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28 November 2004 @ 04:15 pm
Big ol' NC-17 here.

Written by: Maego and Jenna (stirfriedneedle and jettaprincess)

Faith: I was out hunting the people. It was my favorite new game. I'd find a sweet boy, and smile at him, my eyes making him promises that my body would never follow through on him. It was a fun game to pass the time while daddy was too busy to pay attention to me. And sometimes when Angelus wasn't paying any attention to me I got lonely. What's a pretty little dead thing like me to do, but go and find a nice boy to play with. Then when the playing's done I drain him dry and lick my lips hungrily. It didnt' matter... how much I drank, I was always so thirsty. I could never quench it, it hurt. Daddy didn't understand, he just liked to spank me like the bad little girl I was. I liked making Angelus angry, sometimes I did it on purpose just to see that look on his dead face. My boy. Sauntering home after a night of drinking and playing I saw the familiar car in the driveway and my face lit up. "Daddy's home." I said licking my lips as I walked in through the front door.

Angelus: I looked up from my desk when I heard the front door swing open, the familiar sound of her boots butting against the floor. I grinned and looked back down at my work, pretending to be- how would she say it- wicked busy? I get angry when she leaves, disappears because I'm not here. I am glad she is self entertaining at times, I have a lot of things to do and she shouldn't be bored. She also shouldn't be fucking her food before it's food, but this Faith. She was a whore before she was a vampire. I hear her boots stop at the front of my desk and watch as her fingertips drum the wooden surface. "Well, well... she returns, did Daddy's whore get her fix?" I smirk and set my pen down, leaning back in the chair, drinking her in. Hottest vampire ever, nothing else laid a finger on her. Strength, skill, agility, mmm... yes right, supposed to be upset. I scowl.

Faith: "You know I did." I said, as I sauntered up to him and leaned in close, running my hands along his chest. Playfully I nipped at the little spot behind his ear before I stood up again and pouted down at him. "I was bored, you weren't here. I went out and had a snack." I said what he already knew. He could smell it on me, and I knew it made Daddy all twisted up inside. I knew the effect I had on my sire and I revelled in it. He made me what I was now, his little toy. But I was so much more than a toy, I'd teach him that lesson and we'd have fun. Mmmmm...I couldn't wait.

Angelus: I loosened my tie and tugged it off as she told me she'd gone and had a little snack, of course she did, I could smell the liquid life burning through her body. I turned back to my work and picked up the pen, reading the document carefully, not really but my attention was not on her. I saw her fists clenching every so often and that just made me smirk more. "You know, I'm going to be busy for at least another two... three hours. Run along and don't bother Daddy." I motion her to scoot with my fingers, not really looking up at her at all. I set the next paper face down on the large stack already complete, glancing at her. Red leather pants that grip every- sign the papers! Right, right. No giving in to her little tantrums, which she threw like a fat kid can put away cookies. She's still learning her place, albeit sometimes I wonder if it's my place I'm learning.

Faith: My benign pouting turned more into a full fledged frown as I looked down at him. Did he think he only had to pay attention to me when he wanted a little piece of a slayer gone bad? He was so wrong and I'd make him pay for that one. He might have created me, but now I was my own vampire. It was true, I could feel him running through my veins and at the end of the night it was his cold body I wanted to be pressed against- but he'd have to learn that a girl needed a little attention sometimes. Grabbing the pen out of his hand I stabbed him through the hand with it quickly and giggled. "Now how are you going to sign your papers?" I asked him ,a slight lilt in my voice. Why did vampires need to sign papers anyway? He was just as bad as my Angel.

Angelus: I felt the pen pierce through my hand and her little laugh resonating in my ears. I jerked the pen out of my hand and looked at her with a growl, I sit there a moment before standing up and moving past her. I headed for the kitchen and poured myself a drink, leaning against the counter, rolling the icecubes in the glass. "What, just because you're a vampire now doesn't mean I stop all I'm doing to play with you? Alright Faithy... here I am, what shall we play?" I drain my glass and set it on the counter top, crossing my arms over my chest. "You really are a spoiled brat, maybe I shoulda let you die. You'd give Dru a run for her money in the crazy department, she might be impressed. I wonder where she is?" I smile and rub my chin in thought, knowing mentioning Dru could go one of two ways. I'm all about finding out and being adventurous, why not. "Hafta say too, she'd give you a run for the money between the sheets. Not sure which one of you is better really... maybe Dru. I should find out where she is, give it a go."

