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the_slayground's Journal

The Slayground
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After spending an ungodly amount of time roleplaying over Instant Messenger with fredburkle and thiswholeflight, I decided to make a home for these private storylines and wayward characters. Thus we have the_slayground. Though this will generally be a place for people to post and share their Buffy/Angel RPs, feel free to post roleplays from other fandoms as well. Or just general sillyness, Lord knows we love sillyness here. This place is open for anyone to join, so come on join the fun!

This is a place to post role-plays, do not come here and pimp fic. Make sure you understand this very simple fact before you request membership. Thank you.

Now onto the boring part
The Rules

1. Feel free to comment on other people roleplays, however disrespect will not be tolerated. I reserve the right to ban you from this group without warning if I see fit.

2. Please post all RP's behind an lj cut.

3. Every RP here must have the following:
Title: (this is where you put the title of your story, duh)
Pairing: (example: Buffy/Angel, Xander/Anya, Lindsey/his evil hand, etc...)
Setting: (this is where the RP would take place canon speaking. Example: Alternate Angel Season Three, or Post' Chosen')
Location: (where is the story taking place?)
Rating: (PG, R, NC-17??)
Other Notes: (Here you can include anything you feel like sharing. Also warnings such as character death, or other trigger worthy plots)

4. I'm not opposed to people posting requests for certain pairing, or a certain scene. If someone posts a request I will do my best to see the request filled. However there are no advertisement posts or off topic posts allowed here. If I see one I will delete it and ban you from this community.

5. Have fun for fuck's sake.

-Your lord, master and moderator