouth. Fuck
me. I am so fucked. Now I'm wrapped up in saran wrap in who the fuck
even knows where cause it's cold as hell.

Angelus: She struggles as we make our way up the steps and not that
she is much of a weight to carry, but a few times I act as if I'm
about to drop her and she stills. We get up in the kitchen and I drop
her to the floor without so much a care, gathering up a few things
from drawers. I move back over to her and pull the rag from her mouth
for a moment. "Now Faithy, are you gonna scream and carry on, or do I
need to put this dirty rag back down your throat?" I look at her and
she acts like she's deaf or something, staring straight ahead. "Ahhh
yes, always so proud. Pride for no reason." I grab a hold of her jaw
and pry it back open, shoving the rag back into her mouth roughly. I
pull off a piece of duct tape and seal her mouth shut, she sucks air
noisily through her nose, which is kind of stuffy from being on a cold
floor for so long. "Oh see, now if you're going to panic then you'll
have problems breathing. Chill out, we're just gettin' warmed up." I
grab onto her and stand her up, watching as she wobbles. Must be hard
to stand being all wrapped up tight, ankles tied with rope. "Move." I
give her a poke and grab onto the back of her neck to lead her. We
step into the bathroom, the water filled to the top, steam filling the
room. "Shall we see how good of a swimmer you are all wrapped up?" The
water was as hot as it would go, her body had to be at about
hypothermic, this shouldn't feel so good and not to mention she's
kinda mummified at the moment. "Will you float or sink?"

Faith: I found myself being propelled upright, as I practiced my
bitchiest glare on Angelus. Hey I got a lot of practice on that in the
slammer. Course it worked way better on Berthas than centuries old
vampires who focused on death and blood and destruction and things
that would give most of those inmates nightmares for the rest of
their lives. I tried to inch forward, but it was really fucking hard
when your whole body is wrapped head to toe in saran wrap. Why'd he
have to go and wrap me up so nice for anyway? We both knew he was
gonna unwrap me at some point. His fingers gripped into the back of my
neck and my eyes widened when I saw the bathtub filled with steaming
hot water. Really could use a bath right now actually, but not a
steaming hot one! I remembered when it used to snow in Boston, I'd go
out and shovel the front porch for mom and then come inside and take a
shower. The water always burned my almost frozen hands. I hated that.
Now he was gonna shove me in there. Looking up at him frantically I
shook my head no, just as he pushed me into the tub. I tried to hold
my breath, but I was already having enough trouble breathing and water
began to seep into my nostrils. Flailing wildly, I tried to turn over
so I could get my head above the water.

Angelus: London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down. I
hummed in my head as she fell back into the water, woopsie guess I
shoulda pushed her in back first right? Damn, I'll have to remember
that next time. I smirk and sit on the edge of the tub watching as she
finally manages to roll herself over onto her back, but not before
sucking water through her nose. I can hear her coughing just behind
the rag and I know the fear of drowning is running through her head,
fine with me, she was supposed to be scared. Her head keeps bobbing in
and out of the water as she tries to calm herself, and me? I'm just
watching, not really caring if she fills her lungs with water. "That
water's gotta sting hmm Faith?" I ask as I set my hand on her chest
and press her down a bit into the water, her neck craning up to stay
above the water. I loved the look of sheer panic that hit her face as
I pushed her into the water, nothing could ever be so lovely as a
woman's face contorted in fear. I reach up and push some hair from her
face, stroking it back with the other wet strands. Suddenly I pinch my
finger over her nose and I'm holding her under the water, watching as
she jerks her body about in her little see-through coffin.

Faith: I finally managed to wriggle and turn over onto my back,
sucking in oxygen through my nose. I coughed and sputtered through the
rag, water trickling down the side of my face. My skin felt like it
was on fire, the water was so hot. It was the contrast of the hot
water on cool skin that made me want to peel every layer of skin I had
right off. By the look on Angelus' face, he had other plans. Fucking
prick. Why didn't he go after B? I was fine, in prison, away from all
of this and he had to come and break me out to drown me in the
bathtub? Just when my heart rate had slowed to almost a normal pace, I
felt his fingers pinch my nose closed as he pushed me under the water
with his free hand. I tried to stay calm for a minute, I didn't really
need to breath. I could just hold my breath until he got tired with
this game and moved onto the next. But before I knew it I was
struggling under his hand, my lungs feeling like they might burst at
any moment.

Angelus: Her struggles become more and more frantic, wrapped so
tightly, she kinda moves like a mermaid and for a moment longer that
fascinates me. I realize I've got to let her up, I didn't bring her
here to drown her. I pull her up and rip the gag from her face,
pulling out the rag. I'd let her get a few good breaths before placing
it back. "How's this working out for you Faith? Cozy, comfy, warm and
snuggly?" My hand presses against her body again watching as she stays
somewhere between buoyancy and sinking like a rock. "I wonder, if
Finch were alive when you tossed him in the river, would it have felt
like this when he sank to the bottom. Water sucking through his nose
and mouth." My hand violently pushes her under as she's about to say
something and watch as the water fills her mouth, then I jerk her back
up listening to her cough and gag. I pick up the rag and shove it into
her mouth again mid cough and move away from the tub. I stand in front
of the mirror fixing my hair, as if I could see myself, but I know I
look damn fine already, no real question there. I turn back around and
lean against the counter, hands crossed over my chest. "Think if I
leave you alone when I come back you'll still be alive? Or will you
have drowned? Let's find out." I flip off the lights and move to the
door, acting as if I've left but I stay there silently in the dark,
the door closed.

Faith: At least I had the fucking rag off my mouth, and if I hadn't
been so busy coughing choking and trying to suck in air I would have
spit at him right there and then. I was halfway through a cough when
he shoved it back in. Fuck Fuck Fuck! My eyes followed him as he
walked towards the door and shut off the light. Then I heard more
footsteps and the door shut. He really was gonna leave me here!
Struggling wildly, I kept dipping below the surface and then having to
relax so I could float back up where I could breathe again. I couldn't
even struggle to escape cause every time I did, I'd dip below the
water again and have to relax to float back up. Closing my eyes I
tried to picture something happy, but I couldn't think of anything.
Wouldn't that just be like me? Couldn't think of anything relaxing.
Though it's kinda hard to relax when your muscles ache from bein'
bound and you have water in your ears. Staying quiet for a minute I
listened, trying to hear where he was in the house. Didn't take me
long to figure out he was still in the same room with me.

