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05 November 2004 @ 11:11 am
Second part cuz I'm a dumb ass and it was too long :)

Faith: After he fucked me, beat me and vamped me? He was serious about this vamping thing. He really wanted me to tow the line so I could be his little undead girlfriend for like ever cause vampires don't just up and die of old age. Why me? Why was I the one he wanted? Shouldn't he be turning Buffy into the next vampire? No, he had to go and bust me out of prison cause he wanted me. I couldn't the moan that escaped my lips as he drove straight into me, banging carelessly into my hips as he thrust forward. Damn, it had been so long since I had any dick I almost cried right there and then. Cryin' never had been my style though, and I wasn't about to let him see me cry ever. I wasn't a whore, girl's just got needs and I'm not afraid to express them like some repressed vampire slayers who were currently boinking the undead still. Hey B, right there with you.

Angelus: Surprised she didn't scream, but not really. I start to move against her, drawing my full length nearly out and then crashing back inside her. Soon her hips began to move in rhythm without my hands forcing her to stay in rhythm because she's a stubborn little cunt. "See, I told you I play nice Faith. Isn't this nice?" My hand runs up her back into her hair, pulling her head back, her ear by my mouth. "You're going to cum screaming, I promise." I suck her earlobe into my mouth, nipping gently at the skin, one hand running up and squeezing her tit in my hand.

Faith: I smirked. "You wouldn't believe how many times I heard that one." I said sardonically and it wasn't exactly a lie either. Boys all like to talk a big game, only usually their game wasn't even a little big. Figured if anyone could back it up it'd probably be Dead Boy here. It was weird, his cock felt dead and cold as it worked it's way back and forth inside me. Felt like I should be totally turned off and disgusted or something, but instead I just felt more excited. Probably because I been stuck in prison for years. Boy here probably thought he was the best screw ever all cause I hadn't gotten laid in a few years.

Angelus: I just smirked and pulled her head back to me harder, my lips right on her ear. "Oh I didn't mean that you'd be screaming in pleasure when you cum. No, not at all." I moved my mouth to her pulsepoint and sucked the flesh into my mouth, loving the feel of her jugular beating against my tongue. My thrusting became more demanding, faster and harder. My hand went between her legs and I took her clit between my thumb and fore finger and strarted a slow lazy roll. I pulled my mouth from her neck and pushed her head forward, dragging my nails down her back, then gripping her hip with my free hand. Slamming ruthlessly into this beautiful fucking whore on her knees.

Faith: I could feel his teeth pressing against my neck, dangerously close to the skin and I sucked in a breath sharply. If he bit me, it'd be the hardest foot to the balls he'd ever take. Swear to fucking God. When he let go of my hair I bent my head down towards the pillow and moaned softly as he began thrusting in and out more frantically, his hands wandering to all the right places, or just that one right place. I let out a strangled cry as I bent my head back up towards him, I was feelin' about ready to pop and I marvelled at how fast I was gettin' off. Probably because I hadn't gotten a good lay in years. Prison. Yeah, not exactly the place to have one night stands unless it's with girls with nicknames like 'Butch'.

Angelus: Her head moves back up, her back arched, ass in the air. Man, it was taking every ounce of control not to just fucking take her right here. Her breath was gasping in and out of her body now, my fingers gripping just a bit more making the roll damn near painful. It probably felt so good it hurt, pleasure and pain is always the best. I let out a hiss as I feel her clamp down around me, my mouth moving back to her neck, I felt my features change. I didn't bite, but I did run my fangs gently along her shoulder as I pounded inside her, feeling so close and knowing she was. Slayers and their muscles, history doesn't touch on those as much as they should. My feel my fangs scraping gently along her flesh, not even breaking it... yet.

Faith: His fingers gripped me painfully causing me to let out another cry as he ceaselessly banged into me. No way was he gonna hear me scream though. Not now, not ever. Boy had to get over that real fast. His fangs scraped against my flesh again and I bent my head down trying to get as far from him and his teeth as possible, while still keeping my ass up in the air so the frantic screwing could continue. I was on fire now and didn't think I could stop even if I wanted to. I pulled on the ropes holding my wrists in place as I felt myself startin to near the edge, getting pushed over into my climax. Gasping I tightened down around him with slayer muscles that I had even down there. I clenched my fists so hard that I felt a faint drop of blood trickle down my palm from where my nails dug into the soft flesh.

Angelus: She pulled from my mouth, keeping everything else in contact that she wanted. I smirk and look at her wrists pulling so hard that the ropes are breaking the skin, I see a trail of blood emerge from her palm from a fingernail. Trying so hard not to make a sound, but she couldn't hide the sound of her breath coming out hot and fast. Her movements were just as fast and as hard as my own, I move my hand back into her hair and pull her back up to my mouth. I'm about to go right off the cliff with her and there's no better time to bite a girl as when she is cumming. I feel her start to release, shaking and locked so tight around my cock I thought it would explode. I took that moment to let my fangs sink into her neck, the hand on her clit reaching up and locking her to me, my feet lifting up and locking down on her legs to prevent being kicked. As soon as her warm blood filled my mouth I bit down harder, the same spot I'd bit not so long ago, drinking her rich blood into my body as she came.