Faith: "Baby, didn't Dru bail on you for Spike. She liked him better? Mmmmm...." I licked my lips thinking about William the Blood Retard. He may not have much going on upstairs but he was pretty, maybe I'd make him mine and decorate him whatever way I liked. Somehow I thought Spikey might pay more attention to me then Daddy did. Then again, maybe that's why I liked Angelus so much more. He was mine now, and I was his. There was nothing anyone else could do about it, despite how many others we tried to fuck. With a growl I grabbed him quickly by the arm and threw him onto the hard kitchen floor, straddling him. I was so strong now, vampire and slayer. It felt so right and so hot and so wrong, and I owned it. "You like fucking me too much." I reminded him.

Angelus: I felt my back slam hard onto the floor and like a lightening bolt she was on me, straddling me, her body pressing against mine like a hungry tiger. I smirk at her comment and set my hands on her hips and gripped them hard. "Well, you've got a point there but..." I debated launching her off of me across the kitchen into the chairs like a bowling ball, but then she rolled her hips and distracted me. For a split second. I watch as she flies to the side, sliding across the slick marbled floor, coming to a stop against a chair. I stand up and brush myself off, waiting for her next assault which I was sure was going to break something by the look on her face. "Don't bring Spike up again you dirty little bitch, if you so much as lick his fingertip I'll kill you." She was too good for that bad poet, course he is sweet on Slayers. I guess I'd have to more than once a week recognize that Faithy here was more than just property. She was my dark queen, and I really didn't pay her much time.

Faith: Climbing back up to my feet, I laughed lightly...a cold and empty sound, not so diferent from what my human laugh had sounded like, the few times I'd actually indulged. "You already did that, don't you remember." I asked, rolling my shoulder slightly to work the kinks out as I slowly walked towards him, a wicked smirk on my face. "Mmm...if I knew just bringing up Spike would get you this mad, I'd already be fucking him." I threatened, stopping in front of him and looking up into his cold face daring him to make his move. We really did own eachother, even if he thought he only owned me. We were kindred, and he had known it from the first time he set eyes on me. Made a girl all squishy and tingly inside.

Angelus: Her face was peering, okay more of the leering, up at me. I saw the wickedness dancing just behind her eyes and it made me realize why I'd vamped her in the first place. First rate killer with the matching skills, and let me tell you, bitch has skills. I reach out and grip her arms roughly and pull her closer to me, keeping my mouth just out of her reach. "Guess you wouldn't mind fucking Spike, you'd be Buffy's sloppy seconds. I know you couldn't deal with that so I know you'll never fuck him, but keep on threatening me." My fingers gripped tighter and I pulled her against my body, locking one arm around her waist. I let my lips gently touch hers and let out a low growl. "You're mine... don't ever forget that baby. If I leave you bored and crying, you're still mine. Nothing to kill, chained to a wall... you're still mine." I licked my lower lip, allowing my tongue to brush her lips gently.

Faith: My lips parted slightly as I felt his tongue brush up against them. Was he trying to turn me on, I loved it when baby played rough. It was my other favorite new game, well actually I think that one was an old favorite. My demon visage came to the forefront with a growl and I opened my mouth gently sinking fangs into his lower lip. Letting go of him, my tongue ran over the mark lightly lapping up the small drop of blood there. "Chains....promise, baby?" I smirked at him, looking at him through yellow eyes. Talking about Spike really did get daddy all worked up, maybe I'd have to look up Buffy's ex-meat just for fun.

Angelus: Cheeky little brat bit me? I smirk as she likes the blood from my lip and says something about chains being a promise. "Promise and a threat, just for you." She was gorgeous vamped, it was frightening how natural it looked on her. Meant to be. Of course it was, all Slayers have blood lust. "Maybe we could arrange for Spike to be your little pet, keep him chained up down in the basement... or maybe we could get one of Buffy's little friends. Hell maybe even Buffy." I feel my eyes glaze over at the thought of watching Faith handle Buffy, that time in the mansion when Angel was lying, got close. I licked the blood from my lip and kissed her hard, dancing my fingertips up her spine. "So... am I neglecting you?" I say playfully and push her back a bit, moving to get another drink.

Faith: I transformed back into my pretty human face, the pout firmly back in place. "You're always neglecting me. I want a pet." I said, although it was more a demand than anything else. Following him I wrapped my arms around his cold waiste and jerked him to me hard. "I want to play with my yummy sister slayer. What does she taste like?" I asked with a smirk, he would know. He was the only one who got to taste all the slayers. Some vampires get all the luck. I was still young though, he had centuries on me. I would get mine, I just needed to be patient. Patience wasn't one of my strong suits. Letting go of him suddenly I wandered towards the kitchen table and found my pack of cigarettes. Lighting up one, my eyes sparkled in the dark at my sire. "I want to play with her insides."