Angelus: I can see her fighting between wanting to break free and
relaxation, bobbing just at the surface and below. She gets really
quiet and I realize she's trying to figure out where I am, wont take
her long to realize I'm in here with her, Slayer hearing. Damn. We'll
work on that whole loss of hearing thing a little later, as for now, I
think tub girl's had enough. I walk over to the edge and reach in the
water, grabbing her up by the neck and pulling her to a standing
position in the tub. She has nothing to steady herself with so she
slams into the wall behind her and nearly slips, falling back into the
water. My hand on her throat the only thing preventing her from doing
so, I pull her up from the wall and out of the tub. I set my hands
along her arms to balance her in the darkness, then I let go of her
and move to the light switch, flooding the room with bright light. "I
suppose you want to get out of this little outfit and dried off,
right?" I reach up and pull the gag from her mouth, no one would hear
her anyway, and I kinda missed her smart assed comments. "Let's hear
it, I'm sure you're dying to call me something." I stood with my arms
crossed in front of her, waiting for the verbal assault to begin.

Faith: I can hear him approaching and almost inch myself back under
the water away from him. His hand closes around my throat and I find
myself being jerked upwards again. At least my skin didn't burn
anymore, it was just really warm. I tried to suck in a breath but his
fingers dug into my windpipe, cutting off my air again. I wanted to
struggle against him but no way in hell was I gettin' thrown back in
the tub, so I let him drag me out and onto the floor. His hands
steadied me for a second before light flooded the room again and I
could see him beside me. When the gag came off I breathed in deeply,
choking in precious air. Coughing, I sputtered for a second desperate
to be out of this fucking saran wrap suit. My limbs were killing me.
Looking up finally through wet hair I met his eyes for a second. Oh
yeah, there were lots of things I was dying to call him. "Why?" I
asked simply, glaring at him through dark eyes.

Angelus: Why? Of all the things to say she asks me why? I look at her
puzzled for a moment and then give a laugh. "Why? Why not is the real
question here. I mean c'mon, you're so much more angry and ragey than
Buffy ever will be. If I brought her here she'd probably just cry and
ask me to kill her. Where's the fun in that Faithy?" My hand went to
the back of her neck again and we were heading down the hallway toward
the bedroom. I was pushing her faster than her hobbled legs could
carry her and she fell as we got into the room. "Clumsy much?" I ask
and reach down, pulling her up by the back of her hair to her feet
before pushing her face down onto the bed. "So now I have a question.
How'd you not know it wasn't Angel? I mean you're supposed to be the
Slayer, right? Oh wait... you're the second string Slayer, my bad." I
smirked and flipped her over on her back, sitting on the bed beside
her, running my hands over the saran wrap that covered her flesh.

Faith: I snickered when he told me it was because I was more 'ragey'
than Buffy. No shit, dumbass. "And all this time I thought it was
cause you had a slayer fetish." Wondered if I'd said something to piss
poor little Angelus off because he suddenly moved forward and I was
being dragged into the bedroom. It was hard to walk like this, or do
anything like this and I found myself tripping over the doorway and
landing face first in the bedroom. "Fuck." I cursed under my breath
just as I was being lifted up by the hair again and being thrown onto
the bed. I lifted my head up slightly trying not to suffocate on the
plush comforter covering the master bedroom's bed. But just as soon as
I was face down, I was flipped over onto my back again. On my back,
kinda the theme of my life. "Who'd you have to kill to get digs like
this, huh?" I asked sardonically as I felt his hand trail across the
saran wrap.

Angelus: Kill? I snort at her and pinch the flesh of her arm below the
wrap hard. "I'll show you later, they're out in the shed. On ice if
you will." I smirk and lay on the bed beside her, looking up at the
ceiling. This was a pretty nice fucking place and hey, I only had to
kill the entire family to get it, not too shabby. "I forgot how lippy
you were, kind of a turn on but right now... not so much, so shut your
mouth and mind your manners or its dirty rag for you." I get up off of
the bed and walk to the dresser selecting an item from the top of it,
turning back around to her. I make sure the only thing she sees is the
glint of the knife as I run my thumb along the blade. "Now, let's play
shall we?"

Faith: "Fuck you!" I spat at him as he pinched my arm hard. But I
quickly bit down on my tongue because as much as I wanted to lash out
at him and tell him what an asshole he was, he already knew. And I
really didn't want that rag back in my mouth. My eyes widened again
when I saw the knife in his hand. What the fuck was he gonna do with
that? Cut me up? Cause drowning me wasn't good enough or what? "Why
don't you stop bein' a wuss, and let me go. Then we can fight fair." I
could see the look of amusement pass over his face as I pulled hard on
the saran wrap. "Come on, Angelus. Know you don't like your girls to
just lay on their back and take it or else you'd have B tied up on
this bed."

Angelus: I watched her eyes widen as she sees the knife and I look
down at it like I'm holding a kitten, confused as to why she's scared
of it. I stand there looking at the blade, perfectly sharpened and
ready for use, then she opens up that trap again. "Wuss? Did you just
call me a wuss? Man Faith, how many years in the cell and that's the
best you got? I'm so disappointed." I move over to her so quickly I am
not sure she even had time to blink and there I was, straddled over
her knife in hand. "Never said I wasn't gonna let you up, and you're
wrong I do like my girls on their backs. Although sometimes it's nice
if they're on their hands and knees too." I smirk and run the blade
down the side of her cheek, the blade leaving a white line it's so
sharp against her flesh. "I'd never tie Buffy up... she's too good to
be tied up."

Faith: "You fuck!" I spat at him, clenching my teeth together as the
blade ran down the side of my cheek. I tried to wriggle out of the
saran wrap but I wasn't gettin' anywhere. Plus I had the feelin' Mr.
Leatherpants here might like it if I kept wriggling around underneath
him like that. Hated it that he could burn me like that, bringin' up
Buffy. She's too good to be tied up my ass. I remembered one night
when we both had her tied up. Course it hadn't really been him, it was
Angel pretending to be him. But whatever, I was sick of this whole
you'll never be Buffy crap. I didn't wanna be like B. That was weak.

Angelus: Ooh ho! I pushed a button, figures she's still all uptight
and sexually frustrated over Buffy. "Awww do we still harbor a bit of
resentment over Buffy? What is it about, hmmm Faithy? The fact she'll
never let you in her pants or the fact that she's always thought she's
better than you?" I brought the knife to her neck, slicing through the
first layer of wrap, edging it open slowly. Her skin at her neck was
glistening from sweat, must be warm in her snug little cocoon. "I'm
guessing a bit of both... but she is you know? Better than you. She
was called before you. She didn't let her Watcher die. She helped you
take down Kakistos. The list goes on and on and on." I moved down her
body, sitting over her thighs, dragging the knife over her lower
abdomen. I sliced open right where her nifty little scar lay. "This
right here..." I ran my finger over the jagged reminder. "Will always
be your reminder she is better than you. She had to nearly kill you to
prove it to you, didn't she?" I smirk and start dragging the serrated
edge along the wrap in various places, digging in a bit deeper just
below her ribcage. I licked my lips as the skin broke and blood ran
between her skin and the wrap, she was a TV dinner now... waiting to
be opened and devoured.