Faith: I breathed in sharply as I felt his hand wrap itself in my hair and yank my head back up. He was tightening his hold on me and I knew that only meant one thing. Fuck him, he just had to ruin this for me. And I couldn't even fight back because I was halfway through my orgasm and I just wanted to ride it out, why couldn't he just ride it out. Instead I yelped as I felt fangs slide into my flesh. I tried to pull away from him as he drank, only making me writhe against him harder as I was trapped somewhere between pleasure and pain. The shock of his teeth in my neck was only exagerated by the feeling of him still inside of me pumping away. I started to feel a little light headed and suddenly started to panic, yanking desperately on the rope.

Angelus: I felt the blood slowing down as I sucked and that is when she launched her protest, her wrists tearing as she pulled against the ropes. My eyes locked on them watching, making sure she wasn't going to go anywhere. I felt her orgasm tear through her despite her panic, at the same time I came and groaned against her skin, digging my fangs in just a little bit further. Her body started to slow, her wrists not pulling so violently on the ropes. She was close, I stopped, letting her fall limply to the bed. Not dead, not quite there enough to turn. No I wouldn't turn her until she begged, and she would because she's going to feel herself dying. I remove the earplug and slip the rope from her wrists, setting my back against the headboard, I pull her up against my chest and pet her hair. "C'mon Faithy. Just give up, it would be so much easier. You'd be so much more powerful. You could get any revenge you ever wanted. You could kill Buffy, hell you could make her your little bitch. Think of it... you and me, running this place." I tip her pale face up to mine. "Making everyone pay. Torture, oh you thought you did a job on Wes. You'll be twice as strong, as sadistic... you wanna be bad. I know you do." I grip her hair in a fist and pull her mouth to mine, kissing her hard.

Faith: I could barely mutter out a response, my neck hurt so much and I knew I lost a lot of blood. I'd never gotten bit before, kind've a low blow for a slayer and my ego was reeling. His lips pressed against mine and I wanted to fight it but instead I found myself kissing him back. His hand was wrapped firmly in my hair as he pulled away from me. I managed to let out a lazy snicker. "What if I just wanna make you my bitch." I shot back at him, already thinking about what he was saying. I could be bad, be with Angel...only without a soul, I could take my revenge on that bitch Buffy and be with someone and be someone. I could give in so easily. I wanted to.

Angelus: I let out a laugh after she said that. "Make me your bitch? That's interesting. I guess it depends on how much of a killer you are, cuz you know women with bloodlust really make me weak in the knees." I smirk and pull her lips close to mine again. "Why do you even think about it? You know that this will finally make you stronger and better than them all. All of them too Faith, not just Sunnydale... all of them. You can make them sorry. Show them just how much they missed for shutting you out. I'd never shut you out, why do you think I came for you and not Buffy?" I kiss her roughly then pull back. "All you have to say is the word, tell me you want it, and it's yours. The world will be yours princess." I stroke her hair back from her face, watching her heavy eyelids threaten to make her sleep. Die.

Faith: I looked up at him through half closed eyes. All I had to do was say yes, then I wouldn't feel weak and beaten anymore. I'd be stronger than I ever was. A vampire slayer turned vampire? That's gotta be wicked strong. I wondered if there'd ever been one before me, or if I'd be the first. My eyes glistened at the thought. The first, something I could do before Buffy did. Chosen for something first, without havin' to be in the shadow of that bitch. Looking up into his face, I nodded slightly. "I want it." I said quietly. And I did, I wanted it all. The world, him, Buffy on her knees beggin' me to make her scream. I wanted to set the world on fire.

Angelus: The three words dripped from her mouth like the day split in two and heaven and hell clashed. I felt my head spin for a moment and I sat up, jerking her up to straddle my lap. I was holding her up to me, my hand on her lower back, my other tipping her neck. My head reared back and my fangs plunged into her flesh once more, draining just the smallest amount more before retracting. I gently lapped at the wound before laying her back on the bed on her back. I smoothed her hair back and pulled my wrist to my mouth, biting down making myself bleed her rich blood. "It's all yours." I say as I let a drip of blood drip from my wrist above her mouth, drip between her lips. "Take it, make it yours." I watch as small droplets of blood color her lips, running down her cheek, Her tongue snakes out and runs over her bloodied lower lip. "That's it. Want. Take. Have." I slowly lower my wrist to her mouth.

Faith: I didn't even cry out as I felt his fangs in my neck again, instead I let him prop me up as he began draining me even more only leaving me with enough to stay barely conscious. The ringing in my ears was almost unbearable as I saw his wrist in front of me, blood dripping from it. For a second I felt like I should refuse like everything in my body was tellin' me to just die and not become like him. But I gave in, just like I knew I would, and painfully licked the drops from his wrist before he lowered it to my mouth. I wanted to stop, because it tasted wicked gross but now it was dripping down my throat and I could barely move, all I could do was feel my eyes roll into the back of my head before the darkness consumed me. For good this time.
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