Angelus: I felt her wrap around my body tightly, commanding control and I let her get away with it from time to time. No harm no foul, besides I loved it when she was cocky and overconfident. It looked good on her. "Taste like? Hmm... like strawberries and fresh cream on a hot summer's day. Slides right down your throat. Her blood tastes the same." I wink and grin wickedly. She lights up and says something about playing with her insides. "As long as Daddy can watch, baby you can do anything you like with her. That is... if you think you could get her here. I don't think you could, you're still pretty new and well... weak at times." I roll my hand dramatically and finish my drink. "I might have to help you get her." I stroll over to her and push her up against the table, lifting her so she's sitting on it. I brush her hair back from her face and watch as she smokes. "We'll get you a pet.... that's a promise."

Faith: I smirked as he told me all about how yummy Buffy tasted. I couldn't wait to get some of that for myself, how many licks does it take to get to the center. I was dying to find out, well I would be if I wasn't already dead.My smirk grew more wicked as he referred to how weak I was now. Licking my chops that same gleam sparkled in my eyes as I looked up at him from where I was standing near the table. I watched his throat, his adam's apple moving as he took a long swallow of the amber liquid. I wasn't weak, he liked to pretend I was, so he could be all manly and in control. It just made me want to make him mine even more. "I'm hungry," I said threading my fingers through his. "You've been sitting all cooped up in here all night. Let's go find a toy, it'll be fun and wicked. I promise." I grinned wolfishly up at him, showing my fangs.

Angelus: I grinned at her as she looked up at me, grinning from ear to ear like a homocidal maniac. Fangs looked dangerous on her, but did strange things to my body. "Keep lookin' at me like that and we'll never make it out of the house." I kissed her mouth and moved away from her, heading back toward the bedroom. I unbuttoned and shrugged off my white collared shirt, digging through the closet for something more comfy for killing things. I select my typical all black ensemble and take my wrist watch off, setting it on the dresser. "So... what kind of toy are you going for?" I say suddenly, calling attention to the fact that her attempt at sneaking up behind me didn't quite work. "I'm a vampire, Slayer... get a clue." I turn and cross my arms looking at her.

Faith: Baby headed towards the bedroom and I snuck after him quietly. Even as a slayer, I was never as smooth and flawless as I was with a vampire. There was a whole new grace that went along with it, fluid as liquid gliding against glass. Mmmm glass, broken fragments etching into taut flesh. Now my tummy was really growling. Biting slightly on my lower lip he let onto the game and turned around, doing his best to give me a disapproving look. I knew the truth, it was deep in those orbs that watched me like a panther. He loved it, these games that we played, always trying to one up the other one. Maybe someday I'd surprise him and win. I really did love the look of surprise on my boy's face. "I want something...young..." I practically purred putting one hand on his chest. "...blonde, pretty. Let's take her home and play with her." I put the other hand on his chest and looked up into his face doing my best to give him an innocent look.

Angelus: I rolled my eyes and laughed at her as she looked at me, or attempted to look at me, like an innocent child on Christmas Eve getting caught tearing the box edge. "Please, you can put that away... bad acting, really. You lost the innocent look long before you were vamped, I'm not buyin' what you're selling little girl." I wrapped both arms around her and held her to me tightly. "Besides, I prefer you in fangs and blood. Oh, and this whole going out on your own deal... tell me before you leave. I'd hate to find you as a pile of ash somewhere." I slapped her ass and unlatched my arms from around her. "Lead the way... let's find you a play thing so you wont be bored." I moved past her and toward the door, turning back I look at her. "Well, c'mon... it's I'm not neglecting you time, revel in it."

Faith: Daddy said it himself, I like to wander off and get myself in trouble. What made him think I'd change my wicked little ways just for him. Tsk tsk, I'd have to show Angelus a few things- but I liked surprising him ever so much. It was hard surprising him, that's why I had to hide all of my tricks up my sleeve, and pull them out only at the most delicious moment. Then we'd really get to play. "I thought we were finding us a plaything?" I smirked up at him as my hand settled on the crook of his arm as we walked out into the dark night. He was just as bad as my Angel always leaving to go and sign papers, where was the fun in papers? Where was the blood and gore in papers? Where were the screams of pain in papers? My boys had so much to learn even though they were both so old, but the force inside of me is so much older. I can hear her screams from the desert, primal and grief stricken. It sounded like death and only made me more hungry. "Let's go dancing." I said, my eyes lighting up. That's where all the prettiest toys would be.

Angelus: Dancing? I saw the light in her eyes and knew if I said no, there'd be hell. People thought Faith was bad before, they didn't know the force she was now. I couldn't wait for Buffy and her little band of freaks to run into Faith. I wanted to watch her tear them limb from limb, watch them all bleed to death. I licked my lips and opened her car door, closing it and heading to my side. The engine roars to life and I drop the car in gear and fly out of the drive. "Us a plaything, yeah I supposed I could use the break from the paperwork. Could have a bit of fun with my girl... while she's doing horribly wicked things to her pet." I reached over and set my hand on her thigh, feeling the leather beneath my fingers like skin. "I don't want to see you in anything but leather forever. Well, okay, except naked." I pulled into the vallet parking area of the club and got out of the car as they pulled the door open. "Don't scratch her fellas, or my girl and I will eat you alive." I nodded and they guys laughed, only if they knew it wasn't a joke.