Faith: "So what? B's the real deal slayer, and you're scared of her so
you come after me? Kinda weak if you ask me." I shot back at him,
slightly craning my neck so I could watch the knife. I could hear the
saran wrap tearing and it loosened around me. Quickly I started
wriggling my wrists in the rope again. Should be easy to get it off
now, if I could just get Captain Forehead here to take a hike. "She'll
kill you just like she tried to kill me. Guaranteed. Only I'm thinkin'
your gonna end up less in a coma and more a pile of dust." I hissed as
the cool blade of the knife touched my skin and cut through it, warm
blood seeping out and making me stick to the saran wrap. I didn't'
even care if Buffy was better than me. Fuck, I didn't give a shit. I
wanted her to come burstin' through the door and save the day and all
that other hero crap that she loves so much.

Angelus: She started to wiggle about as I continued to cut her out of
the wrap, saving the last thin layer intact. It was always much more
fun to cut that off slowly and peel it back, giving the neato effect
of having your skin peeled from your body. Knowing how kinky she is
she'd probably get off on it. If she didn't, hell at least I would,
just too bad it's not her real flesh. I look up and her eyes are
darting around the room. "What? You expecting Buffy fucking Summers to
come bursting in? Save the day? Newsflash Faith, no one gives a rat's
ass about you. Probably don't even know I sprung you from the joint."
I continued slowly peeling her from the wrap, tossing the remains to
the floor, now... one layer left. I brought the knife tip the hollow
of her throat and pressed down, watching as it shrank away from me as
she pulled her head back. "Ah ah... stay still, play nice, maybe I
will." I pressed the tip of the blade harder, making a little pinpoint
of blood come rushing up. "It would be kinda hard to breathe with a
hole in your windpipe, dontcha think baby?" Slowly I drug the blade
down all the way down to her feet, making a nice cut line from neck
to toe. I set the knife back on the dresser, far from her reach, and
started to peel her out of her second skin.

Faith: I took a deep breath as soon as the saran wrap was gone. At
least I could actually breathe again, gotta be happy about the little
things. Cause Angelus was right, B didn't give a shit about me, and
even if she cared enough about Angel to come bail him out of this
situation she probably didn't even know that he'd sprung me out. Alls
I had to do was get out of the rope and find a phone. Those dead
people had to have had a phone, right? He dropped the last layer of
wrap on the floor and when he came back I swung both of my feet around
hard enough to throw him off balance and off the bed. Sitting up, I
started frantically wriggling my hands free of the rope around my
wrists. Finally I slipped a numb finger through and managed to untie
the rest of the rope holding my hands together.

Angelus: I felt her feet connect with my body and next thing I know I
am off the bed and attempting not to hit the floor. From the corner of
my eye I see her rushing to untie her wrists, I can hear it loosening,
yet she keeps her hands behind her back. "Faith. I'm not stupid, I
know you've got the rope off of your wrists. Untie your ankles, go
on." I motion toward her feet and wait for her to untie them. Letting
her out was a risk, but there was really nowhere she could go. The
house was locked down tight, snowed in, besides a little battle might
be fun. I cross my hands behind my back and wait for her to finish,
once she has I look at her. "Well now, what next?" I move fast,
grabbing her and launching her against the door frame. "Shall we play
hide and seek? I'll give you a head start.. c'mon... ten seconds?" She
looks at me like I'm insane and well, let's face it, I am. "Ten...
nine... eight..." I begin.

Faith: I wasn't just the kinda chick who ran away from a quality
fight. I mean come on, it's been forever since I had a fight. This was
the kinda stuff a chick dreamed about while she was bein' locked away
in prison. Well maybe not most chicks, just me. But hey, I was a
slayer and I got instincts, needs. Yeah, I missed fighting. On second
thought I needed to find a weapon, maybe some clothes, maybe call B in
the Dale and tell her to haul ass up to wherever the fuck I was. So
instead of turning around and starting a throw down I end up takin'
the wuss route and hauling ass out of the room. Tearing through a
hallway I ran down a set of steps and almost slipped on my ass on the
cold kitchen floor. I was still sopping wet from my fun little bath
and it wasn't exactly helping. Finding another set of stairs I tore up
them and ran into a bedroom, closing and locking the door behind me.
Breathing hard I stumbled further into the room and saw another door.
A bathroom. Thank fucking God. Running inside I turned on the light
and found a towel. Drying myself off quickly, I opened the closet and
started looking through the clothes hanging there. Looked like the
last tenant had a teenage daughter. Score. Tearing a pair of
sweatpants and a t-shirt off the racks I started throwing them on.

Angelus: "One... ready or not here I come." I pick the blade up from
the dresser, surprised she hadn't snagged it when she took off, oh
well her loss. I had heard exactly where she'd gone, sometimes being a
vampire really rocked. I'd give her a bit of time, let it play on her
a bit. I followed her route, rather than just walking down to the
other end of the hall where she'd locked herself. Not the brightest
thing bless her heart, ran up the kitchen stairs that opened at the
end of the hallway. Through the kitchen I went, up the stairs, my bare
feet barely making a sound as I moved up them. I could hear her heart
pounding on the other side of the door, why was she scared? Or was it
adrenaline? Who knows, or at least I won't until I kick the door open.
"Oh Faithy... you run away from me to go what, down the hall?" I run
the blade down the door before my foot swings up and kicks it in. She
is not in plain sight. Three doors in the room. I'm guessing bathroom,
and what two closets? Method of elimination. I head for the bathroom
and push the door open, stepping inside.

Faith: I heard the sound of the knife scraping on the door, and
quickly stepped into the closet closing the door behind me. I could
barely see out through two tiny slits on the door, but it was enough
to see the hair gel queen himself walk past me and into the bathroom.
My hand circled around the weapon I'd found. Poor dead girl who lived
here last, she was my lifesaver now, and all for being a softball
player. Picking up the baseball bat I quickly flung the door open.
Stepping towards the bathroom, Angelus's head met the fat end of the
softball bat as I swung it. He went down hard, and I turned around and
beat feet again. Where the hell was I going? I had no idea, but I had
to get the hell out of here. Sure, my first fight in years and it's
gotta be with one of the most vicious vamps ever. Yeah, I heard the
talk, read the books whatever. I knew what Angelus was. Finding an
office, I slammed the door and ran to the other side. The door to the
garage. Fuck I am just this good. Running out into the cold garage I
finally got my first look outside and understood why it was so fucking
cold. It was a blizzard, the likes of which I hadn't seen since I was
livin' in Boston a forever ago. "Where the hell did he bring me?" I
asked myself quietly.

