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25 December 2004 @ 11:33 pm
Title: Parting is such sweet sorrow
Pairing: Wes/Fred
Setting: Fred and Wes part ways
Location: Wesley's office
rating: G

Fred looked into Wesley's office and hesitated at the door. Wes was sufficiently distracted with his studying, he was always studying and always made a point to study extra hard on the nights Gunn came over to tutor him on law. Fred was not sure what the tutoring entailed, or what part of the law they were studying since those where the nights she left their apartment to have her singing lessons with Lorne.

"Wesley?" Fred said and stepped into the office. Wesley looked up and for a moment looked startled. "Look I think we need to talk." Fred said and inched her way over to a chair in front of Wesley's desk. Once sitting down, facing him, Fred wished she would have just walked past the open door instead of entering since she was not sure how she was going to get through this little conversation.

Wesley tried to preoccupy himself with the book spread before him. He always found an odd comfort in the smell, the feel of old text, pages turning in front of him. Although he found the codex very useful in aiding the cause he was fighting for, it didn't provide the comfort he longed for. It also didn't provide handsome lawyers as an added bonus. He felt a small smile tug at the corner of his lips as he thought of the man that he had long since called friend and had recently become something more. "Fred." He said, suddenly torn from his thoughts. His smile disappeared quickly as he recognized the slight brunette standing in the doorway of his office. He tried to muster up something for her...anything. Once upon a time she had been the sole occupant of his thoughts, that had been a very long time ago however. The former watcher wasn't sure what to make of his feelings for her now, all he was sure of was that it had become harder to deal with the secret he was keeping from her. "Talk?" He asked, once again startled and torn from his thoughts. "Of course. What do yuo have on your mind?" He asked, as he closed the book and set it aside.

"Mind..oh nothing I have nothing on my mind.. I mean I am not saying I am dumb or I don't think or anything." Fred smiled and shrugged. "Hey how are your tutoring sessions going? I bet Gunn is a good teacher I know he taught me a thing or two." Fred than realized how bad that might sound so she tried to explain. "I mean like he was a pretty good cook and he taught me how to make a few dishes he liked so I know he is a good teacher. I bet at this point you're nearly ready to pass the bar."

"Yes....of course." Wesley stammered, feeling a hot blush creep up around his cheekbones. "The bar. I'm sure it will be no time at all." He managed a convincing smile as he looked her right in the eye. Almost chilled by the fact that he could still look her right in the face and act as though everything was fine. It was one of the personality traits he had managed to acquire from his brief dalliance with Lilah, the ability to pretend that everything was okay. He could keep up the facade as long as he needed to he feared. "However, you said that you needed to talk. So one would assume you had something on your mind that you wanted to share."

"Yes of course.. umm. Not that I need a reason to talk to my Wes." Fred said and felt like such a liar.. her Wes? Was he really hers? Did she even want him? No not really, but she was so used to this act she had a hard time breaking role. "Lorne decided it might be good for me to spend the weekend at his place..to really get into my singing lessons.. you know work on those problem areas." Fred wondered how believable this lie was, Lorne seemed to think it would work but than again he was growing tired of the lying and the sneaking. He used to be amused by it but now he was just bored.

"So is that ok with you, maybe Gunn and you can pull a few all night study sessions in peace?" Fred said to soften the blow, Wes did seem happiest after a good study session With Gunn.

"A weekend with Lorne?" She had been doing an awful lot of that lately. At first Wesley had been keen to write it off considering it worked to his considerable advantage. Those late nights when he craved dark rough hands roaming across his body as he laid in his flat amongst silk sheets. However after the first few times it began to dawn on Wesley that Fred might be having her own late night tryst. He wondered aimlessly who it could be. Perhaps Angel, no surely Angel would not risk his soul in such a fashion. He had been noticing the looks Harmony and Fred had been sharing in the lobby. Often Fred would come home late smelling of liquor and blame it on a late night of drinking with Harmony. He knew it was good for Fred to be socializing with other women after Cordelia's passing, however he didn't wish Harmony's drivel on anyone. What it all boiled down to, point in fact was this all worked out in Wesley's favor, as he was free to see Gunn as he pleased. "Of course. I know how much your...eh..singing lessons mean to you." He mustered a small smile for her, thinking of how he and Gunn could spend the weekend together.