Faith: I smirked up at him as he made comments about leather. I wore leather like a second skin and it was practically the only thing I ever did wear. Well sometimes I just wore a smile, but that was beside the point. Licking my lips I took Angelus's arm again as he led me away from the valet parking attendants. Maybe we'd eat them anyway, just for fun. We cut in front of all the little puppies waiting in line, and the bouncers let us right in. Angelus knew all the best kinds of naughty people. Walking in my senses were overloaded. Pounding music, and heartbeats in my ears, the taste of smoke and booze and lust on my tongue. The air was thick with sweat, but my skin stayed cool and smooth. The predator inside of me wanted desperately to unleash itself on all of these puppies. But sometimes it was more fun to play games. Letting go of Daddy's arm I walked towards the end of the balcony and studied the people down below. Biting my lip I looked up as Angelus stood beside me. "There's a pretty one." I said pointing to a little blond sitting lonely at the bar. "She looks so tragic and lost. I bet she tastes like candy canes."

Angelus: This place is packed and the sound of life is deafening, Faith had already let go of my arm, and I turned watching as she made her way to the balcony. I move over beside her and look down at the candy cane girl she described. Miserable human. "Looks good to me, shall we go get her?" I whisper in her ear as I step behind her, wrapping my arm around her waist. We look down at the blonde and watch as she looks around like she's being watched. "AHhh if only she were smart enough to look up, she'd see her death." I pull her around and kiss the back of her neck, moving us toward the stairs. We descend and start heading for the bar where the girl was sitting, I nod my head at Faith. "Your show baby girl... show me what you got." I give her a little shove forward and lean against the nearest pole, watching.

Faith: I felt his cold hand slide along my ass, pushing me forward towards my new toy. Seems like baby was in the mood to watch me seduce a little blonde. That made his cold body hot in all the best places, I could feel it. Sitting down at the bar next to the sad looking girl I ordered a drink from the bartender before turning my most charming little smirk on the girl. She would be easy, like frogs catching flies. Her whole body screamed of desperation and denial and I wanted to open up her veins and watch all the pain pour out before licking it all up. Lighting a cigarette, the bartender brought me my drink and I leaned into the girl, my eyes gleaming and drawing her towards me. "Hi. I'm Faith." I said in a friendly sort of way. "Oh..." She looked nervous for a minute "I'm Keri." My toy looked nervous but I could tell she was already drawn in, she couldn't look away from my eyes. "This place is kind've a drag. Lemme buy you a drink." I said, catching the bartenders attention again. Keri only looked all too eager to have any kind of attention. The boys were stupid, ignoring this one little treasure all because she blended in with the scenery. But I could smell her as soon as I walked in.

Angelus: I stand there and watch her work her charm, it's amazing. I guess driving women crazy before vamping them makes them bee charmers. They captivate, then crush. It's beautiful really, like a symphony that doesn't end. It keeps going and going. A waitress comes up to me and I shoo her away like the annoyance she is, interupting me watching Faithy. I should kill her, but that would distract me. They sit and drink and soon enough they are heading up the stairs we just came down, and I follow behind them with enough room to not draw attention. Not that most humans here would go 'look, vampires taking that helpless girl!' Gotta love Los Angeles, idiots everywhere. The night air finally hits me and I look around, not seeing Faith or the girl anywhere. I hear a muffled cry from nearby and I walk down to investigate, there they are, all cozy snug in a nice little alley. "You weren't going to have fun without me, were you baby?"

Faith: It wasn't hard at all, like taking candy canes from a baby. All anyone had to do was pay attention to the lonely wallflower and she perked right up. So pretty when they shine like the hurtful sun, when I had her all chained and barking like a puppy I'd name her Sunshine and she would be my very own. Leading her up the stairs by the hand I glanced over my shoulder at Angelus who was watching us through dark eyes filled with delicious insanity. Me and Keri beat Angelus outside and my toy looked at me confused. "Where's your car?" She asked as I pulled her down the alleyway. "It's down this way." I smiled at her jerking her warm body to me hard. Just a nip, something to tide me over til dinnertime. Sinking my fangs into her throat she screamed and Angelus sauntered up to the two of us. Letting go of Keri, I grinned up at him before licking Keri's blood off my fangs. "Oh my God!" Keri screamed to Angelus. "This psycho bit me!" She edged herself behind him, and stared at me through wide pale eyes. Grinning I looked up at Angelus. "It's true, I've been naughty. Maybe you should spank me." My grin grew more wicked as I watched the expression on my toy's face change.