Angelus: Wow, tweetie birds? I shake my head and hear her take off out
of the room. Was that a bat? Crazy little bitch. I moved fast behind
her, the office door slamming just as I come to it. I knew the garage
door was just on the other side of this room, and I also knew for a
fact she was probably in it or hightailing it through the snow. I
threw the door open and made my way to the garage door, and there she
stood. Looking at the snow, it was dark, if she went out there now
she'd freeze to death. "You gotta better chance of living inside
Faithy." I growled in her ear as my arms locked around her from
behind, dropping the bat from her hand. "Not really smart to hit me
with things, after all I untied you, let you loose." I moved us both
back inside and kicked the door closed to the garage, shoving her
across the room and over an armchair beside the desk. "Now, get up and
be a good bitch and I won't have to kill you so soon." I jerked her up
from the floor and continued shoving her until she was in the living
room. I looked around at the blackened windows, the fire burning
brightly, the only thing really lighting the room.

Faith: I stood looking out at the snow shocked. Did he really drag me
somewhere snowy just so I couldn't escape? Cause where the fuck was I
gonna go in this weather? How was I gonna get out here without
freezing to death. Only thing I could do was hide inside the house
until someone figured out where I was, or I was gonna have to kill
Angelus which meant killing Angel. I was lost in my thoughts as I felt
two arms wrap themselves around me like steel vices. Dragging me
inside, the entire house was dark save for the fire burning brightly
in the living room. I let myself get shoved only so far before
standing back up and glaring at him. "Why the hell did you bring me
here? You really just that starved to torture a slayer you gotta drag
my ass up to wherever the fuck we are to kill me? I'm not buying that
shit." I tensed every single muscle in my body ready for any of his
attacks. Sure I was an out of practice vampire slayer, a rusty vampire
slayer, but I was still a vampire slayer. And by my estimation that
meant he shoulda been pissing himself with fear right about now. Cause
I'd dust his ass.

Angelus: I let her launch her attack of questions and stand there
watching as her whole body goes up in arms, ready for a fight. "Well
Faith, if you must know why I brought you up here, I'll tell you." I
say stepping over by the fire and holding my hands out like I was
warming them. "I'm not starved to torture a Slayer, especially not the
likes of you. I just brought you up here to fuck around with you,
mentally and more than likely physically, cuz damn you're still much
finer than Buffy, and then I was thinking of maybe vamping you out.
Keeping you for my own for oh, say the rest of eternity." I smile at
her like I'm a salesman trying to sell an old lady a vacuum. "Thought
the atmosphere would remind you of Boston, you know... cold and snowy.
You can stop trying to look all big and bad now, you're pretty much
with the weak and pathetic. When did hiding in closets and smacking
people with bats become Slayer material? I remember when you made fun
of Buffy for hiding in a crypt, what would she think of you now?" I
turned and put my hands on my hips, smirking at her.

Faith: I listened to his crap with an expressionless look on my face,
dark eyes following him carefully around the room. Watching every
single little movement he made, cause I was gonna be ready for his
crazy ass this time. I snickered when he finished, mostly because I
couldn't help it. Finally the snicker grew into a laugh, and pretty
soon I was grinning and looking at him with laughter in my eyes. "You
sprung me out cause you need an undead girlfriend? Get real. Don't
they make classified ads for sick fucks like you?"

Angelus: I looked at her and laughed, well fuck that was hysterical.
"I gotta hand it to ya Faith, you always have had a mouth on you. That
was pretty funny, and no... even if they did have classified ads for
sick fucks like me, nothing compares to Slayer blood." I moved over by
her, keeping a distance, my hand on my chin. "And let's face it, Buffy
just doesn't have your spark. With my luck I'd turn her and she'd be
another Dru. Don't get me wrong, I love my dark Princess, but she's
just a few cards shy of a full deck. But you..." I walk around her,
taking her in. "You're a killer. I know you'd love being a vamp. Want
whatever you want. Take whatever you want. Have whatever you want.
Hasn't that always been your motto? Want, take, have? Well... that's
what you'll get as a vampire. Fuck you can even have Buffy, as long as
I can watch." I stepped up behind her and set my hands on her arms.
"Doesn't that sound enticing? No more of this redemption bullshit
Angel tries to get you to do, he's just a fucking pussy. Redemption my
ass, that boy's a cold blooded killer and ain't nothing ever gonna
change that." I turn her around quickly, my hands locked on her arms.
"C'mon Faith, come over to my side of the game, it's so much more

Faith: "Dream on, Vamp Boy." I said, ripping myself out of his grip
and taking another step back. "If you think I just sat on my ass
surrounded by nothin' but Berthas for the last few years for you to
turn me into a vampire, you got another thing comin' baby. Did someone
put crack in your blood?" The thing that sucked? I almost wanted it. I
mean I'd wanted Angel for so long and here he was, only him without a
soul. And he wanted me. Came after me before he even thought
about Buffy. Hell, he said I could have B if I wanted to. All I had to
do was say yes, and then I'd never die, and I could have anything I
wanted to have. Somewhere deep down though I knew it was massively
fucked up, cause I was a slayer. I should be wantin' to slay him, not
be like him.

Angelus: She pulls back from me and gives me some bullshit story, then
falls into thought and zones out. Man, she is off her game a bit. I'm
sure she thought she could just dust me anytime she wanted, yeah sure
okay. My hand connects with her face in a savage backhand, sending her
to the floor. "I have an idea how about you show a little fucking
respect or I'll just strap your ass back in pretty bondage and watch
you freeze to death. Either way you'd be cold and dead, vampire or
icicle." I grab her up from the floor and drag her into the kitchen,
pushing her up against the sink. My hand goes up into her hair, my
hips pin her to the counter, and my other hand brings the knife to her
throat. "I could bleed you right here and now, down the sink... bury
your body out back. Wouldn't be found till spring when the snow
melted." I grip the knife tighter and dig it in just a little bit
more, pushing her head down toward the sink. "One clean slice." I
could too, but now that I have her bent over the counter I'm thinking
of other things.

Faith: Why did I keep doin' that? My old watcher used to bitch at me
about that all the time. Don't get distracted, don't let your guard
down for a second. There I go gettin' my ass handed to me again. I'm
way off my game, and it isn't even funny. Really not funny in the way
there's a knife pressing into my throat and a hand tangled into my
hair. I swallowed hard feeling the blade press further into the skin
and a drop of blood ran down into the sink below. I could see it, tiny
and red. Feeling something hard pressed against the back of my leg I
smirked a little. "You're not gonna do that." I said quietly. "Cause
you wanna fuck me too badly." Oh he did, and I could feel it. And fuck
if I didn't want the same thing, even though it was wrong and
somewhere in my head something was screaming that it was really wrong!
But I'd been in prison for years, and let's face it. Boy was hot.