Fred smiled and was about to leave when she stopped. "Ok Wesley this is stupid.. this whole thing is stupid. Really I can't stand just sitting here and lying to you and having you lie back to me." Fred sighed and took a seat back in the chair. "Look I know for a fact you have been doing more than studying the law with Gunn and I have not said anything because I haven't been totally honest with you either." Fred than shifted a little in her chair.

"To be honest.. well I have not been actually having singing lessons all this time." Fred blurted out and immediately a guilty look fell across her face. "Oh this is so awkward." She muttered wishing she could just disappear from Wesley's piercing eyes.

Wesley deadpanned as Fred confronted him with her knowledge of his secret relationship with Gunn. At first he wanted to vehemently deny it, swear to her that his eyes never strayed far from her. However, he knew it would be wasted breath. Fred, although often flighty was far smarter than him. He was painfully aware of that fact every day. Dropping his shoulders he gave a resignated sigh before looking up and meeting her eyes again. "I know. About you and Harmony." He said quietly, he wasn't sure if it was so that he could again regain the upper hand. Fred knew about he and Gunn, he figured he should at least pretend to care what she had been doing.

"Harmony? Me and Harmony." Fred nodded slowly; she had been using Harmony as a alibi a lot lately. Mostly because Harmony was so annoying that she believed that Wesley would never make the effort to talk to Harmony to confirm or deny if she had actually seen Harmony that day. However she could not fathom actually cheating on Wes with Harmony.

"Oh god Wesley I love you like a brother but…. Well..your kind of stupid at times." She smiled and patted his hand. "No I am not with Harmony. I mean for one I am not gay and if I was .. Harmony? Please, come on, Lorne may not be giving me singing lessons per se but you are not the only one diddling their tutor."

"Like a brother?" A twinge of disgust made it's way fleetingly across his face as the idea struck him full-force. A brother? He wasn't sure that he cared for that comparison, although he cared even less for her to think of him as her lover anymore. Taking a drink from the mug near his hand, he felt the warm tea coat his throat as he looked up, Fred vehemently denying her involvement with Harmony. He couldn't possibly fathom who else it could be, it couldn't possibly be Angel. Wesley hoped that the vampire had at least enough good sense to not endanger his soul in such a way. Because although Fred was quite adequate, he didn't think her skills as lover were worthy of losing one's soul. "Wh...What?" He choked on his tea, and had to cough several times his eyes watering quite severely before he could look at her again. "Lorne?"

"Yes Lorne, and no he is not gay. I mean sure he had that thing with Angel but it was just a fling and..well does not make him gay exactly." Fred said suddenly feeling rather guilty though not knowing why. She had started to see Lorne after Wesley had started to become rather cold and she needed someone to treat with affection. However what was once innocent and friendly became more and more intimate. "Well, anyway… I guess what I am saying is.. bye.. this is not working. You don't love me, heck not even sure if you like me and this…. Well this is a joke that is no longer funny so.. bye."

"Fred." Standing up quickly he ignored the tea stain spreading across the lap of his pants, although he no longer wished to keep up the act with Fred the simple truth was she still mattered to him. Just not in the way that she once had. Besides, he was utterly perplexed how she could be attracted to the ambigiously flamboyant empath demon. He was puzzled and his curiousity naturally led him back to her. "Fred." Touching her lightly on the arm he waited until she turned to face him impassively. "Fred. I'm sorry that things didn't work out, it would...it would seem that things are working out for the best. It would be impossible not to like you." As a friend, of course.

Fred smiled a little "You are such a liar." She said gently standing up and taking a few steps away from Wes. "But it is sweet you said it." Fred shook her head and heard the door open and footsteps in the hall. "Well Gunn is here.. I will see you later." Fred said giving Wesley a small wave. "I am glad we had this talk.. now you don't study to hard I know Gunn can be a demanding tutor and sometimes its easy to feel overwhelmed but.. oh god I should shut up."

Wesley wanted to argue with her, but he knew that she was a strong-willed woman and there would be little use. Besides that after years spent around Cordelia he had grown accustomed to it. He couldn't help but smile at her slightly when she attempted a jest before leaving. Him smile gradually grew sadder as she walked towards the door. "Goodbye Fred." He said softly, before she turned and left through the door. With a sigh he ran his hand through his hair before taking a seat at his desk. Now...time to study the law, like a good little student.
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