Angelus: I acted like I was protecting the girl until Faith said what she did and the girl caught on. I turned and grabbed her by the arm hard, whipping her around and toward Faith. "That psycho is my girl, so I'd be careful if I were you. Sometimes she doesn't like being called names. And she bit you?" I look at Faith and 'tsk' her, shaking my head. "You are a greedy girl, maybe you don't deserve a pet." I reached out and grabbed the girl, pulling her toward me. "Bad girls don't get puppies, why do you think you're mom never let you have one Faithy?" I gently pet our little captive's head as she cries, struggling against me. "Shhhh... you don't want to ruin our fun now do you?"

Faith: Putting the pout back on my face I looked up at Angelus as he held onto the puppy. "Mom wouldn't let me have a puppy cause she was a drunk slut, what's your excuse?" Keri smelled so good when she was afraid, and she was wicked scared right now. Crying and begging as Angelus held onto her and pet her hair. Mmm....smelled like peppermint, sweet sad peppermint. Maybe I should put a hook through her and hang her from a tree just like a Christmas ornament. She would like ever so pretty all displayed for the holidays. Grabbing her by the hair I jerked her out of Angelus's grip and whipped her into the wall head first. I knew my own strength, just enough to make the baby sleep and not cry anymore. Her whining was starting to scratch at my very last nerve. "You like it when I'm bad." I reminded him as I suddenly jumped up and wrapped my legs around his waist, my arms twining behind his neck. Furiously, I pressed my mouth hard to his feeling sharp fangs poke against my lips.

Angelus: Crash goes the captive, I watched as she slumped to the ground and was taking off guard when Faith jumped up on me. Her legs latched around me hard and her kiss matched, blood filling my mouth as her lips crushed against my fangs. I slip my hand into her hair and pull her mouth back from mine, watching her bruised full lips beg for more. I backed us up until her back hit the same wall our crumpled little friend came in contact with. I smirked and cupped the side of Faith's face, running my thumb over her cheekbone. "I do like it when you're bad but when you're greedy... you deserve to be punished." I pushed my body against hers as hard as I could, not caring if the wall behind was unkind, my lips crushing down on hers. I pulled back and peeled her off of me, tossing the girl from the ground over my shoulder. "C'mon, let's take her home and see if you get to play with her. Otherwise, she's all mine." I wink at her and take off for the car, explaining to the vallet guy she's our friend and has had too much alcohol and is passed out. He smiles and let's us pass, fool. I pop the trunk and dump in the crackerjack prize, slamming it shut. "That's a face... awww are you upset?" I smirk and cross my arms over my chest, leaning back against the trunk. "Afraid I'm gonna take away your chew toy?"

Faith: I shrugged disappointed as he went back to ignoring me and hoisted the puppy up over his shoulder. Who the fuck was he kidding? He was the greediest bastard that I'd ever met, it looked so devilishly wicked on him. I wanted to eat him all up. Following behind him, I watched with a smile as Angelus smooth talked the valet guy into letting us take the drunk puppy home to play with. He was flawless as he smiled and explained, almost reminded me of my Angel for a second. I raised an eyebrow as he asked me if I was upset. Only because he wasn't giving me what I wanted. He promised to punish me after all, it wasn't very nice to make idle threats. Left me feeling all unsatisfied and the hunger only grew, spreading through my dead veins. "I wouldn't let you take her away." I said with an impish smile as I leaned lazily against the car, showing off my taut muscles underneath a thin tank top. I smiled wider when I watched his eyes trail up the length of my body. "Baby, are we taking Sunshine home to play now?"

Angelus: I was appreciating the view when Ms. Impatient interupted. I looked at her and nodded, pushing off the car and heading to unlock her door. I watched carefully as she walked to where I was, making sure by the time she made it to the door I was damn near drooling on myself. "You best get your ass in the car and like now if you want to play with Sunshine." I don't wait for her to get in, I move around to my side and climb in, rubbing the back of my neck. I start the car up and finally she gets in the car, I pull out slowly and start to make our way back home. "Wouldn't let me take her away?" I raise an eyebrow at her and grab onto her arm, jerking her over beside me. "You are too big for your own britches." I kiss her forehead and turn my eyes back to the road.

Faith: His fingers dug into my flesh, yanking me towards him. My ass slid across the leather til I was practically in his lap. Reaching a hand down I ran it roughly over his cock, stopping to squeeze it a little bit. "I think you're the one whose too big for your britches." I said, licking my lips. He gave me a look that screamed of agony and pleasure and art and gore and it thrilled me to think about all the ways I could make him ache all over. Ache so good. Wicked good. As my baby pulled out onto the freeway I yanked the zipper of his pants down. Grinning at him I leaned down and licked along the ridges of his hardness before taking him into my mouth. Mmm power, I could bite it off anytime I wanted to and he just might like that. Gently I let my teeth scrape against his dick, teasing and taunting him.