Angelus: She called my bluff, I smirk and dig the knife in a bit more,
the grip in her hair tightens as well. I can feel the scalp pulling
with her hair, I lean in and put my mouth by her ear, whispering
quietly, a dirty tone to my voice. "Now Faithy, why would you think
I'd wanna fuck you? Oh, cuz I have a hard on? You think that's for
you, maybe it's over the fact I could kill you right now. Remember me,
killer?" I kiss her earlobe softly. "Maybe that's what you want hmm?
Always wanted a good tumble with Angel, but never could cuz of that
pesky soul business?" I tossed the knife far behind me somewhere,
hearing it clank to the floor, and I ran my hand up along the side of
her thigh to her ass, squeezing a handful and pushing her hips harder
into the counter. "So... something you're trying to tell me here? All
that time in the joint got you hot and bothered for something other
than a fist in your pussy?" I kicked her legs apart and ran my hand
between her legs, the sweat pants... nice touch, didn't hide a thing.
"Now that's... interesting." I smirked at the heat now resting against
the palm of my hand.

Faith: His hand on my crotch felt oh so fucking good I almost wanted
to wriggle and squirm to get a little bit more. Fuck me! Taking a deep
breathe I spun around quickly and punched him hard in the jaw. "Well
now that you mention it. I always did kinda want a tumble with Angel."
He started to come back at me but I kicked out at him hard, straight
into his kneecap. Using the advantage I grabbed a chair from the
kitchen table and smashed it over his face, sending him tumbling to
the ground. "Too bad piles of dust don't really do it for me." Now if
I could just find something wooden. Shit. Maybe an axe? Anything?
Kicking him hard again, I took off into the next room. Just needed to
find a weapon and I was home free.

Angelus: Man. I rub my jaw as the chair comes crashing down on my
face. Okay, that's a sure way to piss me off. She is looking around
and I just look at her like she's stupid, busted chair leg
right there Faith. Instead she lips off, kicks me and runs
again. "I'm gettin really tired of chasing your ass Faith. Real tired,
I think I'll just save myself the grief and kill you." I feel my face
vamp out and I am on her heels like no tomorrow, lashing out with my
foot I connect with her lower back, sending her nearly face first into
the fireplace. "Real. Damn. Tired." I add with emphasis each time,
kicking her in the ribcage with each word. I watch as she rolls out of
the way, I'm sure she's going to be hurting later. "No weapons in the
house, except my knife and a wooden chair leg you left in the kitchen
like the dumb bitch you are. You're getting sloppy. That means one of
two things. You are either tired or you are so off your game it isn't
even funny. Tell me... which one is it baby?" I pick her up from the
floor and she goes sailing across the room, slamming half way up the
wall and then banging into the floor. "I can do this all day... you
just say uncle and it'll stop." I head toward her again.

Faith: My ears were ringing as I slumped down to the floor after being
kicked and pummeled and thrown into a wall. The last fight I'd gotten
into was with some chick on cellblock 8 who was pissed cause she
thought I stole her smokes. I took a few punches in that fight, like I
usually did. But that was nothin' compared to this. Figured he'd have
to bust the retired slayer out of prison knowin' she was all rusty to
fuck with her. "Uncle." I smirked, as I stood back up and looked at
him carefully. He stopped suddenly too, probably thinking that I'd
given in or something. Was he really just that much of a dumbass? He
really thought I was just gonna lay down and take it, like some other
slayers. Nope, just wasn't my way. "I been in prison a couple years ya
know, you could give a chick a break." I edged back from him slightly,
but my back was already to the wall. If I could find a weapon his ass
would be dust and I'd be halfway back to civilization. 'Sides I knew
he was lying about there being no other weapons around. I mean, I did
find that baseball bat.

Angelus: Uncle, yeah sure that's why you're smirking. I stop though
and stand a few feet from her, waiting for her to spring up and launch
her assault. "Give you a break? What, do you think I'm stupid? I'm
sure you worked out in that little hole everyday of your life. You're
a Slayer, you don't take anything laying down. Was I born yesterday,
or are you just really that ignorant?" I watched as she edged back and
I laughed, turning away from her, moving to get my knife again. I
picked it up from the ground and looked at her from where I stood, her
back still to the wall. "Did you still want a weapon?" The knife left
my hand with lethal force, pegging her right in the shoulder, pinning
her to the wall. "There you go baby." I leaned against the door frame,
waiting for her to scream in pain.

Faith: I hissed loudly when I felt the knife go right through the skin
of my shoulder. The edge of the blade poked out through the back and
pinned me to the cold wall behind it. Cursing, I sucked in a breath of
air before putting wrapping my fingers around the handle of the weapon
and pulling it out of the wall and my shoulder. It was covered in my
blood when I looked down at it. Knife. Used to be my favorite weapon.
I liked something that would still let me get my hands dirty, they got
really fucking dirty after I killed Finch. Covered in blood just how I
liked it best. Looking back up at Angelus I was tempted to just throw
the knife back and aim for his head. Instead I held onto it and glared
up at him. "I'd say you're the stupid one." I bit out before launching
myself at him. I swung the knife at his head, but he ducked it just in
time. Using the distraction I punched him hard in the side of the face
before swiping out with the knife again and nicking him in the side.
Quickly I swung down low and used my leg to knock his feet out from
underneath him.

Angelus: That's gotta hurt. Not for long, she's coming at me with that
raged out look on her face. That killer, the one that lives just below
the surface, itching to break free. I ducked in time to miss a blade
to the skull, but took a fist to the face. I felt the blade cut along
the flesh of my ribs, not really doing any damage, foolish girl. "Now
Faith." I said as I hit the ground, lashing out with my foot and
kicking her right in the knee cap, nothing like a little
hyperextension to knock you on your ass. "If you're going to use a
knife... use the knife." As she started to get up I pounced,
pinning her to the ground by her wrists, my weight holding her down.
"I'll give you one more shot to show me you know how to use that
knife." I looked at her shirt now soaked with blood, leaning down I
licked the skin around her neck where the blood was running to the
floor. "Ahhh breakfast of champions." I say grinning as I sit up and
pin her wrists to the floor harder, not minding one bit when I feel
the bones grate against one another. I slam her wrist holding the
knife to the ground, and it slips from her grip. "Now... get your fat
prison ass up and show me you know how to use that knife, or I'll just
kill you now and leave you with the Cleavers in the shed out back." I
spring up from her and wink at her.