Angelus: I let out a hiss as her mouth wraps around my cock, wanting to reach down and grip her hair when I felt her teeth graze up and down. "Behave yourself, I still have to punish you. Don't think I'll forget about that." I tip my seat back a little bit, giving her more room, my hand wrapping into her hair shoving her further and further down my shaft with each rise and fall. "No one can say you ain't got a talented mouth Faithy, if they do... lemme know I'll have you demonstrate." I feel my eyes roll back in my head and I realize hey I'm driving, keep your eyes on the road. I take my free hand from her hair and run it down her lower back and the top of her ass, smiling everytime she raises her ass up higher. She's like a cat in heat, permanently, man... sucks to be me. I pull her mouth from me as I felt myself getting close, kissing her hard. "I think you need to ditch the leathers..." I raise a brow.

Faith: I felt his hands wrap into my hair, pulling and pushing all in one fluid motion. I was talented, my whole life everyone agreed. A girl has to be good at something, and I was good at giving head...among other things. His fingers were more impatient and less yielding in my hair as he jerked my head up and pressed his lips hard to mine. Licking my chops as I pulled away I smirked and leaned back against the opposite door, letting the wind blow through my hair. It was like flying only less permanant. "Nuh huh, you have to wait til we get home." Besides I was anxious to play with Precious in the trunk. I could already hear that she'd woken up. Her small fists pounding uselessly on the inside of the trunk, her little mews for help, her sobs. They were making me so hot, I couldn't wait to get home.

Angelus: I grinned evilly as she told me I had to wait to get home, sure give me more time to ponder the level of punishment. I saw her nostrils flare with excitement when she caught the smell of the freaked out little morsel in the trunk. I wasn't sure if the pleading from the trunk or the wind whipping around dark hair were sexier. "Sunshine wants to go home, hear that? We are, she just doesn't know she has a new home." The car pulls into the drive and I kill the engine, looking over at her I pull her to me again. I tuck two fingers just inside the waistband of her leathers, smiling like a maniac. "We're home." The pounding is louder now that the car is off, her screams more persistant. I frown and get out of the car, opening the trunk and reaching in, grabbing her by the throat. I lifted her out of the trunk by her neck and stood her up, putting my fingers over her shocked silent lips. "Shhhh... she hasn't given you reason to scream like that. Yet." I smirk and push her toward the door to the house as she gasps in her precious oxygen. "Make sure she gets downstairs, no playing cat and mouse in the house." I give Faith a serious look and head into the house for a drink, watching as she corrals her little pet in the house. The girl looked like she was going to bolt and hide. "Grab her Faith."

Faith: Puppy was making too much noise and it was starting to offend my wicked sensitive ears. I was about to just kill her when Angelus's hand wrapped around her throat, choking off her screams. Mmmm Daddy was so smart, I'd have to remember that was the best way to keep Sunshine nice and quiet. Good girls should be seen and not heard. As Keri was herded into the house, I smiled innocently up at my boy as he told me cat and mouse in the house wasn't allowed. He was no fun, just like mom never letting me get the living room carpet dirty. Grabbing Sunshine by her pretty golden locks I started pulling her towards the basement door. "Don't be afraid, precious. Shhhh...." I put my fingers to her lips as she looked at me through terrified eyes. "You and I are going to be the best of friends." I whispered to her before opening the basement door and kicking her so she fell down the steps before following after her. "We'll play the best kinds of games. Don't you like games?"

Angelus: I heard the familiar sound of a body lopping down stairs. Thunk. Thunk. Pound. She was at the bottom and I watched as Faith stalked after her down the stairs, I followed standing at the top just watching. The girl screamed out in pain as Faith suggested something about games, that and I think maybe her arm was broken. "If I were you, I'd be screaming about the games she wants to play. Your arm... will heal. You, you won't." I moved past Faith and grabbed the girl up, shoving her the rest of the way into the room, chaining her up against the wall. I brush my hands off and look at her all trapped and helpless. "Faithy... come n' get it." I smirked and stepped back. I saw a chair on the far side of the room and I collected it, front and center for this show. I wasn't going to miss a thing.

Faith: Chewing slightly on my thumbnail I watched Angelus, the careful arch of his back as he bent over to chain my sweet little candy cane to the wall. Securing her with heavy chains so that puppy can't run away. Sauntering up to Angelus I grinned down at him. He wanted to watch me play, his eyes burning holes into my body. At least he wasn't running off to fill out more paperwork, that would be wicked boring and this...well this was going to be fun and bloody. The way all things should be. Scraping my fingernails lightly across his cheek, I bit slightly on my lower lip before looking away from him and walking towards little miss Sunshine wimpering and weak. "Shhh!" I leaned down near her face, tears pouring out of her eyes. Running a warm tongue over her cheek I could taste the salt of fear and pain. "You smell all fresh like daisies." I grinned maniacally at her as her eyes grew wider in fear. "Are you afraid?" I whispered in her ear, watching her nod her head up and down emphatically. "Do you want to go home?" I asked her, giggling as she nodded her head again. "How badly?" I asked her, smirking and shooting Angelus an amused look. This was going to be a fun plan.

Angelus: The only thing in the air was fear, pure unadulterated fear. I watched her play, getting the girl to nod her head in hopes of actually getting out of here alive. Home? I laugh as Faith shoots me a look, I sit forward and rub my hands together smirking. "Awww that's sweet really, does she think she's going home baby?" I stand up and walk up behind Faith, pushing her hair aside and kissing her neck while I look at the girl. I wrap my arms around Faith and let my fingertips brush against the bottom of her breast, watching the realization finally catch up with our little guest. "Oh, did you just realize we are both psychos? Sorry... forgot to mention that." I move my mouth to Faith's ear, my hands cup her breasts. "Go on then... show Daddy."

Faith: My grin grew wider as the girl looked up at me and my boy with fear. "Let me outta here! Please! I won't tell anyone, please just let go!" Her wail was so loud I was sure the dust in the attic was unsettled. Well, that's not very sporting at all. Couldn't she tell that I was having a moment with my sire? "Rude little girls never go home." I admonished her as I felt Angelus's fangs slide lightly across the back of my neck, his hands moving over my breasts. "But I'll let you make it up to me." I grinned wickedly down at Sunshine, she could still be a good little toy. She wasn't good enough to be my pet, but she would be fun for an hour....or however long it took for me to get impatient and drain her dry. Despite Keri's fear I could smell her arousal. She wanted to come home with me for a reason, and I think she liked my boy too. And why not? She had eyeballs. I'd like to pop them out of her head and roll them around on the floor til they stopped looking at me. Breaking out of Angelus's grip I leaned down, my face close to her's again. "Do you want to make it up to me?"

Angelus: I smirk and sit back down in the chair as Faith asks the girl if she wants to make it up to her. Neither one of us were stupid, the girl was getting off on this on some level. "I think she does want to make it up to you Faithy." The girl nods mutely, sniffing. I wonder what she has in mind for make up. Blood, sex, blood, more blood. I could hardly stand the wait, I walked back over to them, Faith still face to face with the girl. I pushed Faith up against the girl's body, pressing my weight against her, my hands gripping and releasing the flesh about her hips. "I think puppy likes you, can you smell how much she likes you?" I lace my fingers with Faith's and lead them down to Sunshine's ass, squeezing and then removing my hands placing them back on Faith's hips. "Whatcha gonna do to make it up to my girl here, Sunshine?"

Faith: I can feel how bad my boy wants me as he pressed up against me from behind. A Faithy sandwich never tasted so good as I leaned down and kissed Sunshine, my fangs cutting up her lips. Drops of blood pooled to the surface as I licked them off before pulling away slightly and smirking down at her. "I thought you were going to make it up to me. You better get to work." I snickered slightly as Sunshine gave me a startled look. She was just another slut, lonely as a wallflower and reeking of lust when I found her. All abandoned and alone, my puppy. She wasn't alone anymore, she should be fucking happy. My grin grew wider as her hand tentatively made it's way between my legs and began furiously rubbing. Like she was desperate to get me off so she could get out of our little playpen. Silly stupid girl. I could feel my boy's hand trailing up to my breast again and I pushed myself up towards him, pressing our bodies closer together.

Angelus: I smirked as the girl reached her hand between Faith's legs, rubbing over the leather of her pants. My hand was on a journey to the best rack in the world but I had to show the girl how to do things. My hand slid down over hers, stilling her hand, I undid the button and zipper of Faith's leathers. I grabbed the girl's hand and moved them inside, watching as her eyes widened and dilated. "That's so much nicer isn't it?" My hands wandered up and fingers pinched at hard nipples crying to be hurt. I smirked when I heard a little whimper leave Faith's throat. "Oh see, Sunshine... she's nice when you play nice. You make her make pretty noises."