Faith: My back hit the floor hard and the next thing I know I've got a
cold wet tongue running down my neck as I squirmed underneath him.
Wasn't sure if it was the fight or him on top of me that was gettin'
me all hot and bothered. I cried out when I felt the bones in my wrist
start to gnash into each other. Fuck. That hurt, and I'd lost my grip
on the knife. When he sprung up off of me I stared at him for all of a
second before I was in motion. Jumping up I grabbed the knife and
swung out with it again, violently and savagely looking to cut his
fucking head off this time. He managed to duck and evade most of my
attacks, swinging my lower body down my leg came up and my foot him
hard in the side sending him staggering. Using the moment, I thrust
out with the knife and stabbed it right into his chest hard. He didn't
even flinch, just wrapped one hand around my wrist hard and forced it
off of the knife. Spinning around I kicked his hand hard, forcing the
knife in deeper, and him to the ground. "How's that?" I asked snidely
before taking off to the kitchen. Mid run, I reached down and grabbed
the chair leg off the ground in one fell swoop before continuing up
the stairs. I stopped in the hallway when Is aw a stereo.... How had
he found me last time? He could hear me, stupid vampire hearing.
Pushing the power button on the stereo some Barbara Streisand crap
came on, and I forced myself to turn the dial up all the way. Barbara
wailed through the house, and I could barely hear myself think.
Sprinting away I ran into another room and closed and locked the door
behind me. Backing up into the room, I realized it wasn't even a room
but a walk in closet. "Fuck." I muttered. It didn't matter though,
cause now I had the stake and as soon as his ass walked by, he was

Angelus: God damn she's fast. I have one hand wrapped around the
handle of the knife and she does an impressive spinning kick and
plunges it deeper into my chest. I look up at her and grin as she asks
me how that was, and then she runs. I sigh and watch as she scoops up
the broken chair leg. I look down at the knife in my chest and pull it
out, looking at the nice little hole she's left. The stereo blasts and
I head into the living room, turning it off. "Not very bright again,
you could have at least broken the volume knob or something. Dumb
bitch." I shake my head and bust the knob off of the face, tossing it
across the room. My eyes flash around the room, the knife in my hand
is fun sure, but I need something more. I hear a door close and her
feet move a few steps, stopping. I know exactly where she is. I pick
up the fireplace poker and quietly head up the back steps, I stand
just outside the door. It's gotta be a mind trip for her to not be
able to hear me breathe or move, something her little spidey senses
can pick up on. I'll just be patient and wait, not much she can do in
a closet after all.

Faith: I edged further back into the closet, my eyes watching the knob
of the door. When it turned I'd just launch out at whatever it was and
stake it right in the heart. Since the two of us were the only ones
around, I was sure it would be Angelus who would be dust. This whole
thing was so fucked up. I mean, I look at him and I still see Angel.
Angel with leather pants and a weird smirk permanently on his face.
Angel, the one thing I wanted, the one person who'd never given up on
me. Now I was trapped in this house with his evil alter ego. Guess we
each get a turn playing with the evil part of the other one. Though,
I'm thinkin' me crazy doesn't compare to Angel with out a soul.
Angelus is one messed up asshole. I could hear the radio shut off, and
almost wanted to be glad that Barbara had stopped filling up the
entire house. Course now he'd find me in a second. I really hated
vampire hearing.

Angelus: I waited there for a while, and now well, I was just bored.
No fun. I stepped around to the other side of the door, gripping the
handle. If I pulled this open, I'd be behind it and she'd come
charging out. Disadvantage for her, oh yeah. I jiggle the handle a bit
and then just rip it open, and as expected she comes launching out,
expecting me to be in the front of the door like a dumbass. I reach
out and smack her arm that holds the stake hard with the poker,
dropping it to the ground. I kick it and it goes over the edge and
lands somewhere downstairs on the living room floor. "Gotta love open
living layouts, dontcha?" I grab her arms and jerk it up high behind
her back, knowing the one is already sore from the smashing in the
kitchen. I walk her to the edge of the stairs and tip her to the very
edge of the first step, watching as she goes up on her toes and leans
into me. "What? Scared of falling down stairs? Let's see, shall we?" I
give her a hefty shove and watch as she topples end over end down the
stairs, following behind her closely, not even thinking of giving her
a chance to get that damn stake. "How was your trip sunshine?" I ask
bending down over her as she lay in a heap at the bottom, I jab her in
the ribs with my fist. "I think it's time for more bondage fun,
whattya say Faithy?"

Faith: Every single time my head hit a step I wished he'd just kill me
and leave me the hell alone. Why the hell did B always manage to get
the good deal? Not only was she the big hero type that everyone loved,
now she wasn't even the one gettin' manhandled by her ex honey. Bitch.
I hated her more in that moment than I ever had before. Coughing I
rolled over just in time to get a fist straight in the ribs, doubling
over I found myself tryin' to curl into a ball for a second before my
brain kicked back in with a big ow that fucking hurt. I took two more
fists in the ribs, before trying to roll away from him again. "I say
you might as well do whatever the fuck you want, since your days are
numbered. Sure, you can kill me, but you know it's just a matter of
time before B finds out your back and then well...you know your ass is
dust." He came at me again, and I groaned as I sprung back to my feet
and tensed myself up for another throw down. Fuck. Where did my stake

Angelus: I watch as she gets back up, ready for me to bitch slap her
to the ground again, and I probably will. She is a bitch, and she
needs to be slapped. "My days are numbered? Oh that's rich Faith,
telling a vampire who's nearly two hundred years old that his days are
numbered. I have skipped my way around you so-called Slayers my whole
existence. What in the hell makes you think that Buffy is gonna be the
one to take me down? And... how ironic you always keep expecting Buffy
to come save you." I lash out and smack her hard across the face,
knocking her to the floor. "Stay down, you're prettier from up here.
Don't think you can save yourself Faith? Thought you were on the path
of redemption? Don't tell me that you haven't changed. That'd mean
you're still the same girl who did all those bad things back in
Sunnydale. Right?" I swung the poker in the air a few times like a
sword before bringing it down skillfully between the fingers on her
hand, perfect aim. "Hell, even I'm better than you." I pulled the
poker up and smacked her in the chin with it, watching the skin split.
"Now, are we gonna play nice, or are we going to keep fighting...

Faith: "Fuck you!" I spat back up at him as he told me to stay down.
Sure, I gave him the big fuck you but as soon as the poker connected
with my face I realized I was fighting a losing battle. Already got
knocked around a lot, I did my part. I tried to fight the big bad,
guess I just couldn't hack it. Man, if only B could hear me now. But
most of me just wanted to give into him cause damn I was all hot,
despite gettin' slapped around and it would be so easy. So easy, to
just give in to him. Become the thing that threatened to take me over
every time the lights went out in my prison cell and I was left alone
with my thoughts. How I'd been such a bad little girl. "We can play
nice." I finally relented, swallowing hard as I looked up at him from
the floor. For now... After all, I couldn't just really give
in. Couldn't let him be the one to wear the pants in this sick twisted
little relationship.

Angelus: We can play nice, yeah this should last for about... five
minutes. I tap my chin in thought as she looks at me from the floor,
and I swear to god I just don't know if I want to fuck her or kill her
right now. Maybe a little bit of both. I reach down and pull her up
from the floor, dragging her back up the stairs I just threw her down,
heading back toward the bedroom. "We'll play a fun game, a nice game."
I toss her onto the bed and dig around in the chest at the foot of the
bed, pulling out a length of rope. I sit on the dresser and pull the
knife from the sheath strapped to my calf beneath my pant leg and
start cutting equal lengths of rope. "While I do this you need to
strip." I don't even look up at her, just keep slicing through the
rope. "If you don't then I might have to cut them off of you later,
and I can't be held liable if I accidentally cut into that
delicious flesh in the process." I shrug and set the first two lengths
of rope on the dresser. "Your choice, really."