Faith: I could feel the heat radiating off my little candy canes body as her hand desperately sought to bring me to climax. She thought once I got my rocks off I'd really let her go. What a silly puppy, she was much too pretty to go to waste that way. Besides I liked playing with my food, I never was one to have good manners. I pressed myself into Sunshine as Angelus's weight pushed into me from above. Her fingers were hitting all the very right places and I closed my eyes as she started rubbing more and more furiously, til finally I couldn't help myself anymore. I felt that familiar warm tingle starting at my toes and making it's way up to my naughtiest of naughties. Moaning loudly, I let myself go over the edge, trembling against Angelus. Just as I hit the top of that lovely little tingle I bowed my head down and sunk my fangs into Sunshine's neck. She cried out in pain, and my other hand went to Angelus's head as he bent down to drink from the other side of her throat. Sex and bloody, it was the most beautiful thing thing ever created.

Angelus: I felt my fangs sink into Sunshine's neck as Faith came drinking from her as well. I could barely take it, two attractive women. One trembling because she was slowly dying, the other trembling from an orgasm. I pulled my fangs from the nearly dead girl's neck and stepped back, jerking Faith's pants down to her ankles. I stood back up and unzipped my pants and freed the ache, my hand moving between her legs before kicking her legs apart and slamming myself up inside of her as she finished drinking the girl to death. "Such a hot little whore." I hiss against her ear and kiss her neck, letting my fangs just break the surface.

Faith: I wanted to argue with him for calling me a whore. I might be his dirty little whore, but only cause he wanted me to. Only cause it gave him that squishy feeling where the sun didn't shine. Well the sun didn't shine anymore anyway, Sunshine was all dead and all I had to remember her by was the warmth of her blood. Mmmm you were a good little pet while you lasted, now you can rest with the angels. I groaned as I felt him slam into me, pressing me even more into Keri's corpse. She was still warm, and I smiled as Angelus's hands roamed my body still thrusting all the whine into me. Using my fingernails I cut sharply into Sunshine's stomach, and pried the skin apart with my fingertips. As my boy pumped into me I used his momentum to push my hand all the way inside to where the innards and intestines were still all warm and gooey. Pulling them out in one smooth movement I licked the wound, the stray drops of blood before squeezing the intestines in my hand, feeling them mush between my fingers.

Angelus: As I fucked her I watched as she literally ripped her way inside the girl's abdomen, she's fast and doesn't spill a drop. Natural killer, it was impressive and almost ritualistic in fashion. Like she'd done it before a million times and had finally perfected it. I gripped her hips harder and pounded into her as her hands squeezed around the bloody mess dangling from the woman's body. "I think that's your favorite game... make the puppy bleed." My thrusts increased until we were both thrust against the bloody corpse and she was coated from neck to knees in the woman's blood. Thick and syrupy, making me want to lick her clean. I run my hands up and under the skimpy top she's wearing, gripping at her breasts and tugging at her nipples. "Puppy ran out too fast, we need more." I was close, I could feel she was close, I closed my eyes and brought my fangs down gently into her neck.

Faith: I clutched onto warm little Sunshine, licking the blood from her corpse as Angelus pounded against me. I could feel her wet blood and gore slick on my body. I was covered in it and it made me want to touch every single bodypart I had. I was on the verge of cumming again when I felt fangs slide into my throat, into that spot. That mark he made on me so long ago, making me his. My toes curled up and I could see and count every one of the stars as I gave myself over to the heat again. The blood warm on my skin only made it that much more wicked. His hand gripped my throat bending my head up so his fangs could reopen old wounds as he gave himself over too.

Angelus: I feel her entire body seize up against mine, then... it relaxes and my fangs slowly slide from her neck. My lips kiss her skin softly and I pull back from her, zipping my pants back up. I look at her. Her body pressed against the warm still bleeding body, pants around her ankles. Oh right, punishment. I step in and wrap my arm around her back, holding her to me. My hand raises in the air and I smack down on her ass hard. "Remember the whole punishment thing..." I smirk as my palm makes contact with the soft flesh of her ass.

Faith: I giggled when his hand connected solidly with my ass. I did tell him I'd been naughty, but Sunshine was so tasty. Could he really blame me? Easily I twisted out of his grasp and turned around tilting my head to the side and giving him a grin. I could imagine the vision I was, twisted smile, only white teeth showing through the rest of my blood soaked skin. Mmm...yummy. I licked some blood off of my lips as I walked past him. "I'm gonna go clean up in the hot tub. Wanna come?" I asked biting lightly down on my lower lip.

Angelus: I watched the little blood soaked goddess saunter across the room toward the door. Hot tub. She bites her lip and disappears into the hallway, I hear her feet climb the steps. I look back at the girl, blood gurgling in her lungs as she takes her last breath. "Sleep good Sunshine." I turn and head out of the room and upstairs to the patio doors. I watch as she strips off her bloody remaining clothes and climbs into the hot tub. I slide the door open and walk over to her, dipping my fingers in the water. "Would I ever turn down a hot tub invite from a bloody delicious girl? I think not." I strip down and climb in, sitting across from her and looking at her curiously.
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