Faith: I met the comforter face first for the second time, and angrily
propped myself back up. Watching him play with rope and a knife was
kinda hot in a fucked up way. But he was pissing me off, dragging me
up the stairs and throwin' me on the bed and demanding that I strip.
Standing up I started peeling off the clothes, didn't have any shame
and I could fight just as well naked. Oh who the hell was I kidding, I
wanted to get laid. I wanted him to fuck me, cause I hadn't had a
quality screw in so long I could practically taste it. "What are you
doing?" I asked, every slayer muscle in my entire body still tense and
ready for whatever his next move was.

Angelus: I looked up as she asked me what I was doing, smiling when I
noticed she'd stripped. "Oh you'll find out." I finish cutting the
fourth and final length of rope and collect them all in my hand,
setting my knife on the dresser. Didn't need to have weapons on my
body near her, already had a knife to the chest, even though I asked
for it. I took my shirt off and looked her over one more time. "On the
bed. Face down." I say, not leaving much room for debate, more of a
command. I watch as she looks at me hesitantly. "We can play nice, or
we can play murder... again, your choice babe." I shrug and lean back
against the dresser, running the rope between my fingers.

Faith: Looking at him, I knew he wasn't plannin' on playing nice. Then
again when had I ever liked a guy who had played nice? Fuck. What was
I supposed to do? I could get up and fight again and get my ass
knocked back down the stairs, or I could turn over...play nice. Wait
for him to kill me, or do whatever the hell he wanted to do to me. But
if I was tied up I wasn't gonna be able to do much fighting at all.
Then what? "Fuck you. I'm not letting you tie me up again." I hissed
out at him, my ribs aching and screaming at me to just give in.

Angelus: "Tsk tsk... just when I thought you'd be a good girl." I keep
looking at the rope in my hand and just let out a bothered sigh,
before vamping and raising my voice so loud it echoed through the
house. "LAY THE FUCK DOWN." She flinches and it looks like she's not
going to move. "Tying you up will be the least of your worries if you
keep this up, now lay down." Still, resistance. I walk to her and grab
her throat, shoving her back on the bed, flipping her on her stomach
and straddling her back. I jerk one arm up and tie it to the bedpost,
following suit with the next, a struggle of course because she won't
give in. "There... now was that so hard? And to think, if you'd laid
down like I asked I wouldn't have to tie your ankles. But now..." I
move off of her and grip her right ankle, locking it in place with the
rope and the footboard. "You leave me no choice really." I stand at
the foot of the bed admiring my handy four point restraint and the
gorgeous piece of ass now strapped to the bed, wiggling for all it's
worth. "Man the more you wiggle, the hotter I get. Keep it up Faithy."
I reach down and slap her ass hard before moving to the nightstand and
pulling out the next element of my surprise.

Faith: His weight was crushing down on me and now I really wished I'd
managed to stake his annoying ass. When he finally got off of me, I
pulled hard on the rope around my wrists, tethering me to the bedpost.
Fuck him. Why didn't he just kill me when I was wrapped in saran wrap?
Didn't anyone ever teach him that it wasn't polite to play with your
food before you eat it? He was playing with me, and I was sick of
being played. Cursing again I yanked my feet forward trying to get out
of my bindings. Finally I let out a breath and collapsed onto the bed.
It was just rope, I'd get out of it at some point....hopefully. "What
are you doing?" I asked, craning my neck to turn my head. Dark hair
was in my eyes as I tried to peer through it to see what the hell he
was doing.

Angelus: I don't pay her any mind as she asks what I'm doing, that
matt of hair is blocking her from seeing anyway. What I was doing was
planning on stripping her of her senses. I turn to her, the objects in
my hand too small for her to see anyway, and I straddle her back
again, pushing her head into the mattress. "Lay still." I press
something into her ear, then follow suit with the other. Deafening
her. I get up and look around, then look back down at her. I snap my
fingers above her head, knowing she can't hear, but testing it out.
Perfect. I lean down and kiss her cheek, flipping the light off,
making the room pitch black. Stripping her of vision and sound and the
ability to move freely. Let's see how she does. I sit in the chair in
the corner of the room, pulling a flask from my coat hanging on the
edge of the chair, and watch.

Faith: Earplugs? What the fuck was this? Suddenly the whole room was
plunged into darkness and I lay very still for a second expecting
Angelus's hand to be touching me any second. I raised up my hips a
little bit almost begging him to do it, fuck I needed it. I realized
he wasn't anywhere near me and don't even ask me how I knew
considering I couldn't see shit with or without the lights on. "Hey!"
I said loudly, and I couldn't even hear myself. "HEY!!!" I screamed as
loud as I could, sorta freaking out when I still could only hear a
muffled version of what I sounded like. Yanking on the ropes hard, I
felt one of them start to give way a little bit.

Angelus: I smirk as she lifts her hips from the bed. Ahh there is the
true girl shining through, wanting my hands on her. Gotta tie her up
to turn her on? Or well, at least get her to raise her ass off the bed
toward hands that aren't there. She's screaming out for someone to say
something to her and I wonder if she's ever had total silence in her
entire life. She seems a bit ADD to me, and I'm sure the silence is
just killing her, I'm half waiting for her to just keep screaming so
she hears her own muffled voice. I saw one of the ropes start to pull
from the headboard and I got up, retightening it without touching
anything but her wrist, then went and sat back down. Pretty soon I
just couldn't take sitting there, I wanted to play. I walked to the
bed and ran a finger up the back of one of her thighs, up over her ass
and up her backbone. When I ran it back down, it was my nail raking
down her flesh that made her body raise off the mattress.

Faith: I felt my wrist get locked back into place and cursed loudly.
At least I think it was loudly, it was hard to tell with these stupid
earplugs in. What the hell was this about anyway? Thought we were
gonna play a nice game. Suddenly I felt a fingertip trail up my thigh
and up towards my back. Unconsciously I lifted my hips off of the bed
again to meet his hand, his cold hand. Breathing in sharply I could
feel nails raking down my back. Shivering a little bit at his touch I
was suddenly grateful that I had at least that, cause I didn't have
any of my other senses really. So now everything was wicked magnified,
like at that moment I was defined solely by his hand touching my

Angelus: My fingers play on her skin, denying her touch for seconds or
sometimes minutes, before letting my fingers float across her heated
back or legs. She rolled every time I dug my nails into her skin, I
when I mean roll, I mean roll. I took my hands from her body
and paced around the bed, she can't hear me, that must suck for her. I
move to her side and bend, blowing air lightly over her skin and
running my hand roughly up her thigh.

Faith: His hands would dance across my skin, and then pull away for
minutes at a time leaving me writhing and struggling in the ropes.
Alone, couldn't hear a damn thing. Come on! What the fuck was he
waiting for? I needed it, needed him, his cold fingers on my skin. I
could already feel the glisten of sweat on my bare back as I struggled
to get loose. When I felt a breeze followed by a hand running up my
thigh I froze again. Desperately trying to scootch down, to get more
of his skin pressing against mine. Fuck. This was so very wrong. So very
wrong. But it felt so good.

Angelus: She was wiggling down against my hand that just rested on her
inner thigh, not moving, not caressing. Just... resting. I thought of
the next sense I was going to rob her of shortly, and daydreamed a bit
on how she'd react. Right, back to reality and my hand on her thigh, I
give a nice thick pinch to her inner thigh and take my hand away. I
strip most of my clothing off and head back toward the bed, sitting
beside her on one side, my legs crossed. Knife in hand. My eyes roam
over her skin for the best possible area and I settle on an area right
at the crest of her hip. Nice and full little area, bleed real pretty
I'm sure. I let the cool flat side of the blade rest down on her back,
letting her know what I have. I gently scrape the edges along her
back, the serrated edge leaves little white wispy designs... but no
blood. I work my way down until I reach her hip area, this time
letting the tip of the knife jab little pin pricks into her skin. Her
breath hitches and I wait for the cry, and she will cry out. I change
my grip on the knife and I cut a line, a second line, and a line
across those to. 'A'. Nice handy work. I grab the bottle of alcohol
from the night stand and pour it down the wound. That should really
fucking burn.

Faith: The cool blade rests against the sweat on my back and I edge
away from it. Wishing I wasn't completely turned on as it dragged down
my skin lightly and rested on my hip. I yanked on my feet hard,
jolting the whole bed forward as he started pressing the knife into my
hip but quickly realized that would just make it worse. Laying
perfectly still I shuddered as I felt what he was carving, an A. Fuck
was trying to brand his fucking initials into my skin. I'd kill him,
I'd stake his ass but before I did make him beg for mercy. Who the
hell did he think he was? I yelled loudly when I felt something pour
down onto the wound, burning my skin so bad I just wanted to tear it
all up and throw it away. "Fuck you!" I shrieked, getting more and
more irate that I couldn't even hear myself cursing him out.

Angelus: Her scream was so shrill I thought my eardrums were going to
explode. Damn girl has a set on her, well.. lungs I mean, no... she
does have a nice set too. I pour a bit more alcohol on the carving,
watching as blood runs onto the blanket beneath her. She is so pissed
off at me now the whole bed is jerking and I wonder if it is going to
hold up. Guess we'll find out, and if we do, man is she going to get
stretched. The bed will suddenly become a rack for her, maybe I should
encourage her to buck around like a wild animal on the bed, could be
entertaining. I set one finger on her lower back and start tracing
soft, slow patterns that dipped down her thighs and back up, but
always the same. The bucking on the bed calmed down and I actually
thought I heard a small noise on the travel down the curve of her ass.
I reached up and pulled one earplug out, my other hand still brushing
her flesh. "Must suck something awful to hate me so bad right now
because you want to be fucked huh?" My hand grips one of her thighs
and I pull her legs apart, running my fingertips up and down her
inner thigh, higher each time.

Faith: I instantly stopped again as soon as his skin was touching
mine. Skin was much better than a knife carving his name into my
flesh. I wondered if it got him all hot knowing that I'd have my
revenge for that one way or another. And then...glorious sound filled
my ear as the earplug was removed, his sinister voice low in my ear.
"Didn't think you'd be such a tease." I bit out harshly, swallowing
hard. My hip still stung, and my ribcage was still screaming at me
from the beating I took a little while ago. I sighed involuntarily as
I felt his hand travel along my thighs, spreading my legs apart with
his hands. I hated myself just a little bit more, when my hips get
rising to greet his touch. I wanted him so bad that I wished he'd just
kill me.

Angelus: Tease? I'm not teasing, not yet. I watch as her hips push up
higher each time I draw my hand back just a little bit more, and all I
can do is honestly lick my lips. Any fool would watching this. But I'm
a bastard and I take my hand from her, watching as she pouts her hips
slowly back down to the bed. Just before she makes it to the bed I
slip my hand between her and the sheets, raising her hips back up in
the air. My fingers moving delicately across her swollen clit and
through wet, warm folds... then nothing. Her hips remaining up, but I
just waited for her to lower them again in hopes of me doing the same
thing again.

Faith: "What's the matter vamp boy? Don't have the stones to follow
through?" I knew I was baiting him now but I couldn't help myself. He
really was teasing me, his hands in all the right places and then he'd
take them away again. I lowered my hips back to the bed in
disappointment only to have his hand run the same pattern over that
perfect spot one more time. Sick fuck, he really did like torturing
me. Wished he'd just make up his mind and screw me or not. Well I was
already screwed, tied to the bed with a sadistic vampire and his knife
sitting next to me.

Angelus: She did repeat it, and not that I was making a fuss about
repeating it. Would only rile her up more, which so far, proved to do
several things, one being she was soaking wet. Redemption girl still
liked to get her naughty on, and man the shit this girl gave Buffy for
'boinking the dead.' "You're about to find out why Buffy loved fucking
vampires Faithy." I reach down and untie her legs, shoving her up on
her knees, and gripping her hips tightly. "It's all about stamina
baby." I brush against her but don't give her anything she wanted,
holding her hips tightly. "Want to talk to me about follow through now
baby?" That's right, I'm in control... not you, not this time. I think
she's gonna hate me in the morning.

Faith: I had to fight the urge to kick out at him as soon as my ankles
were free. It would still leave me hands tied to the bed though, and
he was on me in an instant. Grabbing my hips with bruising force I
found being shoved up onto my knees. Could feel him pressin' against
me from behind, man could I feel him. He wanted me just as bad as I
wanted him, only difference was he wanted to control me, own me and I
wanted him on his back beggin' for it. Was this all this was? Just
some big game to make me play the helpless little girl that needed to
be spanked? "And this whole time I thought it was because of your charming personality....oh wait, maybe that's just the vibes I got off her while she was fucking Spike. By the way- B seems to think Spike was like ten times the lay you were. Then again she only did get to screw you that once, her and Spike man? They been goin' at it nonstop."

Angelus: I just keep digging my fingertips deeper and harder in to her hips as her mouth keeps going. My hand slaps down hard on the side of her ass several times until she shuts her fucking mouth. Doesn't feel so good getting slapped in the same spot repeatedly, nor does it when you grab it like an orange. Oops, dang, like what I'm doing now. "I don't know why you think your little bitch session will affect me. I don't care who Buffy fucks, hell after I fuck you, beat you, and vamp you, do you think I'll give a shit who you fuck? Well you I might, but I wouldn't be down for watching." I thrust myself into her, not caring if she's ready or that it's been a while, nah I am not one to really care aside from the fact that she is so warm and soft inside. "At least I'm not a two bit whore who fucks whatever she can get her hands on to satisfy an itch."

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